Feelin’ Icky

This morning was a NO-GO to the BOOM Box. I haven’t felt sickly in quite a while. Well since when I had strep throat back in February. I’m not that ill but bad enough that I knew I wouldn’t be able to hang for a workout this morning. I started feeling “off” on Saturday but really couldn’t pin point anything being wrong. By last night my bones were aching along with my joints. I tossed and turned all night and woke up with a nasty little cough and just feeling bleh. My oldest kiddo had a similar cough all week, I just wrote it off to allergies but now I know that whatever he had was contagious. Not only did I wake upwith this cough but my middle son had it too :/ So we’re not down and out and but we are a little down. NOT THE MONDAY I WAS EXPECTING!

Saturday Community WOD
Even though I took a day o’ rest today, I definitely had a workout on Saturday. A pretty good size crowd showed up and Coach had a pretty good size chipper awaiting us! But before he revealed the WOD he had us do 90 secs of Toes To Bar! Really? It would have been nice to sit this one out but I knew that wouldn’t fly over real well so I got up on the bar. I managed 7, hahah, in 90 seconds. So horrible. Ah well. Right after that we split up into teams of 4 and waited for the writing on the whiteboard. 300 KB swings, run 400m, 200 push ups, run 400m and 100 burpees, run 400m. Only one person doing work at a time and we all run as a team. WOOOO not fun! Fortunately I was on a team with 2 ladies new to CrossFit so we got a lighter weight for the KB swings! I was able to knock out more in a row because of that. Also on our team was Travis and he probably did most of the work! Ok I did contribute some but I’m a little slower.

Oly Class
After our warm up we moved straight into Snatch work. My least favorite thing in the world. But that’s why I’m in the Oly Class. To work on my weakness. I seem to do just fine at the low low weight of 55lbs. And once I move up in weight I just lose everything. I can get it at 65lbs and maybe even more, I just lose technique. I go slow, I don’t drop under the bar, etc. After a while I got super fatigued and was just a big ol’ bag of FAIL. It’s disappointing but I know I can’t dwell on it. We have Europa coming up this Saturday and I can’t let the negativity swoop in.

That’s pretty much it. I’m hoping I am back on track tomorrow! I do not like being out of sorts and not feeling well. I hope y’all are having a better Monday than I. Be awesome!

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