Welcome to Slackerville

Yup right here, my little world has become the land of slackers! So if you want to fall off the clean eating wagon, the clean house wagon, the cook dinner wagon, the write your blog wagon …. come right up. All slackers are welcome. Holy cow. The one thing I was holding on to this week was the fact that I was still hitting up the BOOM Box and today I even failed at that. I woke up, turned off alarm instead of hitting snooze and bam, I missed my workout!

The BUSY has taken it’s toll on me. And it’s been clear that it’s chipped away at me for the past couple of months and this week was just the worst of the worst. I write this and know it’s not really all that bad but when you look at how good you know how to be and what a slacker you’ve become it seems extreme. I still have clean meals, I do cook some food and my house isn’t growing black mold or becoming a health hazard – but I feel like everything is just getting sloppier and sloppier. I’ve made several claims of being “good”, doing the sugar detox and just getting my act together and I just can’t seem to find the discipline in me lately. Let’s just hope I find it sooner than later!

As far as workouts go. I’m posting Monday and Tuesdays whiteboards. I can barely remember a few hours ago so I know I can’t detail out the workouts.

10/15/12 WOD

So what you have here is some AWESOMENESS at Back Squat. I felt really good doing these at a relatively heavy weight. The opposite of awesomeness reared it’s ugly head for the MetCon. I only managed to get through minute 3! By minute 4 my right shoulder was DEAD. It HURT. I’m guessing from the wall balls because it didn’t hurt doing American style KB swings. If you didn’t make it through all 10 minutes then you had to run. My shoulder was still killing me and hindering my already slow run. It was a bad MetCon day for me :/

10/16/12 WOD

By the next day I wasn’t feeling my shoulder so much and it didn’t affect me during Deadlifts which like Back Squats on Monday, I felt good doing a relatively heavy weight. Heavy for ME that is. It feels good to feel STRONG! As for the MetCon, the Shoulder Touches worried me. I can’t do the touches so I opted for Handstand rocks. I was afraid that shoulder pain would reappear. I started off great, but about halfway through my shoulder was definitely fading fast. It didn’t get to the point of pain as the day before but it was taking a toll. My saving grace in this MetCon is that I can do DU’s. It’s my one superpower, although a weak superpower, and at least I have it. Final 7 rounds + 15 shoulder touches + 5 DUs

The 21-Day Sugar Detox – Starting OVER

Sadly, my days didn’t get increasingly better. Some days are worse than others and some days I’m super awesome. So instead of just hoping to get back on track, I’ll be starting over. I’m hoping that I start over tomorrow only because I have no dinner planned and can’t promise anything good for dinner. We’ll see and I’ll keep you posted.

Barbells For Boobs
Countdown – 8 days to go. CrossFit Boom is hosting a Barbells For Boobs Fundraiser on Oct. 27th at 6pm. So if you want to see what COMMUNITY is all about in this CrossFit world I love so much, then come and hang with us.

The B4B event is for anyone that would like to donate a few bucks and some muscle soreness. You do not have to be a member of this CrossFit box or any other in order to participate.

You don’t have to work out but you can if you want. We’re doing this for fun and to support Mammograms in Action which helps out uninsured and low income folks to get the proper screenings and diagnostic testing they need. This is a fundraiser so if you would like to donate to the cause then please click here or the link on the right and help us out! Thank you for your support. And special thanks to Jennifer over at from Wine to Weightlifting for your donation!

Moving Forward

That’s all I can do at this point. Chug Chug Chug along. Eat clean, reduce/eliminate sugars and don’t sleep in on BOOM days! Oh ya, clean house, write blog, and cook too! And for all you who I follow daily I’m sorry I haven’t been checking in… just one more item to add to the slacker list!

I hope you all have been staying AWESOME in my absence and pray I find the AWESOME in me real soon! Happy Thursday!!

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Slackerville

  1. Girl, you need to promote that fundraiser more!! 🙂 Put it on Twitter! Put it in every blog post! Facebook! My tiny little contribution isn’t getting you close enough to that goal 😉

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