Workin the Weakness

By now all of you faithful readers should know that Running+Stephanie = crying, whining, resistance and suck. If you’re new then just know that it’s true. Since my journey of getting into better health started in February 2011 I went from running an 11:47 mile to 8:36 mile and I even thought I had as fast as 8:08 but I can’t find it recorded anywhere so I may have had a dream about it! So I’ll stick with my 8:36 mile that I recorded December 13, 2011. Now at the BOOM BOX our “mile” is full of one slow incline and one more immediate incline and I struggle even on the easier home stretch. In March I recorded an 8:49 mile and today I recorded an 8:42 mile. So I know I’m at least in the 8 minute timeframe still. It’s still better than I was almost 17 months ago. I really felt like I RAN better than normal on this mile but my time was only 7 seconds better. Thank goodness I ran with Melinda. I’m sure I would have slowed my roll if I was on my own! Ah well. I’m not REALLY TRYING to be a better runner per se because I’m not practicing running outside of being told to run so it’s no surprise I’m not jumping leaps and bounds in getting faster. I wish I could be one of those people who enjoyed running, I just haven’t found love for it as of yet. Still searching for it.

7/6/12 WOD

Our MetCon was another weakness of mine. BOX JUMPS. This is more of a mental weakness than a physical weakness. The prescribed box height was 30″ and for some reason that scares the shit out of me. I see the box, I know I can clear the height but it’s just not happening. So we put a 45lb bumper plate on a 24″ box making it a 28″ jump. I was hesitant at first but finally got up there. Now I was going to have to do 5 on the minute for 10 minutes. After running I wasn’t sure my legs would last but they did. I finished each set within 17-30 seconds a little scared the whole time. But at least I did it. And I know the repetition helps in the long run. I definitely feel more confident jumping on the bumper plates. Now if I could just be fearless when it comes to jumping on or even off of stuff in general!

My legs are fried after yesterday’s 280 lunges and I’m walking around all gimpish. It sucks. I’ve iced. I’ve rolled out. I’m just in pain 😦 I’ll get over it!

Tomorrow is a Community WOD at the BOOM BOX. Get a jump start on the weekend and come hang with us. It’s FREE! I also have an OLY class tomorrow which I really need so it should be a great morning. I foresee lots of ice and rest this evening! Not sure what weekend adventures we’ll have but you never know with us!

Have a good weekend. Don’t melt in the heat. Do something fun! And as always BE AWESOME!!!

I am SMOKED! And it feels like Monday again, WTH?

Actually it felt like Sunday but I have work so it then felt like a Monday! Two Mondays in one week?!?! Sigh! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We didn’t do much. Watched the parade, lounged around, cleaned house and ate sub-par. ☠ Below are a couple of parade pics. I’m not a photographer, just an iPhone pic snapper.

I knew I was in for it at the BOOM BOX. Our Skill Strength was 8 x 20 yd Flying Sprints. I know what sprints are but I’ve never heard of flying sprints. I know I don’t have wings so unless Coach had magic fairy dust to help us sprout some I was lost! Ends up you get about 10 yds to build up to FULL ON SPRINT, then you carry that on for 20 seconds. We did 8 rounds and the whole time really focused on good form and good starts. It was a good WAKE UP SHAKE UP.

7/5/12 WOD

MetCon: 15 minute AMRAP of 5 Push Press, 20 Lunges. RX weight was 85lbs and I’m pretty sure my max Push Press is 85lbs so Coach had me work at 65lbs. After looking through the ol’ blog, my push press max is 90lbs. So I’m sure I could have added more weight but I really felt like 65lbs was a good weight when you’re talking about a 15 min AMRAP! The real death blow were the 20 lunges. That’s 20 lunges total, not 20 each leg, THANK GOODNESS but it was still insane. You use your legs quite a bit in the Push Press and combo that with Lunges! You catch on FIRE fast! Literally in round 3 I thought HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO GO MORE and in that thought and thinking of how sucky I ate, I sucked up my inner baby and just went. Somewhere around my 6th round the FIRE disappeared, well it didn’t really disappear but I stopped thinking about it. And I just charged through. 15 minutes is a long time!

Final: 14 rounds 2 Push Press. (Note: I really pushed here. Typically when there’s like 10 seconds left I struggle with getting the bar up and just sit there struggling with the bar till time expires but today I really broke some barriers by getting that bar up and pushing out those 2 presses!)

Bonus: Although it’s not the full lift recorded and it’s only one rep, I did have a video fairy catch part of my Clean & Jerk from last weekend’s OLY Class. You miss the whole “CLEAN” part and just see me coming out of the squat though. Nothing magical here but at least you can see me doing work and I’m not randomly blogging about made up crap 🙂

One week till my much anticipated vacation! And for some reason I’m a glutton for eating bad lately. Is it because I’m on vacation mode already? I have no idea. But I should be on lock down. Eating clean as possible until departure and even through most of vacation. Let me be clear, I haven’t thrown everything out the window and just on EAT mode. Instead I’m ruining it with little things but ruining it none the less. Big SIGH! I’m really trying for this week to just be like I’ve always been: Eat clean 90-95% of the time and not try to sabotage myself! We’ll see how it goes. I really already don’t want to be in swim attire as it is, I know I REALLY won’t want to be if I keep letting the little things ruin my eating!

