Happy Wednesday

Ya and Halloween too. I dress up for work or any party that I may go too but not a real big celebrator of the day. And I did make the effort to get up on my REST day and go to the BOOM Box dressed up and WOMP WOMP, no one else dressed up! Ah well. C’est la vie!

Skill/Strength: Pull Up Work
Definitely a NEED in my world but so hard for me to WANT to do it and I never put the practice in :/ So we worked on some dead hangs and kipping. I suck at Dead Hangs. Kipping has come for me pretty easily, I just need the PULL UP part. I for sure need to make myself do Pull Up homework.

10/31/12 WOD

MetCon: TABATA of Situps, Mountain Climbers and Strict Press
Situps I don’t mind. Mountain Climbers I despise! and Strict Press to finish it was brutal. We weren’t even halfway through the Mountain Climbers and my right shoulder was fading fast. By the time our rounds for Press were about to start I was toast. RX was 65lbs, my 1RM is 70lbs so I chose to do 55lbs. Should be challenging but not horrible. Uh did I mention BRUTAL already?!? I don’t remember how my rounds broke down, I know for certain I didn’t even get the bar up on one round and I only got 2 reps on another round. We scored this Tabata for total reps and I finished with 26. I really expected more but there just wasn’t MORE!

Food NON-Update: Still a slacker on what to make with pumpkin. Hopefully tonight I’ll get motivated.

It’s a short post today. I know some of y’all are thinkin “WHEW!” hahaha. I’m just happy the bees are gone… we hope. Got a little bit of honey but not a lot considering we could have probably shared with all of DFW. Bee guy takes it all :/ But now hopefully our neighbors won’t hate us. Have a great day. And of course you know the drill – BE AWESOME!

Can’t get over the whole bee thing!


BuZZy Buzzy BEEE!

Happy Happy Tuesday y’all! If it’s not happy, I hope it gets better for you out there. Before I get to my BOOM Box recap I just wanted to be a quick source of tell it like it is for all of you thinking about leading a healthier lifestyle whether you’re just thinking about it or off and on like I’ve been lately. So it’s also a pop in the head for me, ha! It’s a roller coaster folks but once you ride the roller coaster a few times it’s predictable right? The initial excitement fades away. This means two things to me… YOU GET THE HANG OF IT and learn that it’s not all that bad. OR YOU GET BORED and are ready to MOVE ON …. FORWARD I HOPE. Either way, it takes time to discipline yourself.

It takes time to get consistent. Don’t let little shortcomings get you down. I can’t stress how important it is for everyone to take steps towards a healthier life. EATING CLEAN is the best thing you could do for yourself. Getting past the first 2 weeks of withdrawls will be anywhere from hellish to oh that wasn’t too bad. Making time to do the prep work for meals is WORK. Quit being LAZY! YES it’s that freakin simple! QUIT BEING LAZY! 80% of all you do in effort to be healthy is about NUTRITION. Yes you should move and be active but if that’s what is holding you back then just look at the math. EIGHTY PERCENT of it comes from what you put in your mouth folks. It’s simple.

I’m sure many of the peoples out there are tired of me checking in on Facebook…. oh look she’s at that CrossFit Boom place again. Oh there she is blogging about her workout. WTH did she cook this time. In the same turn I’M SICK OF READING ABOUT PEOPLE’s migraines, head colds, coughs, flu symptoms, sick kids, etc. I know it happens. I know there are people out there with conditions that are beyond their control and I’m not addressing those folks. I’m not saying my kids don’t get a bug every now and then but I can guarantee you that my family and I are not brought down week in and week out with sickness and I would bet a butt ton of money it’s because we are ACTIVE and we EAT pretty CLEAN! We don’t live off of boxed and bagged processed junk. I say junk becuase it’s not food, it’s JUNK. Again we aren’t perfect but it’s not even that I’m tired of reading about people complaining. I’m tired that people don’t do anything about it. They just layer on the feel good meds till whatever sickness passes. Those feel good meds are doing a number of BAD things to your insides. Over time your insides can’t handle it and then you have bigger issues to deal with. Pair that with poor nutrition and your body doesn’t heal. WOW, I get so fired up I just get lost in my thoughts. Take care of YOU! Please! It’s all you have.

Today’s WOD
Even though it was a little warmer this morning it felt more COLD than yesterday! I was not happy but it’s hard to be happy at 5am. I was a little excited for the workout though. LOTS OF CLEANS. I love me some Power Cleans!

Skill/Strength: 3,3,3,3,3 Power Cleans
Well I feel I am best at Power Cleans when it comes to the BAR. So it’s a good morning. The goal in the sets of 3 is to have a HEAVY goal for the last set. So we need to start out heavy too. For me that’s starting around 85lbs with a goal of 105lbs. I’m pretty sure my PR is 100 and it was ugly but don’t quote me on that. Just trying to set a good goal. I managed really well at 85, 90 and 95lbs. I get to my 4th set of 100 and I get it up but it’s a miss for the 2nd rep. NO biggie, I have one more attempt. After a little extra rest I attack the bar get it up, go for the 2nd rep and it’s a NO GO :/ Ah well. At least I got it up twice! Maybe next time. Who would of thunk it… I can clean 100lbs without dying! I was feeling pretty AWESOME at this point. One day 100lbs will be a joke and I’ll be pushing for much grander numbers, but for now I’m happy with where I am at. I need to build that confidence of dropping under the bar!

