Playing Catch Up

Sorry I’ve been MIA. With the holidays and the crazy busy madness of our NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BOUND football team, I’ve been busy! I did manage to stuff my face properly over the long weekend and then proceed to try and kill myself while visiting Pflugerville, TX and drop in at a nearby box. With the excitement of the weekend, the hustle and bustle of trying to plan a trip to Disney and working, I’ve neglected my lil blog! To you, all my readers, I apologize! I’m not slacking out of laziness, I promise!

So let me recap for you the past few days. Like I mentioned I should win awards for how much food I took in on Thursday alone. Not to mention road trip eating the night before and the day after. Seriously, GLUTTONY awards should all go to me! In the middle of all of that I told my chunky butt self I should drop in at DEFIANT CROSSFIT in Round Rock, TX for their 9am post Thanksgiving WOD.

11/23/12 WOD

Boy oh boy what was I smoking? I showed up to a fairly nice sized group. Warm ups weren’t much different from what we do at the BOOM BOX so that was a good start! We then proceeded to do BANDED Sprints. Thankfully only in short distances. Then we worked on wall sits and plank holds. 3 – 1 minute rounds of each movement. That was a butt whoopin! It was the AFTER banded sprints and static holds that concerned me though. It was EVA for the WOD! Thank goodness it was a PARTNER WOD, well thank goodness for me, not my partner. Little did she know I suck at running and pull ups, YUP that’s me, suckaroni! So EVA is 5 rounds for time of 800m run, 30 KB swings (HEAVY) and 30 pullups. Being a team WOD we could split up the work. My partner Angela and I each ran a 400m run together to make up the 800m. We then split KB swings evenly and Pull Ups NOT SO evenly. Coach at the BOOM Box doesn’t allow us to use kipping with banded pull ups and I stayed true. My partner had a little more gas in the tank than I and pulled us through the pull ups. Good thing was I was swing 50lbs overhead in good form. It wasn’t easy but I made it through. Seriously thought I would throw up half way through just from all the foods I had ingested the day before! Overall it was fun hanging out at this box. If you’re in the area, check them out! When I’m back in town I will be sure to drop in again.

Football News

One of my kiddos football teams is going to DISNEY for the Pop Warner National Championships! Wooooo. The boys played in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday and low and behold have a come from behind win of 19-12! They were losing in the first half 12-0 but came back in the 2nd half with a fire in their bellies to play. The reward – 8 nights at Disney World and the chance for the Super Bowl! For those of you following along, I have been asking for donations, and I still am asking. So if you can donate anything to assist our boys with travel funds and food funds you can click here. Thank you for your support! Let’s GO ARLINGTON THUNDER!

Jr. Pee Wee Division II Jefferson Regional Champions – ARLINGTON THUNDER!

11/26/12 WOD
It was all about the SNATCH. Technique, technique, technique! Then it was 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. I feel like I’m good with getting the movement down, it’s when I go past 65 lbs that I’m not good! I know I can get the weight up, I just don’t DROP! It’s like I hit a brick wall and just forget what I’m doing! I managed to get up to 65lbs.

11/26/12 WOD

11/27/12 WOD
Skill/Strength: Kipping
I find that I do kipping well. Just not the pull up part. Today my hands were extra sensitive and hurt like a mofo. Maybe it’s just that it was COLD, my hands were dry and the bar was COLD! I was no bueno this morning on the bar.

11/27/12 WOD

MetCon: EMOM for 10 minutes, 6 burpees, 1/MU or 3 CTB or 6 pullups. If you don’t complete a round then it’s a penalty of 10 HR Push Ups! WOOO, I know how this is all gonna go down. LOTS of PUSH UPS for me! I got through the first 3 rounds before losing all the juice. I was managing 4 pullups per minute instead of the mandated 6. It was horrible! So my penalty 70 HR PUSH UPS! My shoulders are jelly jelly!

My apologies again for the blogging delay! Busy Busy Bee over here. Thanks for sticking with me and waiting patiently. I can’t promise you much the rest of the week or next week. If I get a workout in tomorrow then you’ll hear from me then. So if I’m quiet it’s not because I’m hiding, just taking care of business! You know the drill, have a good day, week, etc. and BE FREAKIN AWESOME!!! CYBER MONDAY SALE

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Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Where oh where has this year gone? I am truly Thankful for just surviving day in and day out. That I’m blessed with my GREAT family and even you might think I’m just too whiny on this good ol blog that I’m really not that much of a downer! I enjoy everything and everyone in my life. I hope everyone does take the time to reflect on their blessings whether they be small or large. Happy Thanksgiving!

