Still Strugglin’

I’m still fighting off the CRUD, it blows. Right now it’s mostly in my throat but I feel fine everywhere else. It’s just hard when I have to cough or swallow. And even though I’m strugglin at the BOOM Box it feels good to get in there to lift, sweat and do work. I’m just sub-par at it all right now :/

Skill/Strength: 3 rounds max reps at 65lbs Floor Press. We don’t hit up the Floor Press that often so I forget what I’ve done. After a quick search, my last recorded weight was a 5 RM at 75lbs. This morning, I managed to bust out 15 reps for the first round, followed by 9 for the second round and 10 for the third round. Watching the guys go first I thought man that doesn’t look so bad. They made it look easy getting 30+ reps and there I was struggling to make it to 15!

8/16/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds of 3 Front Squat, 10 burpees, 1 min rest. The RX weight was 115 and I had a good idea I wasn’t going to hit that because we had to clean the bar each round. If you read on Tuesday then you know the most I can clean is 100lbs and that was a big ol fat BARELY. Coach is convinced I can do more weight and I believe him but my actions show no proof of such things. So for this work I was going to do 95lbs. 3, 2, 1 GO and I failed 3 times at getting the bar up. So there goes any sort of good time for the board. It took me 1:16 to get that first round in. I seriously wanted to give myself a DNF and be done for the day. But after a minute rest which is quite nice, I went back to the bar and did it right but went slow on the burpees. I know my performance was just alright, I think if I was 100% I would have done a little better. It is what it is, I suppose. Time: 9:24

OLY shoes

Yaaaa Buddy!

Last night for my birthday I received a pair Reebok Oly Shoes – purple/gray ones! Yay for these! Everyone tells me how much these will help in all my lifts. We shall see. I was so excited to use them this morning for my front squats and then I plain ol’ forgot about them! WTH? Ah well. I’ll put them to good use soon enough.

Europa in 2 days! Anxiety has set in!

Keep on fighting the good fight folks. Work hard, Eat Clean, Train Dirty and BE AWESOME.

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