10/30/12 WOD

MetCon: 4 rounds of 400m run, 12 Power Cleans (85lbs), 2 minute rest
More Power Cleans, and I’m still in a happy place. Internally I was torn between doing 85lbs or dropping the weight because 12 repsΒ  x 4 is A LOT …. in my head, but externally I just stuck with the weight and was going to do it come hell or highwater. You should all know I suck at running by now. I hate it with a great passion. Running is not for me but it’s part of the MetCon so I do it. It took me 2 minutes to run the 400. So far I’ve been pretty consistent. Get back to the bar and it seems to take forever for me to get focused. The cold makes my nose run, I’m a mess. My first round of 12 was sloppy and ugly. Coach broke it down for me in my 2 minute rest, thank goodness for rest and I just played the movement in my head for the rest of my 2 minutes. Off to run again. I felt I ran a little better this time around but I can’t recall my time. I got back and focused on dropping under the bar and having the bar land on my shoulders and I did do much better. I was really trying to do the Cleans UNBROKEN but I failed at 7 reps and had to pick it back up. The 2 minute rest was really beneficial because I don’t think I would make it running. My 3rd run felt even a little better than the 2nd run. It was amazing, but I don’t think I was any faster! For my 3rd set of Cleans I got to 8 or 9 reps then dropped the bar. I just couldn’t hold on to it. My 4th run was SLLLOWWWW. I took off at 16:05 and returned at 18:43 or something like that. I knew I had to make up for it on the Cleans and low and behold I did them UNBROKEN. Time: 19:31. If I could only run better!!!!

Food NOTE: I baked a pumpkin last night. Didn’t have time or energy to puree it, but hopefully I’ll get creative tonight. Stay Tuned!
Have an AWESOME day. I sure am gonna try! Here’s a little video of what’s been living in my house, NOW FINALLY getting removed. Bee AWESOME!


Where to start, where to start! It was a long day on Saturday full of football, chilly weather and then BARBELLS FOR BOOBS! I was running way late due to football running long. As Ernie would say “She’ll be late to her own funeral!” But I was booking it the best I could!

It was a great turnout for the B4B event! Everyone was killing it and having a blast. My oldest kiddo Jonas had already done Grace by the time I got there but he finished in 3:06 doing 85lbs! So proud of him and how far he’s come strength wise. And so JEALOUS! All the ladies had already gone by the time I was warmed up except for Mel. I knew Mel would kill it as she is SUPERWOMAN. I was just hoping to finish! I did the RX weight of 85lbs and knocked out 10 so fast, I was excited and then I hit a wall. A wall of suck! Time 6:06 (I think, something close) Two things plagued me – 1. not pacing myself better and 2. Not eating pretty much all day. I had 2 sausage rolls, and a bag of Cheddar Sour Cream chips with Nacho cheese sauce on them… besides being super unhealthy and gross sounding, they ended up being really tasty and definitely a FIRST for me as far as eating cheesed up chips out of the bag. I must have looked so sad and pathetic. Thank you all again who donated to Barbells For Boobs! Our team earned a little over $700 which is great! You can still donate if you wish, right here!

After B4B we chowed down on some protein and veggies. And boy oh boy was it good! I had marinated some fajita meat and some chicken breasts and thanks to our GrillMaster Josh, everything came out great. The chicken was the big hit so for those of you who tasted it and wanted to know what I used to season it here it is:
Please note, I have a heavy hand with spices and I don’t measure! I used: chili powder, himalayan salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, lemon pepper. I mixed it in a small bowl then I rubbed it onto chicken thoroughly. I really put some love into that chicken, haha. I then put some olive oil, red wine vinegar and chicken broth in a gallon zip lock bag. If I were to guess, I’d say it was about 2tbs or less of olive oil, a few shakes of the vinegar and maybe a 1/4 cup of chicken broth. Plopped the chicken in bag, sealed it up and gave it a good shake. Left in fridge till it was time to go. It probably marinated a good 8 hours. It was cooked perfectly and tasted FANTASTIC!

After we stuffed our faces a few of us were still hanging around so we challenged each other to on the spot WODs. Sherry and I were teammates and not sure how we would fare against all the BOYS! Of course Jonas was ready to challenge his mama and that he did. We had a list of movements on the whiteboard. His team picked two Movements, Coach came up with the workout and then we negotiated from there. Well we had Deadlifts and Cleans. The weight was 75lbs for us ladies and 115lbs for the guys. It was going to be a 7 minute AMRAP of 10 DLs and 5 Cleans. There were 3 people on Jonas’ team and only two of us which I was thinking was UNFAIR, HAHAH! So with the help of Travis we threw out a 50 Double Under buy in. They accepted and 3-2-1 GO. I did DUs faster than I have ever done them before. I knew I had to because with us only having 2 people vs their 3 I knew we’d have to get in a lead. We managed 10 rounds 4 reps and led by 1 round the whole time until the END, they somehow caught us and beat us by 5 reps 😦 womp womp! It was fine though, I was still beat from GRACE and then we just did more cleans and a bunch of DLs. After that we watched the boys challenge each other. It was a good time. I hope we do more nights like that!

