Diggin’ Deep

Saw this from FASHLETICS and well it was perfect!

So yesterday I was still pumped from the weekend and I had this “I GOTTA STEP IT UP” moment. I’m not gonna lie, It’s hard to actually follow through! Ernie told me that he was tired of hearing about my poor poor petri posts and in good form I acted out like a small child…”It’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want!” hehehe! But seriously I felt good this morning. I woke up a little earlier than normal and besides all the typical aches and groggy brain I was ready to take on the BOOM Box.

Skill/Strength: 3 x 10 Split Squat @ 75lbs. I’ve never done this movement and I was not prepared to know how tough this was going to be! First off, it was hard for me to feel balanced. I typically don’t have this as an issue but with 75lbs on your back you start questioning your stability. Then add my weaknesses, hips, IT band, glute, etc, I was literally pouring buckets of sweat. I didn’t want to finish the sets. I felt like a scared girl baby. But I knew in my head that I had to do this and not try to wuss out at a lower weight or cut my reps short. My the last set I finally felt comfortable but by then I was exhausted.

Split Squat. We used a 2o” box instead but you get the idea!

MetCon: 3 rounds of 40 sec Thrusters @65lbs, 20 sec Rest, 40 sec Knees to Chest, 20 sec Rest, 40 sec GTOH @65lbs, 20 sec Rest, 40 sec HR push ups, 20 sec Rest. Yup that’s a lot of work compacted into little blocks of time! Even though at times I felt like I was useless, overall I felt like I pushed hard. The first round I busted out 10 Thrusters. I really had forgot how taxing these are and the weight caught me off guard. Thrusters are a beating no matter which way you cut it. When I got to Knees to Chest I was just happy to be horizontal on the ground! Busted out 25. The first 20 were great then I bogged down for the last 5.

When I got to GTOH, I seriously thought I would Snatch the weight and that was a big ol fail, so I lost some good seconds on the FAIL. I only ended up with 5 Clean & Jerk on that round. By the time Push Ups came around I was smoked. I knew that the Push Ups weren’t going to get easier in the next two rounds so I would have to kill it. Needless to say I only killed 17! I feared Thrusters coming back around for Round 2! I ended up with 7 and 6 for the next two rounds of Thrusters; 18 and 17 for Knees to Chest; 8 and 6 for GTOH; 11 and 15 for Push Ups. Grand total of 145 reps/RX. Not sure how I’ll stack up to the rest of the day. Hopefully better than I have been but we’ll see. Gotta dig deeper and push forward!

Have a beautiful day today! Take Tuesday on and make the best of it! and Be AwEsOmE! And THANKS to all of you again for following along ツ

4 thoughts on “Diggin’ Deep

  1. Thanks for the motivation! Yesterday was my 2nd crossfit workout and it’s a whole new ballgame for me. I am not familiar with hardly any of the movements, and I feel sore muscles in my body I didn’t even know existed! Love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Hey THANK YOU for reading! Welcome to CrossFit ツ Either you love it or you hate it and with time all the terminology and movements fall into place! Just keep showing up at the box and you’ll keep on making progress. I look forward to following your journey.

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