I don’t know if it’s the heat or what but I just am out of it. I think life in general is just stressful and it takes a toll. I’m not going to bed when I should because of the Olympics, yes it’s a valid excuse! And I’m dragging in the morning. AND I really sucked at the BOOM BOX today.

Skill/Strength: Split Jerk
We worked on form and technique today with only pvc and the bar. Working on these things are never a bad thing. It really helps to go through the motions and really get the little things worked out. The tiniest movements are crucial to having a successful lift. Now I just need OLY shoes because Lift Big, Eat Big told me so (HINT, HINT, WINK, WINK)!

MetCon: 10 rounds of 12 lunges, 6 burpees
1. My legs are smoked from sprints and Death by Front Squats
2. I’m tired
3. The burpees were not the normal, fall to ground, get up, jump up and clap hands over head. Instead it was fall to ground, get up and jump up on bumper plate. I didn’t think this was any big deal but for some reason I let it get to me mentally.
4. I sucked
5. Time 9:59, Thank goodness I made it under 10 minutes.

That’s it in a nutshell. I hate being Debbie Downer but it’s how I feel today. I can fake it till I make it and I think I am doing JUST that by getting my butt up at 4:30 am! I just need to feel less blah. I’m thinking it’s just a phase, because I recall a few months ago I was sounding pretty much the same. Then I started feeling super awesome and now I’m back to not feeling as super. SIGH! I’m hoping you faithful readers stick with me and don’t get burned out on my crybaby self.

Keep your heads up (yes that’s for me) and keep on keepin’ on. BE AWESOME!

(NOTE: I’ve made a similar statement before but I figure I need to make it every now and then so you all don’t think I’m a more of a loonball than I already am. Yes these are petty things I whine about compared to what goes on in the whole universe and I know I’m fortunate that I have good health and a great family, job, etc. I am not ungrateful for the things I am blessed with. In turn I know we all have these feelings when living under our own rocks. I just express them openly. Please know this is an outlet and inside peek to my life. Hopefully relatable to some as well. Heheh maybe more than a peek sometimes. And you don’t really want to know what goes on in my world. Maybe some of you do, but I’m not here to share all my stories!)

Mondays Suck but the OLYMPICS make it better!

First of all, I think we all should get paid vacation so we can focus on the OLYMPICS… it’s not like it’s every year. We should support our country as a whole ツ I don’t care about doing work, I care more about watching the USA compete even in sports that I know nothing about! I get goosebumps every time I hear some wonderful back story or see the pride on an athlete’s face whether they are on the podium or had a good performance clearing the path for a medal finish. The work, the blood, the tears…. EVERYTHING they put into making the Olympics their time to shine. It’s FANFREAKINGTASTIC!!!!

I was never much into weightlifting but since starting CrossFit and the fact that Olympic Lifts are part of it, I made a point to watch weightlifting. So far I’ve only watched the 48 kilo class and those tiny women are STRONG and make it look easy! It blows my mind. I’m really new to it all and I’m sure that’s the norm if you’ve been training your whole life for such things but it still blows my mind!!

I know, enough already, you’re not a sports writer or anything of the sort. I’m just a blogger, half ass one at that so I’ll move on to what I do regularly bore you with my daily crap! So the eating got a little better over the weekend and this week is going to be 100% back on track. I have 3 weeks till Europa and I need to be at my best. Europa is a Fitness Expo and they are hosting a CrossFit Competition that me and several other Boom Boxers signed up for as an intermediate team. Why oh why would we do such a thing? Mostly for fun! Secondly because this is where I first saw CrossFit in person a year ago. I totally wanted to be these people. I wanted to compete. I wanted to participate. Little did I know HOW HARD THIS SHIT REALLY IS and how hard it STILL is! But we signed up anyways. Win, Lose, FAIL… it will be fun. I just hope we are more on the winning end! So ya, this is why I need to clean up what I eat ASAP! And that process has begun.

