Pistols, Dead Hangs and Burpees

Will I ever be able to do a Pistol (ONE LEGGED SQUAT) with ease? I feel that will never happen. My right leg is my most hopeful and I aspire to be a PISTOL-PRO one day but I don’t know that my left leg and more importantly my left IT band will ever allow me to do so. We worked on Pistols and the progressions that go with it this morning. And it’s not like pull ups where I DREAD working on them, it’s just frustrating that it’s not an easy movement for me! You can google Pistols and CrossFit and see people all over doing them.

They do them with a barbell overhead, they do them balancing on things such as kettlebells and they are done balancing on kettlebells with a barbell overhead! Seriously? My feet would die. My body would just collapse! Anyone else in my boat? Probalby not! Y’all are all a bunch of PISTOL freaks aren’t ya?

MetCon: 10 minutes of 3 Burpees EMOM and Sit Up Holds and Dead Hangs with remainder of minute alternating minutes.
I really wasn’t sure how to gauge this workout. 3 burpees at a time, not a problem. Probably the only time I’ll think burpees are just fine. Sit up hold on odd minutes, not a problem. DEAD HANGs – Houston we have a problem! I’m not the best at hanging from a bar. My hands are delicate like a flower.

My grip is at best laughable. I was worried. Scores were based on drops. So in this case LOW score is good, HIGH score is bad! 5 minutes of Dead Hangs though, I should have this in the bag. Plus there’s burpees so it’s not even a whole minute right? Well I really had to work the whole mindset and just try to find a happy place and I did just that for the first 2 Dead Hang minutes, then on the 3rd I had to drop about 20 seconds in. My hands were dying. On the 4th round I went strong and held on for dear life but my brain left me stranded on the last round and I dropped probably 15 seconds in. I’ll have to admit this was probably my best in regards to pushing out pain and just finding a peace. It still hurt like a MO’FO though. My score was 2. I’m alright with that.

11/15/12 WOD

Food News: Still eating good but still eating like crap as well. I’m really blaming this on the time change, cooler weather and football wearing me out. I have been cooking good foods but also making poor food choices in the evenings. It’s so damn hard mentally for me right now. Feel free to come pop me in the back of the head and tell me to straighten up. It’s a necessary evil!

It’s be Thursday and almost the weekend! Hope y’all have been enjoying your fall! It’s the perfect time to take long walks, play outside with your kids or friends. Go play Disc Golf or a friendly game of football at the park! And you know it …. Be Awesome!

One thought on “Pistols, Dead Hangs and Burpees

  1. Interesting WOD!
    And holy heck, those pistols.. I did them last night.. bodyweight ones, and my quads are killing like mad today! I have NO idea how people do the complete movement, let alone do it with weights!! Ahh!!

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