Now onto my BOOM Box morning of which I am thankful for as well. Being a CrossFit Junkie is made much easier when you love your box and the people in it. It’s not a chore to get up at 5am and get my butt whooped. I look forward to it unless of course my muscles are dying then I’m a little scared!

Skill/Strength: Press 5, 5, 5
Goal here was to get close to your max by your last set. I know my max is 70lbs… been stuck here forever and not sure why! But it is what it is. So after warming up I started at 55lbs. Not so bad. Moved up to 60lbs and still not so bad. Went for 65lbs for my last set and even then I only struggled on the last 2 but still “knew” I would get it up. Now I’m curious as to what my new PR could be!

11/21/12 WOD

MetCon: 100 KB swings (1POOD), 75 Jumping Air Squats and 50 Hand Release Push Ups
Seriously?!? My hips and legs are smoked from KAREN and 1.5 miles of running…errr… walking/jogging. We did work on some hip mobility but after doing the 100KB swings I was definitely fatigued. I knocked out 55 UNBROKEN, then started losing the forearms. Took a small break, knocked out 5, 15, 25. Don’t even get me started on the Jumping Air Squats. I was smoked. My legs are dead, my hips are dead and now my back is chiming in. Took me a lot longer than it probably should have if I were feeling 100% but I chipped away. Finally got to the HR Push Ups. I feel like I knocked these out alright. About halfway through my right shoulder started shouting at me but that’s gonna happen! Time: 11:14

On another note: Some giveaways may be on the horizon so there’s something to be excited about! Wooooo for free stuff!

Have a fabulous Holiday Weekend! Be AWESOME and support Pop Warner Football Team Arlington Thunder if you can… right here!

Tore Up!

From the FLOOR UP! My apologies for being MIA. With that said I should have taken another REST day cause I am SMOKED! So I didn’t post anything for y’all on Friday because I didn’t hit up the BOOM Box till that evening. And my weekend was swamped. I also didn’t get to BOOM yesterday morning cause my body was still trying to recover from Friday! It’s a short week I know, no time to be missing but I hope to make Monday up tomorrow! And what was waiting for me this morning was pure insanity. I should have stayed in bed!

Let us first recap FRIDAY! In my slackerness I forgot to take a picture of the board. Well it wasn’t so much slackerness, the Metcon just wiped me out and I was a bit delirious and TORE UP! I can’t express in words how beat down I was mentally and physically!

11/16/12 Skill/Strength: Floor Press 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
Since I was working out in the evening I was definitely awake and not dragging as much. Whenever we do singles like this Coach definitely wants us to push our 1RM. I’ve never really recorded a 1RM. After looking back I had a 5RM at 75lbs at some point managed to get 85lbs in. On Friday I wasn’t sure. So I started at 75lbs and worked my way up. By my 4th round I was at 95lbs. That wasn’t so bad and now I know that’s a PR. My partner Jennifer, who is crazy strong, jumped up to 105lbs for her last rep and encouraged me to jump up too. For a second I thought I had it but I just couldn’t muster the bar up. I don’t know if I would have got 100lbs but that was my last rep. I know next time I will get it!

MetCon: 15 minute AMRAP of 1 Power Clean (115lbs), 5 Deadlifts (115lbs)
Same thing here not knowing for certain what my 1RM was for PowerClean. I know it’s less than 115 and Coach wanted us to go heavy. After warming up, I worked my way up to 105lbs. AFTER looking it up today, I’ve documented myself in an OLY class at 105lbs so that’s what I got. I did attempt 115lbs but that didn’t work out!

I was stoked for the AMRAP to start. I got that bar up, 105lbs for the Deadlift is pretty light and then the 2nd round was WOMP WOMP! I struggled for the first 4 rounds trying to clean the bar and wasted a lot of time freakin out in my brain. So coach had me drop to 95lbs and that was much easier but by then I’d wasted so much time I was mentally DEFEATED! And my back was smoked and so was every other part of me! I ended up with 19 rounds. That my friends is 19 Power Cleans and 95 Deadlifts! Little did I know this would slowly kill me all weekend.

It didn’t help that I had to drive to Oklahoma City the following morning at 5am and back after our football game on Saturday. SITTING is NO BUENO for the back. On Sunday I wasn’t feeling much better at all and by the time Monday morning rolled around it still hurt to much to roll out of bed.