This is a work in progress that I admittedly did not want to be involved in. Ernie was determined to make a Kale Smoothie yesterday and although the flavor wasn’t bad, the thickness and chewability factor was horrid. He drank ate his smoothie and didn’t go for round 2.

This morning we failed at defrosting pork belly, SIGH, what will I have to eat now? Well a wild hair of an idea popped up and I said I’ll make me a green smoothie now! Why not? We have the stuff so I googled Paleo Smoothies and clicked around till I found one that sounded good to try. This smoothie called for a half frozen banana, spinach, cocoa powder, coconut oil, almond butter, cinnamon, almond milk and some ice. I started blending it all up, looked like a green/brown cup of nasty and tasted it… WHOAAAA too much cocoa powder, it’s unsweetened so it’s a really strong taste! Something was off – I FORGOT THE BANANA! DOH! So I threw half of a frozen banana into the food processor, added my green/brown concoction back in and gave it a whirl. This was much better in flavor but still too much cocoa. I know better next time and hopefully will have a better flavor profile. (YES ERNIE I DRANK IT ALL!)

I seriously considered sleeping in this morning. I just wasn’t feeling but I knew I had to shake my funk off and get to the BOOM BOX. I wasn’t the only sleeping in! I was the ONLY one there for the first 10 minutes. One other person showed up and that was it to our 5 am class. Not sure if folks are on vacation or just being slackers. But I definitely felt better about myself for just showing up!

Skill/Strength: 10 – 40yd sprints. I don’t really consider this skill or strength but only cause I’m a big baby and don’t like running. Although I’d rather sprint than run a damn mile. It is what it is. We didn’t really time anything out, just worked on form and form. I wish I was a better runner but I really don’t enjoy practicing the actual act of running. I’m screwed!

7/30/12 WOD

MetCon: Death by Front Squats – 65lbs. I know I’ve explained the whole Death By more than once but I gotta be fair to any new readers. When you do Death By anything it means you perform the movement you are assigned or the movement you choose on the minute, adding one rep for each minute. Soooooo you start clock, do 1 rep then rest till the start of the next minute. When that minute arrives you do 2 reps. Rest till the start of the next minute then do 3 reps. You keep doing this until you can not complete the amount of reps in the minute. With that said, I completed 11 rounds. I went for the 12th minute but I felt a tightening pain in my back/lat/somewhere in that region and it just hurt. I didn’t want to continue. It didn’t hurt when I “cleaned” the bar just when I would go from standing to squatting. Even if it didn’t hurt I probably wouldn’t have made it past 12. Regardless, including the 5 I completed in the 12th round, I did 71 Front Squats at 65lbs in less than 12 minutes. I was a hot sweaty mess. It was good work! I did some mobility afterwards and the back/shoulder/whatever is much better.

I hope tomorrow doesn’t involve running!!!! It’s only Monday. I’ve put my big girl panties on. Let’s do this! Commit to something good for YOU this week. It doesn’t have to be major but it surely can be ツ Make a goal this week. Eat clean, work out, walk, lay off the booze, meditate, read a book. Just commit to better mind and health. And let me know if you need MOTIVATION! I just wanna help! I want to help YOU, whoever YOU may be… crazy stalker, an old friend, complete stranger, etc. I know I sound CRAZY but I’m not really….uhhhhh depending I suppose on your definition of crazy, hehehe. Ah well. Ask for help if you need it… ENJOY your day! See you all tomorrow! Be AWESOME!


Yes I’m a GIRLBABY … sometimes!

This week has been full of wah wah wah, I know! I think I’m allowed to have a pity party every now and then. And I feel very deja vu about that intro. I’ve probably said something very similar in past posts! At least I’m admitting my faults at the same time and not just sitting here say WHY is this happening to me? And I thank you for putting up with me even if that means you aren’t reading my crybaby petty complaining. I still have people that show me the love and encouragement on the Facebook! And for that I THANK YOU!

