I’ve made it to 200 posts. It’s not monumental I know but for me it’s pretty cool. I started blogging almost a year ago and with my track record of starting things and not following through I wasn’t certain I’d keep it up. But alas I have! I started out pretty much doing it for me and documenting my workouts, food, etc. Also hoping some friends, acquaintances or even random strangers would be inspired to find the Healthy Balance in their life. As time went on and people, REAL people, started reading and giving me some blog love and feedback. It was great and this blog became more than just my public diary.

I’m a small speck of dust in the grand scheme of life but I’m not unlike thousands of other folks out there who just live an ordinary life that’s chock full of kids, events, work, struggling, etc. I have nothing unique to offer the world. I’m not saving lives, starting non profits, writing books, or even traveling the world trying to bring water to 3rd world countries. I don’t have a serious life threatening disease or sickness. I don’t have a special story. I’m a mom, who has struggled with weight loss and single parenting. After I used every excuse (no money, no babysitter, no time, plus whatever else you can imagine) in the book as to why I couldn’t work out or eat healthy I finally said enough is enough. It’s sad that it took my mother’s funeral to put me in that place. I wasn’t morbidly obese or on the verge of homelessness but I wasn’t in a good place. Having to shop for “funeral” clothes and not finding anything that fits just flat out made me cry. Is that petty and ridiculous? Probably so but that’s sparked a change in me. It’d be nice if people didn’t have to get to a “low” to realize they need change. It took me 9 months after I chose to change to realize I should be writing down my journey. Again, I’m not changing the world I KNOW this. Just hoping to be relatable. I always used to get so angry at shows like the BIGGEST LOSER or EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER. Not that I didn’t like them or that they weren’t tear jerking but why can’t there be the “I’m 30-50 lbs overweight and I need help” show? Why can’t there be a “I do the right thing, I’m employed, I pay my bills but I can’t afford to fix my car/house/etc, so can you help me fix the hole in my roof” show. Well because that’s BORING, it doesn’t make good TV. So there’s no one to help you but you. Drop the excuses and just do something, anything to take that step towards getting physically active and towards eating healthy.

Hopefully in this blog you have found inspiration, comic relief and understanding that we all have great characteristics that makes us AWESOME, that we all have faults, we all have success and we all failure. I hope you stick around for the next year and I hope that I can step up this blog somehow. Not sure how I plan to do that, but that is a goal. Cause truthfully I would like to be doing more to motivate and help people. But at this point my kids are my priority!

In other news, I chose to take today as my REST day because I was tired. Believe you me, I needed sleep. I was passed out before 10 and slept through alarms that went off later than my normal BOOM Box alarm. Good news is that I got a FULL 8 hours of sleep! Amazing! There isn’t a Community WOD tomorrow but I may take the time to get some sprints in, make the kids do them with me too! We’ll see!

And I’ve put this off but not any longer.  A couple of weeks ago I was given the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” by Sam over at Life is Bangin’. This award entails giving your readers some insight into you, and nominating others to do the same. While this award is ever-changing, depending on whose site you are nominated from, I have been presented with the task of listing 7 things about myself, then nominating 15 fellow blogs to do the same. Sam thought 15 was a bit excessive, and it is to me too, so I went with less.

7 things about me

1. If you know me you know this. I have 3 BOYS. They are my world. They keep me insane, happy, crazed, young, and happy.

2. I have a boyfriend who chooses to stay involved in our insane world and does his best to be there for all of us. Although right now his best is **coughcough–eating junk foods_coughcough* which doesn’t help me! Jokes, it’s not his fault just not helping!

3. I have an insane addiction to CrossFit but you should gather that already. I’ve worked out to many programs, dvds, classes, etc. CrossFit is my crack!

4. I’m a graphic designer in the real world.

5. I love animals and would own a zoo if I could.

6. I wish I could be a Rock Star. I love to rock out to RockBand but would never take my non singing skills public.

7. I miss my mom.

I was supposed to pay it forward and give the award to blogs I love. Well I’ve kept my blog world to a minimum and always give them shout outs… such as Martha, Jenn, Sam, CultFit, and Christen. I’ve delayed the pay it forwad to give me time to find new people to include in my blogosphere. I’ve essentially been stalking other blogs, not really “following” them officially but taking peeks here and there and liking what their up to. So check these folks out:






Have a great weekend y’all! And here’s a little PSA: It’s time for a CHANGE. TIME CHANGE that is – FALL BACK! Don’t forget to be AWESOME!

7 thoughts on “200!

  1. Yayyy!!! Congrats on leveling up in the blog world! 😉 I think you should do 200 burpees or something to celebrate your 200th post! 😉

    I agree on the just wanting to be relateable.. that’s why I like blogs like yours- you keep it real. And it’s not always sunshine and rainbows 🙂 But you rock, girl!
    Keep on posting!

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