Today’s WOD
Holy Shitakes it was COLD this morning. Probably not cold for you folks in the North but cold for me! 36Β°, brrrrr. A good wake up call is taking a 400m run and breathing in all that cold air! But after eating BREADS on Sunday all the cold air in the world wasn’t going to clear my brain.

Skill/Strength: 3 x 3 Back Squat at 90% of 1 RM. Now if I did my math right, and by that I mean use my 1RM for Back Squat, I should have worked up to 130lbs and started my sets there. But with my BAGEL brain, I calculated off my 1RM DEADLIFT!

Who does that? This girl does! So I’m STILL WARMING up and was thinking 125lbs was a lil heavy but suck it up. Moved up to 135lbs, A LIL HEAVIER and then jumped to 155lbs and managed 1 REP. I’m thinking I still have to get up to at least 165lbs and that is NOT gonna happen. Well DODO brain me realizes at the same time Coach is looking at our MAX whiteboard that I’m doing the wrong weights and I just PR’d my BACK SQUAT! WOWOW DON’T EAT BREAD/JUNK, IT F**** YOUR BRAIN UP! I did however put in some extra work into those Back Squats!

MetCon: 12 minute AMRAP of 5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 10 Clapping Push Ups and 15 Jumping Air Squats. Well shitfire, are you kidding me? I got some bands on the bar for my Pull Ups and attempted some Clapping Push Ups and figured I just had to go the best I could. My first round of banded CTB Pull Ups weren’t too bad and the first round of Push Ups were awkward but I made it through, Kudos to all of you that can do them, THEY SUCK! Jumping Air Squats were fine at first but I was so winded by the end everything just hurt. By my third round of CTB Pull Ups I was struggling so Coach modified me to 8 Pull Ups vs. 5 CTB ones. That helped a little but not much. I was also given the option to not have to CLAP on the push ups but I didn’t take that option so I kept on with the Clapping Push Ups. Final: 4 rounds + 8 Pull Ups + 10 Clapping Push Ups. I WAS BEAT!

Needless to say I’m sore, tired, cold, and in a brain fog. I hope you all are faring much better than I. Looking forward to a healthier WEEK and just getting back to AWESOME. Have an amazing Monday folks!

Mission Accomplished!

If you’re new to reading my blog or just don’t ever finish it all the way through then you won’t know I’ve been trying to raise money for Barbells for Boobs. I didn’t set a super lofty goal but I wanted to raise $100 for the B4B event we are having at CrossFit Boom tomorrow at 6pm. Low and behold a few folks stepped up to the call and helped me out. I am very thankful to you all! I’ve given you all shout outs on Facebook but THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN: Shelley, Mel, Shawn, Sherrie, Rose, Jill and Jenn!

If you are in the DFW area and would like to spectate or participate tomorrow at 6pm, then please do. Check us out at CrossFit Boom or find our team link here to donate. Help our team raise as much money as possible for B4B!

Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding through the Mammograms in Action @ Grant Program for qualified low income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer.

Like I’ve been telling you all, right after B4B is completed we are going to have some friendly WOD throwdowns! It will be a lot of fun and we will have foods to eat! BYOB(eef) or any other protein you’d like grilled up. Not sure how long we will go but it’s sure to be a good time!

Today’s WOD
It was a lil chilly this morning and hard to roll out of bed but once you get movin in the BOOM Box you warm up pretty quickly.

10/26/12 WOD

Skill/Strength: 4 x 5 Good Mornings 55lbs
I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever perf0rmed this with PVC pipe during a warm up session. Today we warmed up with the bar then added some weight. Overall this felt alright. I don’t think I ever had bad from and we went through our sets pretty easily. My left hamstring wasn’t too happy by the end but nothing serious.

TEAM WOD 100 Back Squats OR 75 Front Squats OR 50 OHS @85lbs with 2 Shoulder to Overhead EMOM
My partner and I clearly wanted to do the Overhead Squats due to less reps, but it is a little more difficult movement. After some warming up and putting weight on the bar, we opted for Front Squats. We both had to do the same weight so we ended up at 65lbs. I got 20 knocked out in the first minute and did the first two Push Presses. We were able to rack bar before switching out which was nice. It was great to have a little rest. We ended up with a time of 3:56. I think Coach was surprised we all finished rather quickly so we had a POPWOD. POPWOD???!!!???? This is new to us what ever could it be? Well he had us get the bar up into a overhead position as if you were doing an overhead squat.

