Simple Cooking with KALE

Taking notes from fellow bloggers (Martha, Jennifer), I’m making a small attempt at being more HELPFUL than being more about ME! Heheh but you can’t have AWESOME without ME so hopefully I take on this task without the ramble. Ok I ramble that’s a given, you’ll just have to follow along as best you can! It’s my rest day from the good ol’ BOOM Box so why not post a recipe. I haven’t shared a recipe in quite a while because frankly we get busy in our house and food, although delicious, gets boring and repetitive.

For my dedicated readers you know I rarely talk about my work life, maybe not at all now that I think about it. I am a graphic designer for a housewares company, Dexas International. We manufacture/produce all sorts of kitchenware, gadgets, etc. No this isn’t an ad for my company, just giving you some back story. Well this month’s social media topic for us is KALE!

And as most of you no I’m not a CHEF and I’m surely no pro at all things Kale but I do cook it semi-regularly at home. There are different varieties but I usually use the plain ol’ green or red tipped versions. It’s the SUPERGREEN of greens. It’s all sorts of good for you. I’m not going to go into all the details of kale but check it out for yourself. Maybe start HERE and Google away. It’s almost daily that I get poked fun of by my co-workers for my clean eating. Throw out the word Kale and it’s a circus, then I realized that maybe they are just intimidated by it. So I got to thinking that maybe others are too. So I have a super quick recipe for you to use. This is good especially if you are on a time crunch. TIME is what I lack in all aspects of life so having a side dish to go with dinner that can cook super fast is IDEAL in my world!

This is KID APPROVED and hopefully CO-WORKER approved as well. Please NOTE my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE veggies so it’s not hard to please them but they really do like this simple ingredient, super quick side. I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed this dish before in previous posts but I never broke it down or had many pics to share.

Bunch of Kale
2 slices of Uncured Bacon (nitrate free, no/low sugar)
1/4 cup sliced/diced onion or more to liking
Himalayan Salt (or preferred salt) to desired saltiness
Garlic Powder (or real garlic if you have it on hand)
Red Chili Powder (OPTIONAL but if you want a little kick! A+)

Now what?!?
Get your skillet/pan heated up
Cut up bacon into small slices or bits and toss in skillet
After bacon is slightly brown add onion and sautee till bacon starts getting crispy
While bacon and onion are cooking prep/wash kale. I just tear it from the main hard stalk and tear up into smaller pieces. Rinse thoroughly and wait for Bacon to get a little crispy
Add Kale to skillet. It will look like a lot and depending on your skillet size you may save half Kale for later or wait till Kale wilts down before adding more.
Season as desired using above seasonings or whatever flavor profile you prefer
Once all the Kale is wilted down, you are READY TO SERVE!

Kale tore up and ready to be rinsed off.

Kale stalks NOT used for cooking! Not real sure if they are good to cook or not actually but not for this recipe!


Brown the Bacon a bit before adding Onion. Then let cook together tiill Bacon starts getting crispy!

Toss in rinsed Kale right on top of bacon and onions. At this point is when I add my seasonings. Let simmer than stir away as it wilts down.

As you can see it goes from A LOT to not A LOT. This was about half a Kale bunch.

Ready to SERVE!


I made this in the morning before work and it took me less than 20 minutes to prep and cook. Maybe even 15 minutes. I didn’t look at the clock but you get the gist. It’s quick and easy! Cook it while you’re sauteeing some chicken. Add leftover roasted chicken or serve it with Fajita meat. The options are endless. And it’s a WINNER in our house.

So go forth and be AWESOME! Eat some KALE!

3 thoughts on “Simple Cooking with KALE

  1. Another veggie that scares me.. I just got over my zucchini fear, so maybe this one will be next. And I mean, add bacon, you can’t go wrong! I JUST discovered Sugar-Free, Nitrate-Free bacon!! AND only $5.99/lb. So I’m stoked. And have a pound sitting in the fridge with nothing to do..

    • Bacon pretty much makes everything better! And score for the bacon find 🙂 I hope you do venture out of your veggie comfort zone some more and I HOPE that you find kale a little bit yummy (crossing fingers)!

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