As this week comes to a closing I can re-iterate that my eating is tons better than last week. Although my body parts still feel inflamed, the pain is subsiding. Clean eating does a body GOOD, I PROMISE! And although I’m dragging ass at the box I’m still putting forth max efforts. We have a competition coming up in 3 weeks that I am excited about. Well some days I’m more excited than others because some days I’m just nervous thinking about it. It will be fun at least and hopefully we suck less than others! Hahaha! So my goal for the next three weeks is GO HARD or STAY HOME! And I plan to go Paleo 100% if possible – maybe 95% for all you literal peeps just because we aren’t cave folks and I sure as hell ain’t hunting down anything. I typically stick to a 85-90% clean eating range so 100% isn’t a major leap but it’s a leap! And I’m just talking food here. I’m not talking about giving up the beauty of modern times, technology, etc. I’m referring to eating clean, pasture raised, grass fed, chemical free REAL FOODS!

So now I’ve made my declaration I hope most importantly to not let myself down because I want to be better for me but also for all you that read along regularly. I am human, I do make mistakes, I do go off the grid but it’s all about accountability, right? So pray I will be successful. It’s not easy, I will never say it’s easy because life likes to throw you curveballs!

Moving on to today’s WHITEBOARD.

7/27/12 WOD

Skill/Strength: 3 rounds of 10 for Pistols (one legged squats) and Banded Push Ups
Good news! I finally did Pistols on the ground! I did however use a 15lb plate for counter balance and I could only do them on my right leg but hell ya I was happy. My left leg is sad and gimpy and I was having troubles on the box and on the ground. There’s a painful point in the bending of my knee that hurts like a mofo. Once my IT Band crosses the inflammed bursa sack I’m fine. But it’s the whole OH SHIT IT’S GONNA HURT point that I try to avoid. So Coach is having me do Pistols “backwards” if you will on my left leg. I start out sitting on a med ball. Left leg is flat on ground with heel against the ball and right leg is being held straight out. From there I attempt to stand up. This still hurts but not near as bad as squatting down. I managed to get reps in this way and with more mobility work, eating clean and what now I hope to remedy this whole IT Band issue!

This is how a pistol SHOULD look like.

This is kind of how I did them but with a bumper plate instead of weird KB
looking thing.

I way underestimated Banded Push Ups. My silly self thought a Green Band would be fine! Hell to the NO, I did maybe 5 and Coach gave me a blue band. Still not easy but do-able.

MetCon: 10 Rounds of TEAM 40yd KettleBell Suicides and 80yd sprint
We had teams of 2. The goal was run suicides while carrying KBs. Cones were set up every 10yds for 40yds. If you don’t know what suicides are you are lucky. You run down to first cone, run back to start, run down to second cone then back to start, etc. You may see people doing this at a basketball court or on a football field. It’s a butt whoopin no matter how you do it. Carrying an extra 35lbs well that’s plain ol SILLY and a butt whoopin! I felt gung ho and ready to GO H.A.M. but after the 2nd cone I wanted to just go HOME. I struggled. There is no good way to carry a KB and run, not one good way at all. That’s 200yds carrying a KB and then 80yds sprinting (hahahha, I could not sprint at all) times 5! I apologized to my teammate for sucking. He was going strong and would keep us a little closer to the team we were racing against but I kept slowing us down. Time: 17:40

This weekend will be ALL REST weekend and getting my ass in gear for better eating. I hope you have a Fantabulous Friday and Kick Ass weekend. Enjoy life! I demand it! And everyone with me in chorus: BE AWESOME!

Slow rollin’

Still in depression mode. Eating better but not 100% yet. I can feel it holding me down. I’m getting there but it’s a SLOW process right now.