We then had to do lunges in place for 50 reps, per person. I’m not the best at lunges. Pair that with awkward overhead position, I was a little scared! 3-2-1 GO – I got this! It wasn’t near as hard as I thought it would be. My legs were a little JELLO-like towards the end. We broke our sets up into 2 sets each. Time: 4:05

It’s FRIDAY! WOOOOO and it’s COLD – BOOOOO! (cold for me and my wussy Texan self) If you can come out tomorrow evening then please come out! I would love for y’all to be there. Other than that, have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND and make it super AWESOME!!!

Better Than Yesterday

Progress no matter how slow or how minute is PROGRESS. Don’t forget that and don’t let up if you stray off course. If anyone has been the prime example of stumbling off the path it’s been me lately! So hone in on your goal the best you can. Choose your battles wisely and don’t let others influence your situation.

And know you can’t out train a bad diet! Believe me I try! What you put in your body is FUEL and if the fuel is JUNK then you’re not going to perform well. Maybe you say that’s not important to you but IT IS! You have to maintenance your vehicle regularly to keep it in tip top shape. If you’re putting in crap fuel, crap oil then your bound to have problems a lot sooner than if you use quality materials. Your BODY is so much more important than your vehicle! It carries you around FOR LIFE! And the maintenance fees are way more expensive the older you get. So if yesterday wasn’t pretty try and be better today!

BOOM Box Fun
Just recently Coach added a “pre warm-up” warm up to our mornings which is fine except that I roll in right at 5am. I finally got out of the door with enough time to do this pre warm up and feel so much better about myself. I felt pretty slackerish on Tuesday so I HAD to get out of bed just a little bit earlier. Just one more thing to add to my day but it’s worth it and if I want to get better then I know that’s what I have to do. Just tell my bed to let me go in the mornings, PLEASE! Heheh, it’s hard to get up so early all of the time. But it’s my only choice so that’s what I do.

10/25/12 WOD

Skill/Strength: Clean & Jerk work
After all our warming up, it was time to get some PVC time and practice our Clean & Jerk skills. Using the PVC bar is always so awkward but at the same time so helpful. It is so light weight and everything we do is over exaggerated. But going through those movements really helps translate to the bar. I never thought I would even use PVC to help me out in weightlifting. Hell I never thought I would say I’m doing WEIGHTLIFTING! But here I am and I’m loving it! I highly suggest picking up a barbell and lifting heavy shit.

MetCon: 10-1 of Burpees and Jumping Air Squats, Buy Out 30 KB Swings (1POOD)
That means you do 10 Burpees, 10 Jumping Air Squats, 9 Burpees, 9 Air Squats, 8 Burpees, and so forth. Doesn’t sound like a lot of work but I know it is and I promise you it is. I was torn on what I thought my time would be. Burpees take a lot out of me as much as I try to be efficient I end up sucking wind pretty bad. I do believe it was the Jumping Air Squats that did me in today. I say this because I don’t think I’ve ever done Jumping Air Squats in a CrossFit environment. Strange I know but I really can’t remember. Prior to CrossFit a squat was maybe getting to a 90Β° angle, knees and hips level. And when you got tired it was a half ass attempt. Well in CrossFit an Air Squat is breaking parallel.

You learn to get low. So going low and then JUMPING up from that is a butt whoopin! My hips were spent! At one point I wasn’t sure my legs were there to hold me up, fortunately they were! I almost forgot I had to do KB swings. I knocked out 15 and was ready to stop but I knew I had to do these unbroken. I really didn’t want to. I wanted to PUKE. But I wasn’t going to let that happen either. So I finished and laid down, rolled around on the floor a bit like a dying creature as well. Not pretty but I finished STRONG. Time: 7:17. Definitely feels good till I see the whiteboard later then I’ll regret every pause I took during the Air Squats :/ Hehehe. I know I’m hard on myself. It’s how I function.

Barbells For Boobs and #OccupyBoom
Two more days until our CrossFit Boom event for Barbells For Boobs! I know October is the “it” month for Breast Cancer Awareness but always remember that Cancer is around every month no matter where it hits and it hits all ages, races, genders, etc. If you are able to support me and my fundraising efforts I sure would appreciate it! I’m halfway to my goal of $100. I figure if I can get 25 people to donate $2, then I reach my goal! That’s less than your Starbucks coffee! That’s if you get Starbucks coffee. Or less than your Egg McMuffin this morning, ahahha. I hope you weren’t scarfing down one of those but it’s only $2. I welcome $1 from 50 people if that needs to be the case. B4B is a great cause and all donations go straight to them and in turn go straight to Mammograms in Action. You will be helping out uninsured and/or low income folks to get the screenings they need. Save a Pair, Save a Life. Donate HERE.

So at CrossFit Boom we are hosting the workout GRACE (30 Clean & Jerks for time). This is for fun and to raise awareness. If you’re not sure about CrossFit or want to know more, come on out and watch us. If you want to jump in and participate then you can participate. Everything can be scaled to your abilities. I’ve watched kids as young as 9 and people well into their 70s. It’s COMMUNITY coming together to throw around some weight and raise money for people in need! Oct 27th, 6pm, CrossFit Boom!