Happy 2nd Monday folks. Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I’m ready for the weekend!! Be AWESOME!!!

Good Eats, Sweeties and Happy 4th!

Well Well Well… I gave into the sugar monster hardcore last night but right before that I ate some delicious food from the Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth. If you haven’t been and you love meat then this place should be your next stop. I’ve heard good things but nothing ever specific and I had been wanting to go for a while now. Chef Tim Love’s menu has something for everyone and everything is a unique flavor combo of foods I would never had imagined. Of course I’m no chef nor am I a foodie.


We ventured out that way for my dad’s 61st Birthday and it seemed like it would be a nice laid back atmosphere and that is exactly what it ended up being. We weren’t sure what to eat and our server nicely explained all of our options. They offer big family type meals but we opted to go for smaller plates so we could sample a variety of foods. Our dinner was comprised of Smoked Whitefish Dip (good stuff); Brisket Stuffed Piquillo Peppers, Bone Broth & Cotij (YUMMO); Elk Sausage (Good); Animal of the Day Tacos which was Lamb (Not a big fan of lamb but it was good); Local Acorn Squash, Tuaca, Dark Brown Sugar, Smoked Pepper Hollandais (sweet and tasty); 3 Kale Salad (BEST KALE SALAD EVER); Woodshed Burger, Chopped Beef, Todays Sausage (ELK), Smoked Cheddar; Pork Ribs; Bulgogi Beef, House Kimchi Tacos; and Baked Potato. Now I didn’t eat the Burger, Ribs, Bulgogi Tacos or the Baked Potato but I was told they were good. My kids were like little scavengers picking up any inkling of crumb or missed bite. All of our food came out cooked perfectly and really tasty. Loads of unique flavors as well. I feel like you can’t go wrong in ordering. Everything tasted wonderful. Below are some pics. They aren’t the best but you get the idea of what’s going on.

3 Kale Salad

Sausage of the Day (ElK), Animal of the Day (Lamb) Tacos (Chiles stuffed with brisket on the top edge of pic, I didn’t get a good pic of those)

Acorn Squash

It’s perfect for families or just a group of friends hanging out for some drinks. It’s a big patio with indoor and outdoor seating. Reservations are recommended. Although not jam packed, it was still busy for a Monday evening. After we stuffed our faces we had to have dessert, it’s my Dad’s Birthday!!! It’s required right?!? LOL… Ernie gave me a big eye roll and REALLY??!!?? face and I said HELL YA I’m trying dessert. We ordered Blackberry Cobbler (WOWOWOW), Buttermilk Lemon Cake (HEAVENLY) and Fried Apple Pies (Had Jalepenos inside which was different, unique and unexpected but still DELICIOUS). We passed around the dessert taking a bite at a time. So although we ordered a lot we split it between 7 of us. It was a pleasant dinner and fairly Paleo with the exception of the desserts. I did take some bites of flatbread just to try it. I give this place 2 thumbs up. Probably will be back in the very near future.

Soooo did this affect my performance at the BOOM BOX this morning? Probably so. Although I didn’t feel it at first.

Skill/Strength was 3 x 5 Press @ 50lbs. This has become somewhat of a lightweight to me because my max is 70lbs. But we clearly are working up to a bigger goal. It was probably about 6 months ago and 50lbs at numerous reps was a little taxing on me. It’s nice to see where I’ve come from.


MetCon: 4 minute AMRAP of 3 Squat Cleans (75lbs) and 10 lateral bar jumps, 90 second rest, 4 minute AMRAP of 3 Squat Cleans (75lbs) and 10 lateral bar jumps. Wooowwweeee I knew this is going to be a KILLER WOD. I knew I could Squat Clean the weight but I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to hold up for 4 minutes. And I had no idea the 10 simple lateral jumps was going to freaking take out my lungs!!! HOLY SHIT, was it the foods that I ate inflamming my insides so I couldn’t catch a breath? After 3 rounds I hit a brick wall of not knowing how to breathe! I managed to bust out 3 more rounds and finish the first 4 minutes with 6 rounds. Our 90 second break was too short but my first round felt easy. After the 2nd round my tweaked out wrist started feeling the fatigue. My right forearm started burning and I didn’t want to clean the bar. I managed to get 5 rounds. I know deep down I could have pushed for 6 rounds but my wrist wasn’t feeling it and I still was having a hard time feeling like I could get a good solid deep breath. (I was literally holding my breath as I was just now typing, what a freak I am! LOL)

There ya have it folks. The GOOD, the BAD and the SUGAR JUNKIE!

I hope everyone has a GREAT 4th of JULY! I’m sure you’ll be celebrating tonight. I know we will be watching the fireworks and then maybe heading out to the parade! Arlington, TX has one of the largest 4th of July Parades in the Nation! (don’t quote me on that but I’m pretty confident it’s true) Enjoy it. Go out and Celebrate 🙂 Be awesome!!!!

