What a day to remember. We all have our memories of this day 11 years ago and I know we will Never Forget. It was such an emotional day in America. While I was not affected to the depths of others who lost loved ones and who were close to pure insanity that ensued my heart still was heavy. Pray, Pray and Pray some more is all I knew to do – Love my family and be grateful for what we had. I continue to do just that. I hope everyone does the same. I hope everyone REMEMBERS all of our HEROES not only from 9/11 but throughout history as well as our current and future HEROES. God Bless America!

9/11/12 WOD

Our BOOM Box WOD was one to honor 9/11 and to Never Forget. Time is set for 20:01 and we were to do 99 Weighted Overhead Lunges (35/45lbs) and 111 Pushups. If you finished under 20:01 AMRAP it out. At 20:01 we ran 1 mile as a team. I struggled a bit with the OH Lunges, I took them in 10s and 5s. I probably took too much time to rest as well but it starts to hurt! I got to the HR Push Ups and I faired better than I thought I would. I was actually doing those in 10’s and 5’s and I threw in 2’s and 3’s as well. I finished strong in sets of 5. I don’t even recall the time when I finished but it didn’t matter because I had to keep going until 20:01 was up. I ended up getting 56 reps of OH Lunges into my 2nd round. We took off as a team and ended as a team for our MILE run. Thank goodness one teammate, Andrea, has a glute that is slowing her down. Not thank goodness that she’s not 100% but that she had to keep a slower pace. And another teammate Travis was wearing a weight vest. I’m not sure how much it was but I know wearing it for the whole workout and then running with it was a PAIN in the booty! So he was slower than normal. We finished at 33:11!

In other NOT SO SOLEMN news
We were having jokes this morning since we all survived the WOD and I decided to share my personal top 5 of “YOU KNOW YOU’RE A CROSSFIT JUNKIE WHEN…” I know, I know it’s been done and there’s probably a ton of versions out there but whatever! Heheheh. Plus I’m only doing 5 instead of 10 so just humor me or let me try to humor you ツ


5. You make everyday tasks and chores a WOD i.e. Car wash WOD, Laundry WOD, Clean the Bathroom WOD

4. You realize you no longer shop for normal clothes and you only shop for CrossFit type shirts, shorts and accessories.

3. You find yourself picking your calluses mindlessly in your car, at your desk, well pretty much everywhere!

2. You realize you have a love/hate relationship with LACROSSE Balls. One is in my car, on my nightstand, at work, etc.

And the NUMBER ONE reason YOU KNOW YOU ARE A CROSSIFT JUNKIE (this one’s for you Kristen)

1. You practice your HOOK GRIP while driving!


I’m a dork I know but hopefully that’s why you ♥ me! Have a crazy, insane and AWESOME day! Yup you know it. Be the most AWESOMEREST!


6 thoughts on “NEVER FORGET

  1. I love your top five list! I’m a constant callus picker, for sure. I need to stop doing that all the time and start practicing my hook grip in the car instead. I hate the hook grip!

    We didn’t do a 9-11 Memorial WOD at my box this year, but my husband and I did run a 5K on the Pentagon grounds for the third year in a row.

    • I hate the hook grip as well! I feel like my thumbs are too short and it hurts. I think I will stick with picking my calluses!!

      And that’s great you have been doing that 5K! How freakin’ awesome is that?!? I can’t imagine how I would feel being out there. I’d probably cry the whole way and not just for the pure fact that I can’t stand running, because I really can’t stand running but for the fact of what the run stands for. WOW. At the Pentagon. Gives me goosebumps.

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