After B4B we will be grillin some meats, so BYOB, bring your own BEEF, hehe, or chicken, or pork or whatever and we’ll have some folks cookin it up! After we fuel up we’ll have some friendly team competitions. Nothing INSANE I don’t think but I know there will lots of FUN! Come play with us!

It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in North Texas until the cold front comes in that is! So enjoy it cause tomorrow is supposed to be icky! And BE AWESOME while you are at it!

Competing Everyday

That’s been on my brain as of late, mostly because a couple of months ago I received a COMPETE EVERYDAY wristband that I stare at everyday and just recently I was gifted a nifty COMPETE EVERYDAY shirt. “Compete Everday, BECAUSE I HAVEN’T REACHED MY LIMITS”. It’s perfect.

I’m sure the word “compete” is a turn off to a lot of people. It sounds like work. It sounds hard. Why do I want to compete everyday? Competing everyday doesn’t have to be tedious, it should be fun, it should be YOU vs. YOU, not you vs. that magazine ad, or the scale or you vs. anything but YOU! I look at my wristband and although I don’t always hit the mark in making myself better in my eyes, I do really have to reflect and tell myself that YES you are making yourself better. Yes you push your limits.

Some days my limits are set lower but some days they are set high and I push them. I have to remind myself that I get up 4 out of 7 mornings before the sun comes up to go kill a workout and stay busy the other 3 days. I strive for clean eating. I strive to be a good parent. I strive to better at life always. And I do. And I also tend to get lost in it all and whine and complain and whatever else but at the end of the day I do COMPETE. And certain days it’s truly an aggressive action but it’s not always aggressive; it is however wanting more, it’s wanting to be better for me, which in turn helps me to better for a lot of other people. It feels good, self-empowerment. I hear a lot of people say, “oh I’m not competitive” or “i’m passive, i don’t compete” But I’m not talking about team sports. I’m talking about life. Most people have desires and wants, and unless you come from the land of the rich, most things don’t just fall in your lap. It takes work. It’s takes want to. It takes competition. Sure I like to compete in general, it’s how I’m wired but I know not everyone is wired that way. I compete always, in my head! And sure I know how to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. It’s called balance. Find your balance but also find your drive. Find COMPETITION.

The BOOM Box was full of my weaknesses this morning and I was really having a hard time finding my want to. It’s true and that’s what inspired my ramblings. I showed up to work but was I there to PUSH? I was but I didn’t want to at the time.

Skill/Strength: 3 x 10 Ring Pullups. MODIFIED to Ring Rows. The movement is not HARD for me but I don’t have a lot of reps in a row. By the 3rd set I had to bend my knees to get solid reps in. My problem this morning was “hanging” for too long. Instead of just fighting through, I’d hang and lose power. And in that 3rd set I forced myself to push through all 10 reps. Granted they were even more modified but I think I won that battle by not stopping.

10/23/12 WOD

MetCon: 30 Pull Ups, 20 Wall Balls (14lbs), 10 Shoulder to Overhead (85lbs), 20 Wall Balls, 30 Pull Ups. All upper body. All weaknesses in my book! So coach didn’t want us using bands today for Pull Ups so MORE Ring Rows it is… at least I had a warm up session! Before we started we warmed up our STOH with Push Presses, Push Jerks and Split Jerks. The RX weight was 105 but that’s really pushing past limits and I wanted to finish the WOD! So I worked up to 85lbs which isn’t light for me but I cleaned the bar fine and felt I could at least do 10 reps right? Even after Pull Ups and Wall Balls! LOL, Yes I was convincing myself it’s doable.

I knocked out 10 Ring Rows, then 5, then 6 and then I don’t know what till I got to 30. I suck at Wall Balls and really dragged ass on those. Got to the STOH and pushed out 5 but lost momentum and dropped the bar. I sure as hell didn’t want to Clean it again but I did and decided I would SPLIT JERK the remaining 5 reps. Well I was doing great and did my 5th rep, dropped the bar and moved to Wall Balls. Coach NO REPPED me!!! ARGH. I didn’t step together and show I had control on the last rep! It was a mindless act, I didn’t do it on purpose :/ But I had to Clean the bar again and do that last REP! ARGH! NOW onto Wall Balls, I threw that damn ball up there, hit the mark but was unable to catch it on the way down. I was done! I struggled through the 19 reps left! Hahah, I ended up knocking them out in sets of 5 but it was a sad sight. 30 Ring Rows left and I could only bust out a handful at a time. Time: 11:14. Those damn WALL BALLS, I let them get in my head and take up too much time. One day I will own Wall Balls!

Food Front
In regards to FOODs, back to Paleo and Clean Eating for sure, but not entirely back on Sugar Detox. In truth most foods I have been eating are without sugar. It’s only been 2 days but I’m already feeling that much better. I know it’s a mental state as well but my body is definitely loving me more! Nothing exciting. But everything is tasting so much better!