11/20/12 WOD
This morning it wasn’t painful to get out of bed but I knew KAREN with some added running was waiting for me. I mean really KAREN, I don’t know anyone that wants to do that. 100% of me wanted to call it a day and not show up but I know better and I drug my pathetic self in. Before KAREN we worked on Power Snatch. Mostly we worked on technique. If you know anything about this lift then you KNOW it’s all about technique!!! I think towards the end I was feeling good with it but I only stayed at 55lbs.

11/20/12 WOD

MetCon: Red Gate Run, 150 Wall Balls, Red Gate Run
Post WOD Coach made a comment about my 10lb MED BALL. YA I probably should have used the 14 pounder but have I told you I’m TOAST?!!?? My back, my legs, my HIPS! So if I was going to survive the RUNNING and the WALL BALLS then 10lbs it was gonna be! My run sucked. I could feel every step in my back. Then my hips, then a side stitch! I felt pitiful. It took me about 9 minutes to go about 3/4 miles! That is HORRIBLE! Then we gotta chip away at wall balls. It took about 4 rounds of 10 before the side stitch went away or maybe I finally blocked out the pain. I did 15 sets of 10 with the wall balls. It took me a little over 10 minutes, I’m not sure on the exact time. Then the RUNNING! My legs were dead, my back is more dead, my hips are on FIRE. I’ll be honest, I walked most of that last run. It was terrible. Time: 32:25 SUCKY but hey at least I showed up despite all my desire not to show up! Not sure what tomorrow will bring but I’m guessing it will be brutal.

In other news: It’s kinda sorta my 1 YEAR BLOGGING BIRTHDAY! I started this bad boy on Nov. 18th, 2011 and looky looky I’m still here. Sometimes a bit boring or a bit cry baby and sometimes a bit BAD ASS AND AWESOME, whatever it is you all have shared my journey and I THANK YOU ALL for sticking with me. Hopefully I’m some sort of inspiration or even comedic entertainment to everyone. Even if I’m not I’ll still be here, typing away day in and day out! Let’s hope I get better at this in the next year!

Food News: I SUCK. The end.

I hope everyone has been doing well. I feel lost not being on my best blogging behavior! We are swamped with football which by the way is going great! WE are 1 game away from the National Championships in Florida! Wooooo. GOOO THUNDER!!! You can donate here if you are in the giving spirit! Other than that just BE AWESOME and have a beautiful day!!!

Pistols, Dead Hangs and Burpees

Will I ever be able to do a Pistol (ONE LEGGED SQUAT) with ease? I feel that will never happen. My right leg is my most hopeful and I aspire to be a PISTOL-PRO one day but I don’t know that my left leg and more importantly my left IT band will ever allow me to do so. We worked on Pistols and the progressions that go with it this morning. And it’s not like pull ups where I DREAD working on them, it’s just frustrating that it’s not an easy movement for me! You can google Pistols and CrossFit and see people all over doing them.

They do them with a barbell overhead, they do them balancing on things such as kettlebells and they are done balancing on kettlebells with a barbell overhead! Seriously? My feet would die. My body would just collapse! Anyone else in my boat? Probalby not! Y’all are all a bunch of PISTOL freaks aren’t ya?

MetCon: 10 minutes of 3 Burpees EMOM and Sit Up Holds and Dead Hangs with remainder of minute alternating minutes.
I really wasn’t sure how to gauge this workout. 3 burpees at a time, not a problem. Probably the only time I’ll think burpees are just fine. Sit up hold on odd minutes, not a problem. DEAD HANGs – Houston we have a problem! I’m not the best at hanging from a bar. My hands are delicate like a flower.

My grip is at best laughable. I was worried. Scores were based on drops. So in this case LOW score is good, HIGH score is bad! 5 minutes of Dead Hangs though, I should have this in the bag. Plus there’s burpees so it’s not even a whole minute right? Well I really had to work the whole mindset and just try to find a happy place and I did just that for the first 2 Dead Hang minutes, then on the 3rd I had to drop about 20 seconds in. My hands were dying. On the 4th round I went strong and held on for dear life but my brain left me stranded on the last round and I dropped probably 15 seconds in. I’ll have to admit this was probably my best in regards to pushing out pain and just finding a peace. It still hurt like a MO’FO though. My score was 2. I’m alright with that.

