Dear Airdyne,

I do not like you and I do not wish to be friends with you. You are a cruel machine. Anything that looks like a bike should not be torture like the torture that you are.

Kind Regards,


So this morning at the BOOM Box we worked on mobility then had a MetCon that was described as being FUN! Let me tell you it was no where near FUN! It consisted of 3 rounds of 1 minute Airdyne, 30 sec rest, 1 minute Rowing, 30 sec rest, 1 minute of Shuttle, 30 sec rest. It’s been a while since we have used the Airdyne in our workouts and I got on that thing ready to go. 30 seconds in I hit a brick wall reinforced with steel bars! I had no more UMPH! It took everything I had to strap my feet in for the row. I suck at rowing in addition to sucking at the airdyne! I can’t find the rhythm or the technique. Walked over to do the shuttle but once 3, 2, 1 GO and you take off running you realize your legs are JELLO! The second and third rounds of the Airdyne left me on the verge of puking my guts out. I got a little better on the rowing and I gradually slowed on the runs. Overall it was a complete butt whoopin! We counted calories burned and shuttle lengths for score. Grand Total: 139

11/12/12 WOD

In other news: Still eating like crap, well over the weekend! Today was good. Played some Whirlyball which is a blast. If you don’t know what it is GOOGLE it. And some laser tag. I haven’t played laser tag since high school well because I sucked at it the one time I played. I learned this weekend that I’m a NINJA laser tag player! It was very AWESOME!

In personal news: One of my kid’s football teams has been doing really great in playoffs and we are headed to Florida for the National Championship! We are not rich people and it costs a lot so we are fundraising the best we know how as a team. We have a team website and if you can/will/want … I’m begging, seriously begging … then please click on the link and donate. I know I ask for a lot from you all and I get it if you can’t help out. But I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask 😀 PRETTY PLEASE!

That’s it for today! Sorry for the late post! Been a busy bee! Hope your day was AWESOME! Stay AWESOME! See you tomorrow!

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