Sleepy Sleepy, Can I take a Nap Now?

To make up for yesterday’s long rambly post, this will be relatively short and sweet. Mostly though it’s because I’m sleepy and am taking on this day with only 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Yesterday was my middle kiddo’s birthday. We went to dinner and then surprised him with taking him to see the movie Nitro Circus. What’s the big deal about that? It started at 10:45 p.m. and we didn’t get home till about 1 a.m. I still made sure my alarm was set to wake up for the BOOM BOX beating, knowing that I didn’t want to do the MetCon already. I told myself if I don’t wake up, that’s fine, you need sleep. BUT if you do wake, just GO and don’t drag your feet. Well sure enough I woke up and drug my feet! I’m pretty sure I was still half sleeping during my drive there. I was on autopilot.

After our warmup we worked on Push Press. More specifically 12 sets x 2 reps on the minute @ 90% of our strict press. This rounded to 65 lbs for me. I know it’s hot in the BOX even at 5 a.m. but geez I was dripping sweat by our last set. I underestimated the work in that simple movement.

MetCon: 3 rounds of 15 pull ups and 400m run. Two things I despise COMBINED. I don’t have a choice. No point in whining or crying about it. As NIKE tell us… JUST DO IT! They don’t ever say how WELL one must do it though. I surprised myself when I did 10 pullups rather quicklike. But that was all the excitement I got. It was all downhill from there! For the second and third round I did 5 right away and slowly knocked out the other 10. Also remember I don’t DO PULL UPS without assistance. I did use the blue and green band combined. Wah, Wah. These kind of WODS are good for me I know but mentally I just disappoint myself. Time: 12:09

8/9/12 WOD

Hopefully I’ll make it through the day and if I do then maybe I’ll do my evening WOD at the football fields. Not feeling it now but after sitting all day at work and in traffic I may change my mind. Ready for this day to be over, who’s with me? Don’t forget to BE AWESOME.

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