I was a-RUNNIN’

And it wasn’t Forrest Gump style! I knew we were going to run before the WOD even got posted last night. I had a gut feeling about it! So we all show up this morning. Full parking lot for 5 a.m. which surprised me and NO COACH! ??!!**$$%%#@# He’s always there but not this morning! So after a few minutes of sitting in our cars we collectively got out and started warming up in the parking lot because we are good little worker bees like that! Some of us knew the WOD already and since we couldn’t get inside to do Dead Lifts for Skill/Strength we did our running portion for the MetCon. And it sucked! Coach did show up FINALLY! Heheh all jokes GRANT. We still like you ツ and I can’t complain because I run 2-5 minutes late regularly! And for the record he has never let us down at 5 a.m. He is there faithfully for us crazy 5 o’clockers.

So the runs were 3 rounds of 100m sprint, rest 30 sec, 200m sprint, rest 60sec, 400m sprint, rest 90 sec! Really? 400m sprint after a 100 and 200. I don’t think so. It was more of a sprint, half sprint, jog and then holy shit I have to sprint uphill jog. In my head I was sprinting but my body was dragging. By my 3rd 200, I was winded and had a side stitch. But on my 3rd 400 Coach ran with me and I focused on not being a loser and ran it better than my first 2. It was sucky to say the least.

We ran out of time for Dead Lifts but we had the option to stick around for the 6 am class and work in with them. Of course I stuck around. I typically lounge around there for a while post WODs daily. The goal was 5 RM. I’ve scanned through my pics and posts but couldn’t find an attempt at 5RM for Dead Lift so I have nothing to compare to. My 1 RM is 185 so I think busting out 5 at 175lbs is good progress. My right butt cheek was done so I didn’t try to go for heavier weight.

Sneaky pic I was unaware of! I’m in the middle of the pic near the wall. You can’t tell it’s me if you don’t know me. I’m a ninja!

Outdoor WOD
“Susan” Run 200m 10 squats 10 push ups 5 rounds. That’s what Jonas and I decided on Friday afternoon to kill time at football practice. There is a small, very small track near the fields we are at and I had Jonas time me run one lap to see if it was close to 200m. It wasn’t exact but it was close enough. After running the first 200 I was done!! But I couldn’t be a quitter. So I finished in 10:01! Really Really Bad Timing. But I keep telling myself that’s my second workout of the day. So it’s icing on the cake. And it’s not a grueling endurance workout just a short quick one to mix up the day. I figure it’s better than stuffing my face and sitting on my ass. Right?

Tonight will be another outdoor WOD. I’m not sure what to do exactly. I did plenty of running this morning and my right hammy and glute are pretty tender. So most likely it will involve push ups or something like burpees. YAY fun. Tune in tomorrow to see what we decided.

12 days to Europa. Getting excited to compete. Clean eating definitely has brought my spirits back up and I’m feeling good again. I hope y’all have a great afternoon. See ya tomorrow ツ All together now: BE AWESOME!


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