Double Tall Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato

That would be my middle name if A. I had money and B. it were paleo. I think once upon a time even though I still didn’t have money I was pretty regular on that exact drink. Heheh, I THINK, what am I saying?? I KNOW I was a Starbucks junky. I’m sure there’s some goofy chart out there that tells me what my personality is based on my Starbucks happy coffee. Now my caramel macchiato is just an every now and then kind of beverage. And this morning was one of those mornings. I was rushed to get out of the house, so nothing substantial for breakfast and I was really happy with my Overhead Squat at the BOOM BOX this morning. I’m sure you couldn’t tell at 5:30 but inside I was pretty stoked and feeling good about it. So I thought what better than to reward ME!

Skill/Strength: OHS 3 x 5, get heavy. Ahhh, me and the OHS. This incredibly awkward lift has had me going bonkers for some time. And today I actually felt like I was doing something right! HOORAY for small wins ツ As I worked up in weight my wrists were really taking a beating. I had warmed my way up to 75lbs.

For those of you new to the blog, this is not me. Just a nice pic of someone doing the OHS ツ

It was at 75lbs that I could still do the movement but my wrists were going fast. I wear Strength Wraps which do wonders but even the OHS is a hard one to defeat. It didn’t help that at some point in the week I bruised my left palm which made my grip feel weird. Since my wrists did hurt so bad, Coach suggested I narrow my grip and not have my hands so wide out on the bar. This isn’t NEW news but suggestions that get lost when it’s not an everyday thing. OH MY it helped tremendously at 85lbs! There’s still pain but it is much more tolerable. My last go at 90lbs wasn’t a walk in the park but I feel like I’ve come a long way with this lift. My 1RM is 90lbs and for me to do 5 reps at that weight makes me feel GREAT. I was much more stable, my wrists weren’t completely dying and I was getting depth. Maybe this isn’t my least favorite lift anymore!

9/13/12 WOD

MetCon: 4 rounds of 25 air squats, 400m sprint, BUY OUT 100 butterfly sit ups
RUNNNING! NOOOOO! Actually it’s supposed to be sprints but that’s laughable when you’re talking about me SPRINTING 400m. I can do 50/100 but past that I don’t have any SPRINT in me. I’m happy to just have a jog sometimes. But the work has to be done regardless. I flew through the first round of air squats knowing I wouldn’t be able to keep that speed after running the next rounds. And since I am not a sprinter per se, I used the run to think and work on running technique. Maybe that helps out in the long run, maybe not. I was right about slowing down on the air squats after running! It sucked but I just battled through the best I could. Round 2 was the worst for me in regards to resting/stopping. I shouldn’t have ever stopped doing squats, they are so easy to do, but I did. I finished the air squats and runs around the 12 minute mark. Yup that’s how bad I am at 400s! I blazed through 35 sit ups then had a big slow down. I then proceeded to do 5’s and 10’s the best I could. when I got to 75 I just focused on one at a time with no break and focused on moving at a slower pace with no pausing. Time 15:48

Have a relaxing and lovely day folks. Don’t forget to be AWESOME!

8 thoughts on “Double Tall Non-Fat Caramel Macchiato

    • Ha! You’re DEAD! So apparently I’m clueless and most likely a stripper who drinks wine coolers. I entered other drinks for fun and those came up with AssHats and AssClowns who drink Zima… so I’d much rather be clueless! Leave it to you to find such a lovely Starbucks personality thingamajig!

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