Awww man, It’s been a year since I started drinking the Kool-Aid! It was at Europa last year that I was exposed to this insanity we call CrossFit in person, face to face with athletes competing. It was then that Ernie had already had his taste for only a week or two. It was then that I met Grant for the first time. It was then that I said I would give CrossFit a chance. August 23, 2011 was actually my first get my butt up outta bed at 4:30 am for my first 5 am workout! And I haven’t stopped since. I’ve been dedicated and determined! With the exception of sleeping in once, being sick for a week, and then one day recently being sickly I have not missed a beat. Ya I’ll give myself a GOLD STAR for that! I can’t pat myself on the back though for my performance on all of those days because some days I just didn’t bring it or sometimes I felt like dying but I have shown up day in an day out.

Thanks again Grant and all the BOOM Boxers for being there, being supportive and being good friends!

I seriously could write a lot about this past year and well I guess I pretty much have with this blog. I had only wished I had actually started blogging when I ACTUALLY started CrossFit but alas I did not. So let the tears of happiness dry out and let me get to the nitty gritty of this morning – it’s not pretty!

Skill/Strength: TABATA Strict Pull Ups and Push Ups. I still don’t have a pullup so I busted out the GREEN and BLUE band. Started off strong and I guess too strong because Coach had me let go of the blue band. I sucked with the green only so I went back to both. Next time I MUST start with GREEN only then get the blue band assistance if needed. I’m not complaining because I know this is a necessary EVIL. How is one to master pull ups if one is not trying harder? This grasshopper will learn. Either way, this morning PULLUPS were NO BUENO.

After the 8 rounds of Pull Ups we moved to 8 rounds of Hand Release Push Ups. Again you start off really strong and by the end you are wanting to CRY. TABATA is no joke. It will kick your ass, give you a break and KICK YOUR ASS some more. For those of you new to the term TABATA I can tell you that you do work for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. You do this for 8 rounds which is 4 minutes. The idea behind it is that you’ll do more work in the 4 minutes this way than if you went “hardcore” for 4 minutes without a break. That’s all I know. Oh ya besides that it will KICK YOUR ASS.

8/24/12 WOD

MetCon: Oh ya there was still a MetCon, I was already ready to go home! 5 rounds of 15 Power Cleans in ONE minute followed by ONE minute Rest. RX 95lbs, MY weight 85lbs then dropped to 75lbs. SIGH. I warmed up, worked my way up to 85lbs, did 3 reps, it felt good. I knew 95 would hurt and I probably wouldn’t get 15 reps in one minute. So 85 lbs for me. I almost forgot to mention that if you FAIL and don’t get the 15 reps you get to run 800m. I did not want to fail! Well as life would have it, I busted out 5 reps fairly ok and then it went downhill from there. I can’t recall 100% but I think I got 9 or 10. That’s ONE 800m run waiting for me. Coach asked me if I got this at the 85lbs. I assured him I did. I got to the bar and did 5 again and although I was a little better in the next 5 it ended up only being 10 AGAIN! I was not a happy camper. I wanted it so bad to get the damn bar up and I just FAILED! So Coach had me drop to 75lbs. So finally I get my 15 reps within the minute. WOOHOOO. I’m good, so far I only owe 1 mile in running. UNTIL I FAILED at the next TWO rounds :/ I got 13 and 11 for those last two rounds. I just sucked. That’s all there is to it. I changed out of my OLY shoes, put my runnin shoes on and said see y’all tomorrow, ha, 2 MILES! I hate running as many of you know. I didn’t even time myself. I did the penalty work and that’s all I can say for myself. Big disappointment after my DIG DEEP, STEP IT UP, TRAIN ISN’T STOPPING talk. Let’s just say there was a cow on the tracks, the train took a break. It’ll pick back up!

It’s the WEEKEND! If you’re in Arlington come on out to the BOOM Box tomorrow, Saturday, 8/25, at 9 am! Come play with us at the Community WOD. It’s always fun! If you’re not in Arlington the FIND a box that does FREE FUN SATURDAYS! or just go the park and play! Have an INSANE weekend. Enjoy LIFE! BE AWESOME!

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