Tricep Death Thursday

It was one of those mornings where I really debated going to the Box. I didn’t know the workout for the day, I was just sleepy and well more sleepy. It turned out to be one of those mornings where I was glad I didn’t give into my bed’s temptations, telling me to stay a while longer. My triceps however may not be so happy I made the choice to get my sleepy butt into the BOOM BOX!




Skill/Strength: Headstand work
Let’s roll back the clocks to my youth where you found out how magical it was to learn to do a headstand. You make yourself a little tripod, find your balance and get those legs in the air. I could headstand forever, I just wish I could handstand forever.

We worked on this for balance and the position of our hands. More specifically I learned the hand position is key to getting us better at Handstand Push Ups, which by the way I thought I was close to getting. I also learned that I’m am far far away from such things! We tried pushing up from our cute Headstands and well the floor didn’t move and I didn’t budge. Something to work on indeed!

8/30/12 WOD

MetCon: Team WOD 5 rounds: 1 minute of Max Reps Floor Press @65lbs, 1 min of Max Reps Bar Wipes, 30 sec switch then repeat for partner. So all in all we each did 5 rounds and kept a continuous count of our reps. The RX was 85lbs which I could physically do but barely, so we dropped to 65lbs so we could get some work in. The goal is Max Reps so I was ready to go or so I thought I was!

Floor Press

This is a short video demo of Bar Wipes aka as Floor Wipers. We didn’t tap the ground in the middle though.

I didn’t expect the Floor Press to get me. I think I only managed 8 in the first minute so I had to pick up the pace with the Bar Wipes. After your minute is up with the Floor Press you hold the bar up and bring your legs up and around as if they are windshield wipers and just keep going back and forth till your minute is up. I don’t recall exactly how many reps I got between the 2 movements but it was 26 or 27. My teammate Andrea got under the bar and freaking KILLED it. She got like 15 reps in Floor Press and 16 or 17 bar wipes for a total of 32 or 33. Like I said I can’t remember, I should have taken a picture. Since I knew I was sucking at the Floor Press I had to pick up the pace with the Bar Wipes. Between the two of us we only got better or stayed the same. Maybe just off 1 or 2 reps. It was a fight but by my 5th round I did something like 14 Floor Press….. way better than my first round!!! Mentally I finally kicked it into high gear on a movement I am really weaker at. It felt good. We finished with a total of 307 reps. By the 5th round it was hard to hold the bar up for the Bar Wipes but we survived. My arms are JELLO and probably will fall off in my sleep!

Woooo for Thursday! It’s almost the weekend and I know that’s what we are all WORKIN FOR! Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY and BE CRAZY AWESOME!!!

I may have already posted this one, my memory fails me but none the less it still makes me smile!

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