Is it NAPTIME yet?

I went to bed later than normal and I felt it this morning. But maybe it was just yesterday’s WOD that I was feeling. I was dragging when I got to the BOOM Box but that didn’t last long as we had a nice jog to wake us up. As much as I didn’t want to go it was good to wake up the limbs and get the blood flowing.

7/12/12 WOD

For our Skill/Strength we worked on mobility. Today’s choice was HIPS or SHOULDERS. Well I NEED to work on both but shoulders were the winner for the day. And boy did we work on those shoulders. Coach had us all lay down and put our arms out to the side of us and raise our fingers to the ceiling (L-shape). We then lowered our arms to the ground to our sides without letting our shoulders come up off the ground. We were told to remember that position. The killer part was laying on the ground next to a barbell and putting the end of the bar on your shoulder and rolling it back and forth. Then using your leg to put more weight on the bar and still roll it back and forth. MY SHOULDERS WERE DYING! My right side is much more tender/sensitive/WEAK than my left side but after doing both shoulders we re-tested getting our arms to the ground and both of my hands touched the ground easy breezy. Below is a Mobility WOD video that is similar to what we did this morning. It does wonders but hurts like a MOFO!

MetCon: 3 Rounds of 15 Burpees, 10 Pull Ups and 5 HandStand Push UPs. Not too many movements and lower reps this should be a quicky WOD and it wasn’t too long, I still struggle too much with the pullups but I didn’t wuss out as much as I normally do. And since I don’t have a RX HSPU we did a modified version. We put our heels up against the wall, bent over and had our hads at just the most uncomfortable position to do a push up. Those sucked but not as bad as pull ups. Time: 6:51

I stuck around to work on Double Unders. It was a pretty big fail as I was just off today in stringing together a good set. So I called it a day at the BOOM Box.

Last night.
I waited till the last possible second to cook dinner. Ernie works out late so I try to time dinner for when he gets home. But in my procrastination I had to come up with a plan ASAP because of course I had no plan! So with ninja like quickness I got broccoli cut up, tossed it with olive oil, himalayan salt, pepper and red pepper. Baked that at 450° for 15 minutes. Got two grass-fed steaks seasoned and going on the stove and prepared a last minute effort at some Cauliflower rice. Nothing like my faux Spanish rice or Asian fried rice. I got some chicken broth heating up in a pan, got the cauliflower shredded up in my handy dandy food processor. I dumped what ended up being a lot of “rice” into simmering chicken broth and realized I needed more broth. I don’t have measurement but it was probably a cup of broth that I used. I got that simmering and put a lid on it. While that was going, I chopped up some baby carrot and onions to dump into “rice”. I added some salt, pepper and Kerrygold butter and put the lid back and and let it simmer away. Probably for 15 minutes. Just keep checking for the broth to be absorbed into the cauliflower “rice”. I don’t know if I was just really really hungry or if it was that damn good but I loved it! I took an pic but as you know it’s nothing professional.

Tomorrow is my rest day but I’m thinking I may take a jog around the neighborhood… THINKING only at this moment but probably won’t happen, we’ll see! BE AWESOME! It’s Tuesday, wooooohoooo.

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