BuZZy Buzzy BEEE!

Happy Happy Tuesday y’all! If it’s not happy, I hope it gets better for you out there. Before I get to my BOOM Box recap I just wanted to be a quick source of tell it like it is for all of you thinking about leading a healthier lifestyle whether you’re just thinking about it or off and on like I’ve been lately. So it’s also a pop in the head for me, ha! It’s a roller coaster folks but once you ride the roller coaster a few times it’s predictable right? The initial excitement fades away. This means two things to me… YOU GET THE HANG OF IT and learn that it’s not all that bad. OR YOU GET BORED and are ready to MOVE ON …. FORWARD I HOPE. Either way, it takes time to discipline yourself.

It takes time to get consistent. Don’t let little shortcomings get you down. I can’t stress how important it is for everyone to take steps towards a healthier life. EATING CLEAN is the best thing you could do for yourself. Getting past the first 2 weeks of withdrawls will be anywhere from hellish to oh that wasn’t too bad. Making time to do the prep work for meals is WORK. Quit being LAZY! YES it’s that freakin simple! QUIT BEING LAZY! 80% of all you do in effort to be healthy is about NUTRITION. Yes you should move and be active but if that’s what is holding you back then just look at the math. EIGHTY PERCENT of it comes from what you put in your mouth folks. It’s simple.

I’m sure many of the peoples out there are tired of me checking in on Facebook…. oh look she’s at that CrossFit Boom place again. Oh there she is blogging about her workout. WTH did she cook this time. In the same turn I’M SICK OF READING ABOUT PEOPLE’s migraines, head colds, coughs, flu symptoms, sick kids, etc. I know it happens. I know there are people out there with conditions that are beyond their control and I’m not addressing those folks. I’m not saying my kids don’t get a bug every now and then but I can guarantee you that my family and I are not brought down week in and week out with sickness and I would bet a butt ton of money it’s because we are ACTIVE and we EAT pretty CLEAN! We don’t live off of boxed and bagged processed junk. I say junk becuase it’s not food, it’s JUNK. Again we aren’t perfect but it’s not even that I’m tired of reading about people complaining. I’m tired that people don’t do anything about it. They just layer on the feel good meds till whatever sickness passes. Those feel good meds are doing a number of BAD things to your insides. Over time your insides can’t handle it and then you have bigger issues to deal with. Pair that with poor nutrition and your body doesn’t heal. WOW, I get so fired up I just get lost in my thoughts. Take care of YOU! Please! It’s all you have.

Today’s WOD
Even though it was a little warmer this morning it felt more COLD than yesterday! I was not happy but it’s hard to be happy at 5am. I was a little excited for the workout though. LOTS OF CLEANS. I love me some Power Cleans!

Skill/Strength: 3,3,3,3,3 Power Cleans
Well I feel I am best at Power Cleans when it comes to the BAR. So it’s a good morning. The goal in the sets of 3 is to have a HEAVY goal for the last set. So we need to start out heavy too. For me that’s starting around 85lbs with a goal of 105lbs. I’m pretty sure my PR is 100 and it was ugly but don’t quote me on that. Just trying to set a good goal. I managed really well at 85, 90 and 95lbs. I get to my 4th set of 100 and I get it up but it’s a miss for the 2nd rep. NO biggie, I have one more attempt. After a little extra rest I attack the bar get it up, go for the 2nd rep and it’s a NO GO :/ Ah well. At least I got it up twice! Maybe next time. Who would of thunk it… I can clean 100lbs without dying! I was feeling pretty AWESOME at this point. One day 100lbs will be a joke and I’ll be pushing for much grander numbers, but for now I’m happy with where I am at. I need to build that confidence of dropping under the bar!

10/30/12 WOD

MetCon: 4 rounds of 400m run, 12 Power Cleans (85lbs), 2 minute rest
More Power Cleans, and I’m still in a happy place. Internally I was torn between doing 85lbs or dropping the weight because 12 reps  x 4 is A LOT …. in my head, but externally I just stuck with the weight and was going to do it come hell or highwater. You should all know I suck at running by now. I hate it with a great passion. Running is not for me but it’s part of the MetCon so I do it. It took me 2 minutes to run the 400. So far I’ve been pretty consistent. Get back to the bar and it seems to take forever for me to get focused. The cold makes my nose run, I’m a mess. My first round of 12 was sloppy and ugly. Coach broke it down for me in my 2 minute rest, thank goodness for rest and I just played the movement in my head for the rest of my 2 minutes. Off to run again. I felt I ran a little better this time around but I can’t recall my time. I got back and focused on dropping under the bar and having the bar land on my shoulders and I did do much better. I was really trying to do the Cleans UNBROKEN but I failed at 7 reps and had to pick it back up. The 2 minute rest was really beneficial because I don’t think I would make it running. My 3rd run felt even a little better than the 2nd run. It was amazing, but I don’t think I was any faster! For my 3rd set of Cleans I got to 8 or 9 reps then dropped the bar. I just couldn’t hold on to it. My 4th run was SLLLOWWWW. I took off at 16:05 and returned at 18:43 or something like that. I knew I had to make up for it on the Cleans and low and behold I did them UNBROKEN. Time: 19:31. If I could only run better!!!!

Food NOTE: I baked a pumpkin last night. Didn’t have time or energy to puree it, but hopefully I’ll get creative tonight. Stay Tuned!
Have an AWESOME day. I sure am gonna try! Here’s a little video of what’s been living in my house, NOW FINALLY getting removed. Bee AWESOME!

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