I made some sweet potato noodles last night and low and behold they were different types of sweet potatoes! Made for a nice plate (of which I didn’t not take a picture of) but I recommend mixing it if even by accident. The different textures of a white fleshed sweet potato and a regular ol’ orangey one made the slightest difference and it was all for the good. Pretty – Check; Interesting – Check; Tasty – Check! As far as food and cooking go I’m back on track. It’s the snacking on stuff like chips (leftover from vacation) that is ruining me. Plus the fact that I’m still recovering from food overload last week. It takes a while to clean your system and if you’re not completely eating clean it’s not going to happen any faster :/ I’m trying. It’s hard. I just want to sleep and eat junk.

This vicious cycle is ruining my WODs at the BOOM BOX or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!!!! I mean I did PR twice last week but that was before it all the badness could build up and shut me down.

7/26/12 WOD

Skill/Strength: BAR WORK! ARGH! DOUBLE ARGH! I chose to work on Toes To Bar because I can do them but I need to do them better. I think I got absolutely NOWHERE in the whole doing them better department.

MetCon: 4 rounds – Complete at least 10 Thrusters in 30 seconds AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE, 1 minute Plank, 1 minute REST (add weight time). So the goal was to start off at a lighter weight and work your way up to as heavy as possible with the Thrusters. I know I can do 65lb Thrusters but can I do 10 in 30 seconds?

Annie Sakamoto showing how Thrusters get done!

I struggle with this movement and to think once upon a time in a land far far away I thought Thrusters were my favorite movement. In reality THEY SUCK! But in my opinion they are probably the best OVERALL barbell movement for your body, bang for your buck movement. They STILL SUCK. I started with 55lbs and I struggled. I did 5 real quick then slowed waaayyyy down for the other 5. My knee, my shoulder, everything – ALL HURT, ACHED, ETC. Went to plank position when the 30 seconds was up and felt okay. Quads started burning halfway through plank but I was fine for the most part.

Good solid PLANK! NOTE: back is straight. Some people hinge at hips and their butt is way up in air and some people let their hips sag – Both will help you get nowhere!

So I moved up to 60lbs during our REST period and was ready to go kinda sorta. Got the 10 knocked out with 2 seconds to spare – whew that was too close! The next plank was horrible. I couldn’t control my breathing, I was hurting and my shoulders were spent. 1 minute turned into FOREVER! On the 3rd round I decided to stay with 60lbs. I don’t think Coach was over the moon with that decision but I was feeling WEAK! I still got my 10 reps and I was a little better with the PLANK. On the 4th round I stepped it up to 65lbs. Just like the first round I did 5 reps with the quickness and then BAM slowed down, I finished right on the button. The 4th plank was the worst. I dropped to a knee for about 5 seconds I think and was trying to go from elbow to elbow to relieve my shoulders. It was horrible. Our score was our heaviest round completed. I know I won’t be sitting at the top of the board today but I am learning to deal with my weaknesses and not let them get to my head. One day they will be my strengths! That’s what I keep telling myself at least! Hahaha.

I’m super sleepy and it’s all because the past two evenings I can’t get to sleep. I typically don’t have a problem with sleep. My head hits the pillow and I’m OUT but the past two nights I’ve been tired but my brain won’t shut off. Again I’m attributing this to poor eating. Hopefully that’s all it is and hopefully I’ll get back to good sleep. One more official workout for the week. If I’m feeling spunky I may try to do something over the weekend but right now lazy lazy lazy is all that is in my brain.

I’m trying to be awesome but having a hard time. So please be EXTRA AWESOME to make up for what I am lacking! Have a better than mediocre Thursday!!!

I’m here. Not willingly but I am here.

It’s true I have PVD: POST VACATION DEPRESSION. I have no will to do much of anything other than go through the boring routine known as my life! How’s that for dramatic?!? Hahahah. I seriously just wish I could have stayed on Maui. But reality is I can not. Now I just gotta get out of my funk and move on. Over a week and no blogging it’s kind of bittersweet. I have a lot of workouts to report on, not one good bit of clean eating and I could recap vacation but don’t want to bore y’all with too much. As always I write off the cuff, no planning or outlines so who knows what you’ll get today!