Barbells For Boobs/#Occupy Boom
This Saturday Oct 27th @ 6pm! The workout is GRACE (30 Clean & Jerks for time). If you been keeping up with me, then you know you’re invited. I want you to come out and experience all of this FUN I write about day in and day out. If you would like to be a part of this event please visit the link on the right and donate at least $30 to mammograms in action. Even if you don’t want to participate, donations are welcome to support my efforts in raising money for Barbells For Boobs ツ! I’m still at $40 of my $100 goal. IF you can help, click here. Any amount is welcome. Thank you for your support.

Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding through the Mammograms in Action @ Grant Program for qualified low income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer.

#OccupyBoom will follow B4B. Not sure what’s in store but I know it will be team workouts and loads of fun. Come see us be crazy!

Have a beautiful day peeps. Remember to be AWESOME. Today I challenge you to Paint something. I say this only because we got to paint pumpkins last night for the kids and it truly is fun. I suck at painting and in the end we did a lot of gluing but it’s a good time anyways. So go be creative and have some fun.

Back To It – TAKE 22

Roll Film! Hahaha, well lets hope we get it right this time around. Ernie seems to be back on the Clean Eating Road which in turn helps me to be on the right path. Although teamwork does help out tremendously, it’s true it can sabotage you just as fast. When Ernie took a moment to hang up his hat, I just followed suit and hung mine up right next to his. And it’s also true I’ve been strong and stood on my own, all alone trying to eat clean and be better. I just found that it was much harder this time around. All in all let’s just pray that I/WE can be a little better. I know I can’t go 100% totally strict or I would die! But I like to get pretty close to that mark. I started off well yesterday by making a roast. I have dinner planned for tonight so let’s keep this ball rolling and make the whole week a week of good clean food!

Starting off at the BOOM Box this morning, even though I was tired, I was ready to put in some work to make up for my craptastic weekend. With that said I also knew I was in for it due to my craptastic eating!

Skill/Strength: 3 x 3 Deadlift @ 90% of 1 RM
This ends up at 166.5lbs for me. I worked up to 165 and did one set of 3 at that weight. Since I didn’t pass out or struggle too much I moved up to 170lbs and finished out at that. Although it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t super hard either. I’ve been stuck at a 1RM of 185lbs for quite some time now. I’m really looking forward to blowing the doors off that in the near future. Crossing fingers and toes!

10/22/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds of 30 Walking Lunges followed by Sprint
Thank goodness it wasn’t weighted lunges or else I may still be lying in the driveway at the BOOM Box. Once we completed our lunges it was an all out sprint for an unknown designated distance. It was far enough and it was uphill 3 out of the 5 sprints! I really did try and push myself in those sprints and afterwards my legs were nothing but J-E-L-L-O! I was sucking wind big time but I knew that’s what I was in store for. I didn’t quit though. On my last sprint I could see the shadow of someone coming fast on me and I tried with all my might to not let him catch up I just couldn’t do it. Time: 7:43

Barbells For Boobs at the CrossFit Boom and #OccupyBoom
It’s almost here – the B4B event at the BOOM Box. This Saturday Oct 27th @ 6pm! The workout is GRACE (30 Clean & Jerks for time). Come one, come all! Watch, Participate, Eat! It will be all sorts of fun and you can come see what this kool-aid is all about. All ages, fitness levels, etc are welcome. Come support Barbells For Boobs and Mammograms in action. You don’t have to be a CrossFit junky in order to participate. You don’t even HAVE to participate. Heck I was only 2 months in when I signed up last year. I had no idea what to expect but I got to learn about this rock n roll foundation as well as watch and cheer on kids, survivors, newly diagnosed women, even a gentleman who had a prosthetic leg. It was AMAZEBALLS! Seriously come check it out and see what COMMUNITY is all about. So come out if you can and if you can’t but would like to donate then please click here. I’ve raised $40 of my $100 goal. It’d be great to even surpass teh $100 mark. Thank you in advance for your support and a Special Thank you Shelley and Rose for your recent contributions ツ

Post B4B will be #OccupyBoom where we will continue the fun and have teams go up against each in friendly competitions. More fun to be had and I’m sure a lot of hardcore insanity mixed with extreme silliness! Good people, Good food = AWESOMENESS. Let me know if you want to come and hang out!

That’s it for now folks. I had to rewrite this as somehow I manage to lose my original draft. Ah well. That’s MONDAY for ya. Let’s be AWESOME this week!


This morning I stepped out of SLACKERVILLE for a bit to hit up the BOOM Box. And boy oh boy did it feel good. You don’t really understand what missing one day does to you. I’m clearly a junkie to the “feel good” of a workout and feel like I lack in productivity when I don’t get work in. But at the same time that extra day of rest is NICE when it comes to feeling fresh to take on weight.

