Gettin’ It Done

After some consistency in my clean eating, getting a little more sleep and still gettin work done at the box I feel like my downward spiral of loserness is spiraling back up to awesomness. It’s not raining butterflies and glitter yet but I’m getting there.

With that said I almost didn’t get up for the BOOM Box this morning! Hahahah… I was so happy sleeping away. I still made it sure enough. 1 RM of Press was our Skill/Strength. I KNEW in my head I had a PR coming. And my head was an absolute LIAR. My brain sits on a throne of lies and my body fails me regularly! I still have the same Press and I was sad. My push press is 100lbs! I know I get to use my legs but still I was hoping for at least a 5lb baby PR! Just have to put more work in!

8/2/12 WOD

MetCon: 11.1 OPEN WOD – 10 min AMRAP of 30 Double Unders and 15 Ground To Overhead (45lbs)

Wooweee I was nervous for this workout. Starting out with Double Unders isn’t so bad. I can string em up pretty good, but I knew when my shoulders wore out it would be hard to keep it up. As for the 15 GTOH, I did Snatches. Some were muscled up and some were power snatches and I was slow my first round. I just wasn’t mentally in the right place. As time went on my DUs sucked, out of breath, losing focus, etc. But my Snatch got a little better because all I could think was GO H.A.M.! I don’t think I really went as hard as I probably should have but I was trying and I felt like I was moving fast and then I’d feel like I was in slow motion. My last set of DUs before time ran out were my best. Somehow my rope got a knot in it and I did my 30 DUs unbroken! Doing that on the last set was pretty amazeballs considering I was smoked. Maybe I just had that laser focus because time was running out. Score: 5 rounds + 30 + 7

Football conditioning for the kiddos disappeared the past 2 weeks but we are now into official practices. Like I’ve mentioned previously I’m going to add some workouts in during this time. I’m there for 2 1/2 hours so I might as well make it productive right?!? Not sure what I’ll do tonight but work will get done.

That’s all I got for ya today. Have a crazy fun day. Be awesome!!

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