September you ARRIVED so quickly!

Where has there year gone and where is it going? I have no idea, but it’s just flown by with super ninja like quickness! We’re already in September and I’m not ready for the rest of the year!

The one good thing about September being here is a 3 day weekend for Labor Day! Woooo! In this weekend I ate rather poorly in all aspects: probably not enough food on some days, poor quality in food on all days and just overall processed, make you puffy and gain weight eats. I’m not sad or in the dumps over it. Just staying honest with y’all. I’ve been more let loose over the past couple of months than I have ever been and I think it’s about time to nip it in the bud. I guess a combo of vacation, summer time, football insanity and post competition has left me feeling the need to just not nit pick all my food choices. The vacation is over. Back to eating clean 90-95% of the time if not 100% and no more slackin off. Good thing is that it’ts NOT HARD to do anymore. Eating Clean, Eating Paleo is second nature to my whole family now.

Even though I ate rather poorly and had a restful weekend we still had some BOOM BOX fun on Labor Day. Coach was sure to make us to do work and that he did fellow readers, that he did! We started off with a game, although it wasn’t a game o’ fun. We split up into groups of 3. He gave us 3 different sets of CrossFit Totals from Friday, he didn’t give us the total just the weight for each movement. After we wrote them down we had to run 400m, come back and do the Math for the first CrossFit total, RUN 400m, come back and do the math for the 2nd CFT, run 400m and come back and do the math for the 3rd CFT. If we did the math wrong then it was a burpee penalty. Thank goodness we did our math right. After we all composed ourselves, the top 2 teams moved on to the LIGHTNING round, lol. Us losers had to pick a team to side with. We were there to watch, not talk and hope they got their answers right. If they didn’t we got dealt a burpee penalty for every wrong answer the team got. There were 6 categories and it was an A or B type answer format. Out of 9 questions the team we were with only got 3 answers correct :/ That left us with 30 burpees each for consequence!

Lumberjack 20 Crew!

That was just our little “fun” warm up. The LUMBERJACK 20 was what was in store for us after all the fun!
20 DL (135lbs), 400m run, 20 KB Swing (1 POOD), 400m run, 20 OHS (35lbs), 400m run, 20 Burpees, 400m run, 20 CTB Pull ups, 400m run, 20 Box Jumps (24″), 400m run, 20 Squat Cleans (75lbs), 400m run. We did this as a team at weights suitable for the 3 of us. Only one person could be working and only one person had to do the runs vs. the whole team running, which was a good thing I suppose. We were killing it at first because we had our youthful 15 yr old teammate (Grant) do all the running! It was at the Chest To Bar Pull ups where we slowed down and never recovered. If only Annette and I had anything to give in regards to those pull ups I’m sure we would have landed ourselves a 1st or 2nd place. Instead we fell short with a time of 18:49. I know my running pace didn’t help much either. Either way it was definitely a good and fun WOD!

9/3/12 Labor Day WOD

9/4/12 WOD
This morning was back to the normal schedule of 5am! And I was tired! Seriously zombie-like draggin butt tired. Nothing like a few Deadlifts to wake you up!

Skill/Strength: Deadlift 5RM
Woooowwweeeee. I worked my way up to 175 which is 10lbs shy of my 185 1RM. It wasn’t too shabby, so we jumped to 195, MY weight nemesis. I’ve been trying 195 for a while now and I got nothing and as of 5:20 this morning I still got nothin! So we moved back down to 185 and low and behold I busted out 5. Now they were slow and not pretty but I made it work. So why in the heckola can I not freakin lift 195 or more?!? It’s in my head I suppose. And once my brain learns to mind it’s own business then maybe just maybe I can freaking get that weight up!

9/4/12 WOD

MetCon: 1 minute of SOTO PRESS and 1 minute of max 10 yd shuttle. In my googlings (not very in depth) I found nothing to show as an example of what the SOTO Press is but I’ll explain the best I can. You stay in the bottom part of an OHS and you pull bar down (PVC for this MetCon) to your shoulders and just press up and down all the while holding that Squat. Talk about BURN! Mostly my RIGHT HIP because my right hip is a loser! If you stand up in that minute you are penalized with 5 burpees and minus 5 count on the 10yd shuttle run! Well this was a big ol FAIL in MetConLand for me. I couldn’t hold the minute squat on any round. I had to do burpees on the spot which ate into my shuttle time. It was bad. I only got one run in at the full minute and I managed to get 18 lengths. Too bad only 13 counted out of that 18!!!! Only 43 of my 73 10 yrd lengths counted! ARGH! Shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. Who knows what my score would be without penalties!!

That does it for today. REST day tomorrow and hopefully some good mobility work for my WHOLE body! Be AWESOME and someone please buy me the shirt below. It’s at Academy. Great! Thanks!

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