Maui Recap
I did manage to get an ALOHA in on two Sundays ago and pretty much we were non stop the whole time. Ernie and I were good little workers and hit up Lahaina CrossFit a total of 5 times! It was 1 Rep Max week for them and out of 4 different movements on our last day I PR’d on Push Press! 100lb PUSH PRESS!!! So stoked to hit triple digits.

Doing some CASH OUT Tire Flips at Lahaina CrossFit!

As for the rest of the time, we went ocean rafting with Ocean Riders. We took a ride around the island of Lanai which is about 8 miles from Maui. Total distance around Lanai is about 68 miles. It took up the whole day and we hit up 3 snorkel spots. This was cool for us because we hit up snorkel spots we had never seen before. I only managed to see a sea turtle, some eels and of course lots of fish. One family saw a 3-4ft gray reef shark; Ernie and Jonas saw a lobster; Jonas saw sting rays and we all saw a variety of eels as well. If you’ve never rafted on the ocean it’s something you should do. It’s fun, crazy, and gets your heart pumping.

Family Pic during a peaceful part of the trip on Ocean Riders!

We also did a zipline tour at Piiholo Zipline. I really thought I’d be more “scared” of dangling over hundreds of feet but I wasn’t. It was beautiful and really fun. I had imagined a more adrenaline pumped adventure but instead of it was just very cool and laid back.

Jakob flying high!

We also hit up a few beaches with some good surf where the kids did body surfing and boogy board surfing as well. I attempted to body surf and after getting beat up those 2 times that I “caught” a wave I was out! This mama does not find getting beat up very fun! The kids though had a blast. I opted to hang out past the break and enjoyed the show! The water was beautiful at all our spots. Chilly at first but perfect once you acclimated.

If you’ve been to Maui then you know about the Road to Hana. We weren’t going to go because it’s a long, sometimes terrifying but beautiful drive but the kids remembered the natural pools and wanted to go swimming in them again. It was rainy the whole trip and we get to the pools only to find out that they are closed to swimming! WTH?!? Guess we should have done our homework. It’s a fabulous scenic drive none the less but we did have some scary moments and were rather disappointed that the pools were closed!

The beautiful pools that we COULD NOT swim in this year 😦

One of our only “chill” moments was the Luau we attended. I had not been to a luau since I was a kid so it was fun to see the excitement in everyone else’s faces. I forgot that luau’s can be fun and the fire dancing at the end was phenomenal!

Everyone’s favorite part of the Luau….well 2nd to the Fire Dancing!

Enough about my trip, I kept it short because I really could write a novel I think and I’m hoping highlights are better than dragging it out.

We got home at 5 am this past Saturday and the crazy person that I am went to the BOOM BOX Community WOD and OLY class that follows. Yup I’m a little off my rocker. Boy did we do some work at the 9am WOD. It was guys vs. girls (teams of 5) and we did sled pulls and indian runs, wall ball leap frog something else I can’t recall and 500 KB swings! It ended up that it was tied 2-2 so the KB swings was the challenge to win. Turns out us ladies won! Go US!!

OLY Class
Right after Community WOD I have an OLY Class where we worked on Snatch Push Press and Overhead Squats (OHS). I suck at both but really put some effort out there and improved overall. Bonus is that I PR’d my OHS by 15lbs! I went from 75lb OHS to 90lb OHS! After my Push Press PR and my OHS PR I was feeling pretty good. I haven’t had much luck in that dept so it felt good knowing I’m improving.

7/23/12 WOD

7/23/12 WOD

After the workouts on Saturday I did nothing but sleep and eat poorly. This added to the week worth of vacation POOR eating, I knew I was in for it Monday Morning! And I was really in for it because it was 6 week test of CINDY! Six weeks ago I posted about weaksauce Cindy and that was after one weekend of bad eating, what will 9 days of bad eating get me?!?