11/15/12 WOD

Food News: Still eating good but still eating like crap as well. I’m really blaming this on the time change, cooler weather and football wearing me out. I have been cooking good foods but also making poor food choices in the evenings. It’s so damn hard mentally for me right now. Feel free to come pop me in the back of the head and tell me to straighten up. It’s a necessary evil!

It’s be Thursday and almost the weekend! Hope y’all have been enjoying your fall! It’s the perfect time to take long walks, play outside with your kids or friends. Go play Disc Golf or a friendly game of football at the park! And you know it …. Be Awesome!

I’m done with the COLD already

And it’s only just begun! I know it’s only the second morning with temps in the 30s but it makes it really hard to get out of bed! And it makes it really hard to want to go hit the box early in the A.M.!

Skill/Strength: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 Back Squat
The goal was to start heavy and work towards a PR. If any of you recall I had an “accidental” PR with my squat cause I’m a dingleberry who used her DEADLIFT max to base her SQUAT %! Who does that? Yup that’s right – me :/ So I got a 10lb PR at 155lbs. This morning I set up my attempts so that 150lbs was my 3rd squat. That was fine so I decided to go for 160lbs on my 4th rep. FAIL-EO! I still felt like I had it in me so I went for my 5th rep at 160lbs again. Coach had to give me like an ounce of support for me to get up. I know I can do it without that but today it didn’t happen! Finally I’m making gains, and I LIKE IT!

11/13/12 WOD

MetCon: FRAN (collective sigh, grunt, etc.)
If you have no clue about CrossFit then you don’t know how brutal FRAN can be! FRAN is a dirty girl workout and a well known benchmark for CrossFitters all over. It’s 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pullups. And it’s a go balls to the wall kind of workout! The really great folks have this workout COMPLETED in the 2 minute range. I don’t even think I can DREAM of such achievements anytime soon. For me it’s band assisted pull ups that I STILL suck at and typically I can do the RX 65lb Thruster but I’m still having shoulder issues so I was given 15lb dumbbells. I was able to do all the Thrusters unbroken, if it were otherwise then I think something would seriously be wrong with me. Unfortunately I was not able to do Pull Ups unbroken, those are miserable and the BAR was FREEZING! Time: 7:50

It’s a REST DAY tomorrow. I’m hoping I can catch up on some cooking/cleaning that needs to get done. I know I’ve been slacking at the posts but we’ve been so busy and I don’t have any wonderful INSPIRATION or RECIPES for you at the moment. And I feel I can only tell everyone to SUCK IT UP, TOUGHEN UP and DO SOMETHING GOOD for YOURSELF like EATING CLEAN and LIFTING HEAVY SHIT before you all run away cause you are sick and tired of those kinds of posts. At this point I wish I could just hibernate till Spring! Until Thursday…. BE AWESOME!

Dear Airdyne,

I do not like you and I do not wish to be friends with you. You are a cruel machine. Anything that looks like a bike should not be torture like the torture that you are.

Kind Regards,


So this morning at the BOOM Box we worked on mobility then had a MetCon that was described as being FUN! Let me tell you it was no where near FUN! It consisted of 3 rounds of 1 minute Airdyne, 30 sec rest, 1 minute Rowing, 30 sec rest, 1 minute of Shuttle, 30 sec rest. It’s been a while since we have used the Airdyne in our workouts and I got on that thing ready to go. 30 seconds in I hit a brick wall reinforced with steel bars! I had no more UMPH! It took everything I had to strap my feet in for the row. I suck at rowing in addition to sucking at the airdyne! I can’t find the rhythm or the technique. Walked over to do the shuttle but once 3, 2, 1 GO and you take off running you realize your legs are JELLO! The second and third rounds of the Airdyne left me on the verge of puking my guts out. I got a little better on the rowing and I gradually slowed on the runs. Overall it was a complete butt whoopin! We counted calories burned and shuttle lengths for score. Grand Total: 139

11/12/12 WOD

In other news: Still eating like crap, well over the weekend! Today was good. Played some Whirlyball which is a blast. If you don’t know what it is GOOGLE it. And some laser tag. I haven’t played laser tag since high school well because I sucked at it the one time I played. I learned this weekend that I’m a NINJA laser tag player! It was very AWESOME!

In personal news: One of my kid’s football teams has been doing really great in playoffs and we are headed to Florida for the National Championship! We are not rich people and it costs a lot so we are fundraising the best we know how as a team. We have a team website and if you can/will/want … I’m begging, seriously begging … then please click on the link and donate. I know I ask for a lot from you all and I get it if you can’t help out. But I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask 😀 PRETTY PLEASE!

