This week was draining. I’m so glad it’s over. I’m now left with an infrequent but still obnoxious cough but I’m feeling almost back to my normal ol’ crybaby but not sickly self! (NOTE: I clearly don’t care about my grammar, which means I guess I do since I’m pointing it out but too lazy to rewrite, so I just keep typing).

I went to bed later than I had hoped last night and at some point turned my alarm off instead of snooze. I was not destined to sleep in though, Ernie managed to be up and moving for the morning and woke me up 5 minutes before I had to leave the house!

Skill/Strength: 2 RM Heavy Snatch. Currently HEAVY for me is a mere 65lbs, which isn’t really all that heavy. I mentally FAIL every time I add weight. I’m halfway to overhead and that’s it I’m done :/ All I HAVE TO DO IS DROP! DROP UNDER THE BAR! It’s supposed to be simple. Yet, I make it hard. Sigh, I have no clue.

08/17/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 min max reps Overhead Squat (90% of 2RM Snatch weight), 5 min rest, 5 min 1 RM Snatch Deadlift. I almost forgot to mention it was time to test drive my new OLY shoes. And let me tell you, this was the easiest time I have ever had with OHS! My wrists are still a wreck but with my lower half stabilized I was able to take on the wrist pain for a little longer. In 5 minutes I completed 34 OHS. Not stellar but not bad either. After our 5 min rest we proceeded with Snatch Deadlift. All this means is that you grab the bar as if you were going to do Snatch but only Deadlift the bar instead of going overhead with it. I worked my way up to 155lbs. I couldn’t get the bar up at 160lbs. I wanted to but I couldn’t get that dang bar to budge! I felt pretty good though the whole time. Sometimes when I deadlift in general, I can feel my hip, hammy, glute all jacked up on my right side.

Snack Tip: I know I’m not the only one to ever think this and I feel like I may have already shared this tip but here you go AGAIN if this was already mentioned and either way maybe someone will say “OOHHH I didn’t think to do that” but I’m sure most will say “DUH, Been doing that forever.” And my response to that is “I KNOW, I’ve been doing that forever too but I thought I’d share anyways.” WOW, I’m a little crazy today but I don’t like to edit and delete so you get me and all my weird. SOOOO KIWI. Don’t mess with peeling the furry skin of it and then having to risk that you missed one little hair and it bites your tongue and have a sucky KIWI experience. Just slice off the top, get a spoon and dig in. Saves on time and mess and well it’s fun. So ya. Eat more KIWI!

Europa is TOMORROW! ARRGHHHH!!!!!!! I’m anxious to see who our competition is and how many spectators come to watch. I think when we get to the convention center I will have more peace but until then, I just try not to think about it at all to keep my sanity!


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