Well I started off with the green band and completed 3 rounds of Pull Ups, by the fourth round Coach gave me a blue band to add to my green band. Pull Ups were much easier but I was still dragging ass! I completed 11 rounds + 5 pull ups (green band then green with blue). 6 weeks ago I completed 6 rounds +4 pullups (green band only). Although I managed more rounds I felt shorted because I ended up using more bands but ah well.

7/24/12 WOD

7/24/12 WOD

See I didn’t gibber jabber on too much. I was short and sweet and now about to be caught up for the week! This morning was one of those mornings that I knew I didn’t want to show up for at all. One mile run was part of the WOD and I didn’t want to do it. Sleep sounded so much better! Like a good little (well not so little) girl I unwillingly drug my butt up to the box. We worked on Back Squats adding 5lbs to our previous weight we worked on last. I’m up to 115lbs. 3 sets of 5 and although I could do the weight I always struggled on the last rep of each set! My IT band/knee bursae is/are so inflammed from eating poorly it’s sickening. It hurts so bad but I gotta push through. Been eating better for most of yesterday and all of today. It just takes time I know and I’m not going to beat myself up mentally over it. My body feels the effects just fine and it sucks!

MetCon: One Mile Run, then 3 minute AMRAP of Dead Lifts at 75lbs. So ya running, bleh! Slowest mile I’ve run in a very long time. 10:07! WTH. The guys are way faster and I was just left to my own devices of going SLOW! I didn’t even realize how slow my pace was until I got back inside. I had no time to cry about just do Dead Lifts. 75lbs isn’t so heavy so I knew I could get a good chunk in. I did 22 unbroken then broke down to sets of 10. All this poor eating has left me winded. I can’t breath. And I want to cry! In the end I completed 63 Dead Lifts. Here’s hoping that the rest of the whiteboard doesn’t blow me away. Well I know the run sucked but hopefully I made up for it in DLs!

So there ya have it. 9 day recap. Hopefully I told enough without you begging for more and in turn hopefully I didn’t bore the hell out of you. It’s Tuesday! SMILE! Maybe? Nah… I just want the ocean around me again and nice temps. Be awesome!



Just checking in. I tried getting this blog out yesterday before we boarded our plane but that just didn’t happen!

It was kind of awesome when we landed because Ernie walks off the plane wearing a CrossFit shirt and the first person he sees says “you’re in the wrong location guy, the Games are in Cali! That is the CrossFit Games for you all who don’t know. That was a low blow police officer! Turns out the guy found us at baggage claim, chatted it up with us about CrossFit and invited us to his box Crossfit Maui Extreme. We are staying a bit out of the way from there so not sure if we’ll make it out there but hopefully we can.

This morning is holy crap I don’t like adjusting to time zone changes. Granted its only a five hour difference here in Maui than from home but when you wake up at 2am ready to go its hard to go back to sleep. Managed to stay down till 4 ish then Ernie and I went outside to walk around. By 5 we were ants in our pants and starving but didn’t want to wake up the family. So we took off for McDonalds…. Gasp…. For wifi and maybe coffee. Thank GOODNESS a local coffee shop in the same center Hawaiian Village Cofee had it’s door open! The Shop doesn’t open till 6 but took us in anyways!!! The Kona Blend is quite tasty and there was a Raw Energy Ball full of yumminess that we ordered. So much better thank Mickey Ds! This place is my ideal way of living. I want this cute coffee shop!!! Laid back, chill, cool art, good music, free wifi, perfect size and a nice variety of foods. Can I get a do-over in life?

Not sure what our plans will be for today but who cares, I’m in my happy place!

Turns out I have been writing intermittently on and off to get this post finished. After our coffee and some grocery shopping we had some eggs and bacon and headed out to Lahaina Crossfit!!! Pulled up to a good size crowd. By the time we started there were at least 40 folks ready to do some work. The warm up was familiar to us as we do a lot of the same things. Also similar was a team workout for the Saturday WOD. I found two girls who needed a 3rd person and the rest was a beating! Turns out this was a first time WOD for my teammates and holy moly I’m surprised they didn’t turn around an head for the hills after seeing the whiteboard.