Skill/Strength: 3 x 5 Floor Press. 3 rep Max, Banded Tricep Push Downs.
Last week or whenever, we did 4 x 5 and I worked my way up to 80lbs. I didn’t fully do all 5 reps as I had some assistance. But today we were doing one less set and I was feeling good. I warmed up to 65lbs then jumped to 75lbs for my first set. Did my last set at 85lbs and no assistance… now that feels good!

We used a band instead of rope but you get the idea!

After that we did Tricep Push Downs using bands. I’ve done this exercise on machines at a regular gym but never with just a band and at first it felt really awkward but by the last set even though my triceps were dying I felt more comfortable. I don’t think I did too great, I believe I got 17, 10 and 12 for my reps. It really wears you out fast.

10/19/12 WOD

Met/Con: 3 rounds of 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest of: Elbow plank to full plank, Med Ball Sit Ups, Med Ball Twists and Superman Rocks. If this doesn’t kill your core then you are superhuman and I admire you and your ABS probably look like chiseled stone. I’m sure mine do too under the layers of flab that I’ve got going on. But this CRUSHED my core and I’m sure I’ll be trying to figure how I roll out of bed in the morning. I went through the first round feeling pretty good, but that 2nd round of plank was not easy. I tried my hardest to hit the same reps as my first round. I didn’t do too bad with trying to keep pace but I did fall a few reps short on rounds 2 and 3. Total Reps: 280

YES I’m still talking about it. I will till Oct. 27th and then again maybe on Oct 29th when I blog about my weekend! I’m still not close to my $100 goal, so would you do me the kindness and donate a few bucks? Any amount is welcomed and appreciated. Donate HERE! Please and Thank you!

Last year I participated at one of the PINK BRA TOUR locations down in Belton, TX. This is where I first learned the AWESOMENESS of the CrossFit Community! All ages and sizes, working out and raising money to support Mammograms in Action. I met all sorts of people, had complete strangers cheering me on to get through GRACE (30 Clean & Jerks for time), and in turn I was supporting newly diagnosed women and cheering on SURVIVORS.

Last year’s group that traveled to participate in Barbells For Boobs!

This year the BOOM Box, CrossFit Boom, the box that gets me through the week is hosting it’s own event on Oct. 27th @ 6pm. We’ll be doing GRACE locally and everyone is welcome. You can spectate or participate. Bring your friends and family. Also know that right after B4B we will be having food and another event: #OCCUPY BOOM

The plan will be to pair off into teams of 2 and commence with #OCCUPY BOOM. Based on your Grace time your team will be seeded in a bracket. From there will will “OCCUPY BOOM” until the tournament of champions is completed. Now don’t worry the workouts will be drawn out of a hat. From there you will have a chance to negotiate with your opponents what types of scales would be fair. For example If team 1 couldn’t do pull-ups and team 2 could, they would choose a suitable replacement for team 1. Basically all you need to know is that it will be fair no matter what skill level. We will remain at the box until a team is victorious.

All in all next weekend should be a FUN time. Mark your calendars and come on out! As for this weekend all I got is football and a birthday party. I hope you all have a SUPER weekend. Enjoy this fall weather. And don’t you know it… BE AWESOME!

Welcome to Slackerville

Yup right here, my little world has become the land of slackers! So if you want to fall off the clean eating wagon, the clean house wagon, the cook dinner wagon, the write your blog wagon …. come right up. All slackers are welcome. Holy cow. The one thing I was holding on to this week was the fact that I was still hitting up the BOOM Box and today I even failed at that. I woke up, turned off alarm instead of hitting snooze and bam, I missed my workout!

The BUSY has taken it’s toll on me. And it’s been clear that it’s chipped away at me for the past couple of months and this week was just the worst of the worst. I write this and know it’s not really all that bad but when you look at how good you know how to be and what a slacker you’ve become it seems extreme. I still have clean meals, I do cook some food and my house isn’t growing black mold or becoming a health hazard – but I feel like everything is just getting sloppier and sloppier. I’ve made several claims of being “good”, doing the sugar detox and just getting my act together and I just can’t seem to find the discipline in me lately. Let’s just hope I find it sooner than later!

As far as workouts go. I’m posting Monday and Tuesdays whiteboards. I can barely remember a few hours ago so I know I can’t detail out the workouts.

10/15/12 WOD

So what you have here is some AWESOMENESS at Back Squat. I felt really good doing these at a relatively heavy weight. The opposite of awesomeness reared it’s ugly head for the MetCon. I only managed to get through minute 3! By minute 4 my right shoulder was DEAD. It HURT. I’m guessing from the wall balls because it didn’t hurt doing American style KB swings. If you didn’t make it through all 10 minutes then you had to run. My shoulder was still killing me and hindering my already slow run. It was a bad MetCon day for me :/

10/16/12 WOD

By the next day I wasn’t feeling my shoulder so much and it didn’t affect me during Deadlifts which like Back Squats on Monday, I felt good doing a relatively heavy weight. Heavy for ME that is. It feels good to feel STRONG! As for the MetCon, the Shoulder Touches worried me. I can’t do the touches so I opted for Handstand rocks. I was afraid that shoulder pain would reappear. I started off great, but about halfway through my shoulder was definitely fading fast. It didn’t get to the point of pain as the day before but it was taking a toll. My saving grace in this MetCon is that I can do DU’s. It’s my one superpower, although a weak superpower, and at least I have it. Final 7 rounds + 15 shoulder touches + 5 DUs

The 21-Day Sugar Detox – Starting OVER

Sadly, my days didn’t get increasingly better. Some days are worse than others and some days I’m super awesome. So instead of just hoping to get back on track, I’ll be starting over. I’m hoping that I start over tomorrow only because I have no dinner planned and can’t promise anything good for dinner. We’ll see and I’ll keep you posted.