That’s it for today! Sorry for the late post! Been a busy bee! Hope your day was AWESOME! Stay AWESOME! See you tomorrow!

Thrusters+Burpees May Cause Death PART 2!

I’m telling you putting those movements together is a freakin BEATDOWN! Thrusters in general takes every ounce out of you mentally and physically and well burpees are just no fun! Back in May we did a Thruster/Burpee combo and it was bad! Make it TABATA like we did today and sheesh you will be lying down in a puddle of sweat at the end.

MetCon: TABATA Thrusters, TABATA Lateral Burpees, Rest 5 minutes, REPEAT
We didn’t have a Skill/Strength portion of the morning but we did work on Mobility. We did some painful things to our shoulders with the barbell though. It was well worth it too. In our quest for ridding pain by causing pain, I realize my right shoulder is just not feeling much better. I work on some other banded torture and although it got a little better I was still having issues with the bar overhead.

11/9/12 WOD

Coach brought me some dumbbells to use instead of the bar for the Thrusters. They were only 12lbs but considering my shoulder was killing me this was the best idea. The way my arms/shoulders are positioned holding dumbbells vs the bar was less stress on the shoulder which was fantastic. But don’t let lighter weight fool you.

THRUSTERS are an ass kicker. By the time you get to Burpees, it’s just a relief to throw yourself on the ground. But that relief fades soon because Burpees are life draining! We took total count of our reps and for the first round I hit 83 reps total. My whole body was JELLO! I was happy for our 5 minute rest! I knew I’d have to best or equal my reps so I went as hard as I could for Thrusters. About half way through I lost power fast! I still managed to come ahead in rep count for this second round. With Burpees I really tried to just keep moving. It was hard by the last two rounds. I finished the 2nd round with 97 reps! WOOOHOO. Total of 180. Remember I only had 12lb dumbbells vs the RX 65lb barbell. I’m sure I would have a much lower count otherwise.

I was definitely WODdrunk post workout. Good way to end the week! I’ll be MIA for the Community WOD that is tomorrow @ 9am. But if you’re free and want to have some BOOM Box fun then just show up! There will be plenty of friendly folks there!

Have an AWESOME weekend with your AWESOME self!

Day of Blah!

It’s just one of those days where you just rather crawl back into bed, call in sick and sleep or watch mindless tv. Too bad that I can’t just do that. I probably COULD but it wouldn’t be a wise decision in general. I also made the mistake of weighing myself and that does no good for anybody if you know it’s probably going to be bad.

I’ve been feeling thick, heavy, squishy, etc. And as good as I have been not worrying about the “number” on the scale I just couldn’t help myself. Backslider I am! I know why I did it…I’m having a hard time cleaning up dinners and also probably not eating enough in the day. And I totally splurged at my kids fundraiser last night at CiCi’s pizza. Over a year I haven’t been in a place like that and what do I do? Chow down like it’s a show down! And it’s not even GOOD! Wasn’t even worth it. So in my guilt I figured I’d weigh. WHY? Cause misery loves company. Even after the BOOM Box I still sit here feeling bleh.

Skill/Strength: Muscle Up Practice
I’m nowhere near a Muscle Up but coach made a good point that the progression work we do applies to a lot of different movements. It’s not like I don’t know that but sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of that when all you read is MU practice. I can do one thing at a time but when it comes to piecing it all together my brain goes wonky!

11/7/12 WOD

MetCon: HELEN – 3 rounds of 400m run, 21 KB Swings, 12 Pullups
This is my second time to do Helen. It was over a year ago and believe it or not I documented it. I used a black (THICK) band for pullups and a tiny Kettlebell. This time around I used 1POOD for the KB and did ring rows instead of pullups. If it weren’t for sucking at the runs I probably would have fared better. One day I won’t be writing about being horrible at running, I just have no will to want to be better at it at the moment. It obviously doesn’t help I was a piglet last night. Last year’s results: 14:17 This years results: 12:00 I seriously thought I would have fared better. I couldn’t remember my time from last year so it was a good thing I at least beat it! But after looking back I wish I had done A LOT BETTER instead of just better. Helen we shall meet again and hopefully it will be RX’d! and FASTER!

