Dude I don’t even listen to that song by LMFAO but you hear it, EVERYWHERE and that one little line “I WORK OUT” gets stuck in my brain and never leaves!

Before I recap today’s BOOMerific morning, I just want to say that the SPLIT SQUAT with 75lbs that we did on Tuesday has rendered my gluteus maximus dead! I get just as sore or even worse on other body parts but the split squat got me good. And coming in to the Box this morning with all that soreness I wasn’t sure I would be able to hang. Fortunately after warming up you kind of forget the pain you are in ツ

Skill/Strength: 5 x 1 Front Squat @ 90% of 1RM. That brought me to 120 for my weight. We gradually worked up to that weight and overall I did alright. I tend to lean forward to much before I come back up but I seriously do NOT feel it. I can feel it in a back squat but not in the front squats. I still did them and they got easier as I got closer to the 5th rep which is a good thing right?

We had an added PUSH UP bonus – Diamond Pushups. Aww man, I know what these are but I have never done them at the box or done them strict. I’ve always gone with the girly knees on the ground version. So today we had to do 50! in a row! I underestimated the suck that comes with them. Gave coach a good laugh though and I didn’t do them with my knees on the ground. It took me a while but I got them completed. I know my triceps will hate me in the morning!

Diamond Pushups

MetCon: 5 rounds of Broad Jump (1:30) followed by Air Squats (1:00)
With this we had to Broad Jump about 10 m lengths for 1:30. As soon as that time was up we moved straight into Air Squats. We counted our Broad Jump lengths and kept on counting with the Squats. After the first round of Squats, getting back to Broad Jumps was a sad sight to see. It was like we were jumping out of quick sand! The next rounds weren’t as bad because we were prepared but it was still taxing on the whole lower body! Total Reps: 182 – I think I could have got 200 but we were in the parking lot and I took up some valuable seconds moving out of the way so I wouldn’t get run over by the incoming 6 am class. I felt good. I hope I stay near the top of the overall group today but I never know what the rest of the kick ass peoples will bring. This week though I feel like I’m not getting crushed by everyone else. I’m keeping up and it does feel really good!

Gotta Go H.A.M.! Push Harder, Work Harder. Y’all have an AMAZING Thursday. And you know what you gotta do … BE AWESOME!