Barbells For Boobs
Countdown – 8 days to go. CrossFit Boom is hosting a Barbells For Boobs Fundraiser on Oct. 27th at 6pm. So if you want to see what COMMUNITY is all about in this CrossFit world I love so much, then come and hang with us.

The B4B event is for anyone that would like to donate a few bucks and some muscle soreness. You do not have to be a member of this CrossFit box or any other in order to participate.

You don’t have to work out but you can if you want. We’re doing this for fun and to support Mammograms in Action which helps out uninsured and low income folks to get the proper screenings and diagnostic testing they need. This is a fundraiser so if you would like to donate to the cause then please click here or the link on the right and help us out! Thank you for your support. And special thanks to Jennifer over at from Wine to Weightlifting for your donation!

Moving Forward

That’s all I can do at this point. Chug Chug Chug along. Eat clean, reduce/eliminate sugars and don’t sleep in on BOOM days! Oh ya, clean house, write blog, and cook too! And for all you who I follow daily I’m sorry I haven’t been checking in… just one more item to add to the slacker list!

I hope you all have been staying AWESOME in my absence and pray I find the AWESOME in me real soon! Happy Thursday!!

REPOST: Friday I’ve Missed You


Has this been an extra long week for everyone else as it has been for me? I think I’m in some time warp and although it appears I’m in real time along with everyone else, my minutes and days just drag on. But alas it’s Friday. And surely I’ll enter into real time and my weekend will fly on by!

As for the BOOM Box I was not doing any sort of flying especially when it comes to our MetCon. 2 runs that are approx 1200m with a 5 minute rest in between. They were supposed to be Sprints but as I’ve mentioned before my sprint runs out after about 50 yds. So it turns into a messy sight. I’m not a pretty runner at all. I managed to run my first “sprint” in 7:01. We then get a 5 min rest from that time and go again. Final time was 19:49, so my 2nd “sprint” was 7:48. Not bad for being a sucky runner. One day I’ll proudly claim I’m a runner but that day is not near.

Skill/Strength: Floor Press 4 x 5, 3x Max Ring Dips
So prior to the MetCon we did Skill/Strength. I worked my way up to 65lbs for the Floor Press. Each round I added 5lbs. On my last set of 5 I was at 80lbs. I had to have some assistance on the last round. I can’t recall if I got through 3 or 2 Presses before needing help. I was fighting for it, but the bar was not moving.

10/12/12 WOD

For ring dips I used the bench for assistance again. I managed to get 5, 4, 7 or something like that. I think on my last round I finally just told myself to not suck at this movement. It’s so awkward and not natural for me to do. I bottom out and stay stuck and it’s not a fun feeling. I feel really helpless but on the last set I felt that I did better.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Sugar Reduction- Days 11 and 12
As I mentioned yesterday, I can’t honestly say I’m off the sugars completely. I’m consuming something on a daily basis out of time contraint, weakness and many other sad reasons excuses but not to the extent I was a few weeks ago. So I’m weaning myself if you will vs. going cold turkey. I’m ok with it… for now. There will be a point I know I will say to myself ENOUGH is ENOUGH but until then I will tread lightly with foods that contain sugar for now.

My half eaten, sugar free lunch: Roasted Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower, Spinach Salad with Hardboiled Egg, Bacon, Tomatoes and Olive Oil.

Barbells For Boobs
Just a small reminder I’m raising money for this great cause Barbells For Boobs. (link on the right hand sidebar) The BOOM Box is hosting their own B4B event @ 6pm, OCT. 27th The workout will be Grace. 30 Clean and jerks for time. If you would like to be a part of this event please visit the link on the right and donate at least $30 to mammograms in action. Even if you don’t want to participate, donations are welcome ツ

Barbells For Boobs Event 2011
Belton, TX

The B4B event is for anyone that would like to donate a few bucks and some muscle soreness. You do not have to be a member of this CrossFit box or any other in order to participate. All are welcome, bring your friends and family!

Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding through the Mammograms in Action @ Grant Program for qualified low income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer. Please help me and my team CrossFit Boom in our fundraising efforts by clicking the link and setting up your donation.

Have a pleasant weekend! I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are and that you are able to take advantage and play outside. I personally really want to hibernate but that’s a choice this weekend. Soon I hope, soon! See y’all on Monday. Until then, STAY AWESOME.