Happy Happy Joy Joy

At last it’s Friday! I went to bed last night feeling the hurt from the Bear Complex yesterday monrning. It’s an all body take down. I woke up feeling the hurt even more. I wasn’t sure all my limbs would make it out of bed but thankfully they did. I wanted nothing more but to crawl back into bed and hibernate.

As my story typically goes… YOU Know I got up and dragged my sore ass body into the BOOM Box. What awaited us was Muscle UP Work, Double Unders and Running that is if I can make it through the warm up, which involved Bear Crawls, which typically are fine in my book. My arms didn’t want to hold me up at all. Worst Bear Crawls EVER, then inch worms right after that?!? What a cruel cruel world! 😉

9/7/12 WOD

Skill Strength: Muscle Up Development
Let me first state, I can’t do a pull up, I surely can’t do a Muscle Up but working on technique never hurts. In my head I will pretend I am awesome at the MUs. So we work on lowered rings with bands and proceeded to learn and understand what our HIPS should be doing from a horizontal position… please hold your jokes for later. After a while of that we worked on being balled up and holding the position right before you would actually press up to a finished muscle up. Put it all together and you have the workings of a Muscle Up. And to top it off I found pics on the interwebs to illustrate, sorta, kinda!

You use a handy dandy band for assistance.

We were a little lower to the ground but you get the idea, bring hips up to rings.

Ball up and end like this.

MetCon: 15 Double Unders UNBROKEN, 200m Sprint
Well Well Well, Something I’m pretty sure I can do but ya just never know. I’ve clearly explained before that when I’m ever trying to get MAX DUs in a time frame, the shit hits the fan. My brain turns to mush when the clock starts counting down. Getting 15 DUs unbroken shouldn’t be a problem and thankfully it WAS NOT a problem. My biggest problem is that I’m a slow ass runner. I SUCK at running. I know I say I’m horrible at a lot of things and mostly that’s my disappointment in myself talking and you all get a dose of it DAILY but I know I’m getting better in the long run. When I say I SUCK at running, I really do. I’ve had progress and what not but I’m not a runner, mentally or physically and I don’t aspire to be EVER. If only I had some mental drive to run faster then maybe I would have been more successful on this MetCon. I did push on my last sprint so I broke that mental barrier for the morning but it’s hard to do. Time 4:39

Kid Front News
I had a big KID win last night by making sweet potato hash and topping it with spaghetti meat sauce. Justice gave it a 10 and compared to the zucchini noodles which was only given a 6. Still not bad but preferred the SWEET POTATO! And so EASY to make. No pics but I”ll give a quick breakdown: Cook you up some GRASSFED Ground Beef… season away, me I use: salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder. Sometimes I add tomatoes, onion, real garlic, mushrooms, etc but we were in a hurry last night. Add beef to already warming up SUGAR FREE, ORGANIC PASTA SAUCE (I can’t recall the brand I use at this moment, but if you really want to know just comment below please, I’ll have it later today.) While that’s going on, peel and shred up however many sweet potatoes you need. Sautee in coconut oil or Bacon Fat till soft. Pour meat sauce on top of potato hash, Add a side salad. You’re done! I have no pictures because I was not planning on sharing, how rude of me! It was late, post football practice, kids starving, fuel was needed… NO TIME for blog ideas!

Sorry but one more kid note… Jonas took some baby spinach to school and had some friends inquire as to what it was, it’s seriously a sad day that kids don’t know what fruits and vegetables are out there. Shoot I know there’s a ton of adults who don’t know as it is but geesh, spinach people, spinach. One of his friends tasted it… it’s raw, no dressing, seasoning or anything and they thought it was LOVELY and couldn’t believe it came as is! Seriously, it blows my mind! And to go with that is a lovely 70’s Saturday Morning PSA that I hope y’all enjoy!

Hope y’all have a super duper weekend. Community WOD at the BOOM Box tomorrow if you want to come out and have some fun! Hopefully it’s still in the 60s at 9am! So no excuse of being too HOT! If you can’t BE AWESOME with us just make sure you are AWESOME in general.

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