Overhead Squats I GOT YOU!

I’m so feeling the pain in my hamstrings after yesterdays Romanian one legged kettlebell deadlifts. They are sore and tight! Nothing like a good dose of the BOOM Box to help me forget the pain!

Skill/Strength: Press 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 Starting at a lower weight moving up to heavy. Being that my 1 RM is 70lbs and I’m stuck there FOREVER, my goal was to finish at 70lbs. After some warm up reps I jumped to 50lbs and although that felt rather light I know moving up will get ya. By the time I got to 65lbs I was feeling strong. I got this. Until the freakin 70lb set. Houston we have a NO GO! UGH! So frustrating.

10/2/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds of 1 minute OHS (55lbs), 1 minute Double Unders, 2 minute rest. The RX for OHS was 65lbs which in hindsight I probably should have done. BUT, the OHS gets me good in the wrists and it HURTS soooo bad. I feared by the 5th round I wouldn’t be able to even hold the bar up. Well my fears were wrong. Last time I worked on OHS Coach had me work on bringing my hands closer in on the bar and that helped a lot. Little did I know that would be my saving grace in all 5 rounds of today’s MetCon. My wrists were fatigued but not in excruciating pain. OHS I have conquered you mentally and physcially…. WOOHOOO… until you get real heavy, sigh! I believe I got 15, 13, 17, 16, 17 for my rounds with the OHS. Doing DUs right after OHS really sucked. My shoulders were tired and I didn’t want to spin the rope around. It took me a little bit to get in a groove and get used to jumping with my OLY shoes. I’m sure I could have done a few more DUs with my regular shoes but then maybe I wouldn’t have been as strong with the OHS. I’ll take the OHS reps over DUs. I believe I got 40, 50, 41, 39, 37 on my DUs, but I can’t recall perfectly. Score: 285. Looks pretty weak amongst the other scores but they all did singles. I didn’t earn an RX either by going 10lbs lighter in the weight so there I sit with my sad 285. I’m ok with it though. I didn’t drop the bar once which I’m notorious for!

21-Day Sugar Detox – Day 2
Yup I survived Day 1. I wasn’t sure that I would. I’m probably hitting the actual water intake that I need because I’m chugging a shit ton every time I want a piece of fruit or something junky. I was struggling on the way home from work yesterday but my Dad’s house had a nice little surprise, GREEN bananas! Thank you baby Jesus, I’m allowed to have a green tipped banana and I needed it! Dinner was Roasted Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower and Spinach Salad. I didn’t manage to get in any salad I just wasn’t hungry.

This morning I had 2 eggs and some Acorn Squash with a dash of cinnamon. So delightful! Then I get to work, review the program and realize I’m not to have ACORN SQUASH! WTH?


I thought I knew this. Clearly I did not and clearly it was too good to be true! I did know that you could have 1/2 sweet potato if you were an Athlete (hehehe, yes I consider myself an Athlete), so I followed up on that and relearned that I could choose from the “Dense Carb” list and whew I’m in the clear. I will however have to forgo the rest of the squash that I had set up for lunch! Chicken and Cauliflower for lunch. I really need to add some green food. I will for dinner. I must!

And that wraps up my Tuesday. I hope everyone is having a fine day. Make it AWESOME, BE AWESOME!

2 thoughts on “Overhead Squats I GOT YOU!

  1. I could not live without squash and sweet potatoes! Are you expected to lose weight with this program? I feel like you need to start eating a ton of meat to keep what you got!

    • Weight loss is an added bonus for me and for the most part good. I’m not sure that everyone experiences a loss though. The first time I did this I lost 7lbs not knowing what or if any weight would go. I was clearly eating too much fruit and honey at the time and stuck in a rut. I was getting stronger but physically not seeing it. NOW for sure I know I’ve gained that back plus some so this time around I do hope I lose some weight. I’m still eating plenty of food just cutting out sugary foods. I eat lots of eggs and meats. I just need to add more greens! I don’t have a magic number to hit, but I know I’m getting bigger and it’s not in all the right places :/ I’m only 5’2 so a little bit of extra NON MUSCLE weight shows up big time. And makes me feel blah mentally. Good thing though that I can have the acorn squash or sweet potato but only on days I’m active and only 1/2 -3/4 cup! It’s only 21 days! I got this 😀

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