100 of each of the following movements divided amongst the team: wall balls, pull ups, cleans (65lbs), front squats (65lbs), kb swings, and a med ball run around the loop (which was FOREVER)!!! My team kicked ass! The new girls did awesome and pushed hard and I really think they loved it!! Time 33:30! It was a lot of work and so much fun. We’ll be dropping in all week and we got some kickass shirts too! I was amped all day and really felt good. I ran the best I think I have ever run (Thanks Coach, since I’m always hating on the running at home).

We had a great day but I won’t drag this blog out much more. My whole start was to recap my Park WOD AND Fridays BOOM Box fun. I’m passing on the park WOD So here’s Fridays recap.

Boom Friday
It was all about hanging out with the pull up bar…. Yikes, my nemesis! Skill/ Strength was Bar Muscle Ups. I used to do these as a kid all of the time on the playground but at 34 years old not so much! I had to stand Ina 30″ box stacked with three 45 lb plates and one 25 lb plate and have coach still give me a boost! I did mange to get up though with all that assistance. Whew!

MetCon: Death by Toes to Bar! Yup that’s right folks! Suckity suck suck! I managed to get 5 rounds in. I almost completed 6 rounds but just didn’t get that 6th rep. Since coach still wanted us to get more work in we worked up to round 10 on the floor. We laid down put are hands to the wall and had to lift our legs to the wall. That I can do! It was killer on the abs but I didn’t have to hang from the bar!

Alrighty then, blogging from phone sucks! And it took me almost two days to complete. Not sure if I’ll keep it up but we’ll see. Have a fabulous day, afternoon, evening! Be awesome!!






More Kool-Aid Please!

Today is the first time in a long time that I forgot to take a picture of the whiteboard! But I can tell you I think I did alright. Only time will tell. I don’t think being the first class in the AM will ever give me the upperhand but sometimes I do get a good leap on the rest of the day.

Skill/Strength: 3 rounds MAX Pull Ups. So I still can’t do a pull up and instead of using bands, coach had us do negative pull ups. That’s where you jump and hold your chin over the bar for as long as possible then as you fatigue slowly lower yourself down until you can no longer hang on. I SUCK AT THIS COMPLETELY! We had to do this 15 times. I did it just “OK” maybe 3 times. It pisses me off so bad but I know until I start hanging on the pull up bar 24/7 this movement is probably going to be the thorn in my side for quite some time :/

This kid is way TOUGHER than me!

MetCon: 10 MINUTES of 400m run, Max KB (1POOD) Swings-Russian, 400m run. The key to today’s WOD was to know how long it would take you to run the second 400m. If you left too early then you don’t BENEFIT from the workout of pushing yourself. But if you left to LATE then you would get docked 1 KB Swing for every second you go over 10 minutes! I know I didn’t want my work taken away and I know I didn’t want to look like a scared-y cat slacker. I took off on my first run and at a normal pace for me, got back around 1:48 and started my KB swings. I did as many as I could unbroken. Then just broke them down in smaller sets the best I could. Took off for my last run and returned at 9:50! How’s that for good timing!!! The KB swings are what counted for the day. I managed 125. Yay fun!

Jonas and I hope to do a park WOD this evening. I’ll be better prepared for this evening’s workout. Tuesday’s was just a fly by the seat of pants, lets make up stuff workout. I look forward to racing against my kiddo again. He’s a fighter which in turn will help me fight harder!

In other news:
Already checked in with Lahaina CrossFit and we’re ready to do work there next week! I’m excited as I’ve only visited one other box in my 10 months of being a part of this AWESOME community. And the one I did visit was for Barbells for Boobs so it was a good size event not a drop in. I’m sure it will be a good time and I’m excited! Seriously, who says that? Who says they are excited to drop in at another box? CrossFit Junkies! That’s who!

Y’all have a great Thursday! Eat Clean, Train Dirty, Be AWESOME!!!