OMG it’s MONDAY again? Forever, Every 7 days? Seriously?

Yup as always Monday is here for your regularly scheduled programming.
I have no food reports for y’all just a bunch of BOOM BOX fun!

This past Saturday was probably by far the most random and fun Community WOD we’ve had. After a proper warm up we had some TIRE fun. There have been two tires propped up near the door of the BOOM BOX for a few months and we have yet to use them, until Saturday. They finally got broke in and so did we! We had some relays of flipping and rolling the nasty ass tires and boy did we get DIRTY!!! It was fun though. After our relay races we did a partner WOD. One person held a handstand (wall assisted) while the other person ran sprints. I’m not sure of yardage but it was close to 100 yds. So we had to run a total of 8 100yd sprints. Once the teammate holding handstand could no longer hold, runner had to stop and wait for handstand teammate to take their position in running. The runner then had to get into a handstand before the new runner could start! I figured I could hold a handstand forever but my teammate looked like was ready to stop running so I told her we could switch. I wish I hadn’t! Running sucked! It was already getting warm for the day and wow sprinting/running/jogging was no bueno! My partner had a hard time catching her breath in a handstand hold so she had me stop. I thought to myself is it really that bad? Answer: YES it’s really that bad trying to catch your breath upside down!!! WE ended up finish 2nd or 3rd out of about 7 teams. Not too bad! Way to go Andrea!!!

And we weren’t done yet! It was time for some good ol’ RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT action but with LUNGES forward and backward. We only went 50 yds but it felt like forever! Keeping in line with elementary school playground games we moved on to SIMON SAYS. Our first SIMON was a little ridiculous with the movements and probably had NEVER played the game so he got over-ruled. We started off doing air squats, pushups, burpees, sprinting and that drew the line. So Coach took over. We moved onto more simple things like jumping jacks, coordination tests, etc. I didn’t last long cause I’m a bad student! It may not sound like we’ve done a lot but all those little movements really started adding up.

We finished off the Community WOD with some ULTIMATE MED BALL! I’ve played this once before and it was a BLAST! This second time around was still fun but stupid HOT. If you haven’t guessed ULTIMATE MED BALL is like ULTIMATE FRISBEE but with a 10lb medicine ball. Our team lost but we I still had lots of fun. I hope everyone else did too. We were a HOT GRIMEY MESS to top it off 🙂 Fun times.

Post Community WOD I had an OLY class to attend, still at the BOOM BOX just back inside. If you have the opportunity to sign up for an OLY class then do so. It really helps just to continuously going over proper mechanics, doing warm ups just for the OLY lifts, etc. Although 65lbs isn’t a HEAVY SNATCH. For me it was a PR cause I have this teeny tiny HUGE MONSTROUS fear of dropping under the weight. I know I can lift more but I freak out mentally.


So a 10lb PR was good for me not only just for the PR but for the confidence BOOST! We also worked Clean & Jerk some and I managed a 5lb PR which was another boost. I was hoping for more but it all comes down to the DROPPING under the weight. It’s easier though to drop for a clean than it is for the SNATCH. Baby Steps indeed!

After Saturday’s fun, we vegged for the next two days which is fine. It’s super hot out, vacation is right around the corner and money needs to be saved!!! Which in fact I don’t know how to do very well… but I’m trying!

This morning was a short and mean WOD. I had already looked it up last night and knew it would/should be quick but how quick was the question. First off was MAX REP PUSH UPS in a minute times 3! We partnered up so we could have a counter which is great because even though it’s not ending up being a lot of reps it’s one less thing to think about. My first round I busted out 31 push ups. These are full blown chest touch the ground at the bottom and arms lock out at the top push ups. Not your knees on the ground, half ass drop halfway and try to pump out baby push ups. We got a rest as our partner had to do their round but it wasn’t enough rest! Sure enough my second round was 22 push ups. And my 3rd round was 19, maybe 20, I didn’t confirm and I lost count. My triceps died on me. It sucked!

But the suck wasn’t over, we had 3 rounds of 15 air squats, 12 burpees and 9 pullups for the MetCon. We all know this will be short and BRUTAL but again how short would it be. I was really disappointed in my time of 7:13 but not being able to do pull ups doesn’t help. It takes time to get your feet in the bands and by the time you’ve done that you want to rest before you even get your first pull up in. I did my first 9 in a good time (I think) but my 2nd and 3rd rounds of pull ups were horrid. We’ve already killed our upper body with approximately 70 pushups for time and now we’re killing ourselves with burpees and pull ups! It was good though. You never realize how hard those simple movements can be when you are doing them as fast as POSSIBLE!!!

All in all it was a good weekend, good day at the box this morning and I got in a good 20 minutes of post WOD mobility! You can never have too much mobility work! Check out for a plethora of videos in regards to mobility.

Have a less than Manic Monday. Enjoy your day. Hip Hip Hooray for a 4 day week even though my holiday falls on WEDNESDAY! SHEESH! Thanks 4th of July for falling on a Wednesday 🙂