Foods: So I shared my major fail and I still can’t manage to clean everything up in general. I’m much better and getting closer to what my once disciplined self was but still not there yet. And in my whole struggle my oldest kiddo declared last night he knows he needs to straighten up the foods he eats and wants to do strict paleo starting Friday! I was like REALLY? STRICT? He says yes and well he’s 13 so that could change but just that little bit of enthusiasm helps me want to get back to being disciplined. I don’t know why mentally I just want to rebel but I do and I guess I’m finally getting over it. I had the scale to help me along. I guess it’s just a phase and it’s not the end of the world and I know it’s not hard to do the right things and I still manage to eat clean a good majority of the time. I’m just hard on myself which is part of it. I’m responsible for me and I have to own it. I need to tighten up the dinners and weekends and I’m good.

Now I just need a nap. In addition to eating poorly I slept poorly. I decided staying up late and watching American Horrow Story and Nashville were better options than SLEEP and now I am paying for it. Let’s all hold hands and pray that I get some sleep and stop eating crappy dinners! Hahah, THANKS! It’s almost FRIDAY folks! Let’s BE AWESOME!


I wish it was AM-BADASS-ORSHIP but it’s not, haha. Good news to share is that I was chosen to be a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador. What does this mean and why is it cool or why should you care? Well I guess you don’t have to care at all but here is what it’s all about (from their website):

Girls Gone Sporty – Helping you “Live the Sporty Life!”What is the “sporty life”? It’s more than just fitness and nutrition; it’s an attitude that’s focused on embracing fun and adventure. The sporty woman says, “I can do anything I put my mind to, I just need the resources to do it.” That’s where Girls Gone Sporty comes in. Owned and operated by Laura Williams, a self-proclaimed “sporty girl” and her husband Lance Williams (an equally sporty guy), Girls Gone Sporty is dedicated to sharing the top products, trends and ideas for advancing the fit and adventurous lifestyle.

I applied because fellow blogger Jenn over at had become an Ambassador and shared what it was all about. After some research I really felt that I was in line with their ideas and thoughts so I applied. Hopefully I can meet even more ladies who blog and grow my little world of spreading health and fitness love. Thank you Girls Gone Sporty for choosing me!

Boom Box 11/6/12
Skill/Strength: 5 Negative Pull Up Hangs with 1 minute rest in between (Boooo, a necessary evil I know but I suck at all things pull up) and Front Rolls
As most of you know, I pretty much feel that I am not capable of doing pull ups. I’m sure I can but mentally I don’t feel that I will ever accomplish this goal. I know it’s in my head and I know I don’t put in the effort that I should but I’m still gonna complain! I felt that I did 3 out of the 5 attempts better than normal. So that must be a good thing RIGHT?!? After that torture we worked on Front Rolls. Believe it or not it hasn’t been since I was a little kid since I’ve done these. I used to go to a Boxing Gym and did workouts there. They’d have us roll around get up throw punches, roll more, throw more punches etc. to simulate getting worn down after a 3 minute round in the ring. It wasn’t so bad then and not so bad now. Just not used to rolling much these days.

11/6/12 WOD

MetCon: 30 seconds of each: HR Push Ups, 1 Front Roll, Burpee, Rest, Jumping Air Squat, 1 Front Roll, Burpees, Rest, Med Ball Situps, 1 Front Roll, Burpees
This was short and sweet. And with that said I was pretty sluggish. I just didn’t have any ounce in my bounce. We counted total reps for our score and I came in miserable with a count of 65.

We had some time left over and worked on skills and mobility that we felt we needed work on. So I chose to work on freestanding Handstands. I am capable but my hold time isn’t that great. After that Josh was working on jump rope skills and looked like he was going to attempt backwards double unders. So I thought I’d give it a go and whaddaya know I can string at least 2 together backwards! Hahah. Not a major feat I know, but it was fun trying.

Foods: Last night I finally got my head on straight in prepping some good foods for the week. Ernie snapped a pic for me. I know, I still need more greens! I have broccoli and kale in the fridge I just have to cook it! What you see in the pic below is grass fed roast, grass fed steak, mash cauli, cubed sweet potatoes, asparagus, acorn squash and spaghetti squash. That should be enough for 2 or 3 lunches.

Happy Election Day folks! There’s free food badness out there if you voted today and have your sticker to prove it, i.e. Taco Bell, Einstein Bros. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! LOL don’t go there though. I resisted but just in case you’re up for an indulgence. Enjoy your Tuesday and remember to be AWESOME!