See Food, Eat Food, REPEAT


$@!$##%&*^$@#@! I can’t stop eating. Let me rephrase, I CAN’T STOP EATING CRAP! I’m in a downward spiral of bad eating. I definitely don’t need a scale to tell me how much I’ve gained. My bloated self in my ever shrinking clothes tell me daily and yet daily I stuff my face with badness. Just a little less than 2 years ago I kicked that shit in the face and now here I am eating for what? Not my health. Just eating! Is that what happens? A relapse. Back to my old self. I can’t let it go on anymore that’s for damn sure! And OH how quick the weight comes back. It sure doesn’t want to shed off that fast. It takes weeks…months even to meet the tiniest weight loss goals. But start stuffing your face and all the pounds jump right back on and get comfortable. I can’t continue to regress and be the old me. I gotta nip this in the bud and move on. Come on folks. I need some motivation. I’ve lost it!


At least I’m still showing up to put work in at the box but I know it’s not enough. Last week was a struggle and a mental beatdown. This week is a little discombobulated due to Christmas! Which by the way was good. How was y’alls? I hope you got to hang with your loved ones and enjoy life. I ate a lot, but you KNOW this already! Back to putting in work though right? Well we had a nifty little Christmas Eve WOD – 12 Days of BOOM! And we could choose to partner up or go solo. Hehe, I’m not about to do anything of the sort on my own so I partnered up. I failed to take a picture but here was the workout:

2 Pull-ups
3 Over The Box jumps 24/20”
4 OHS 95/65
5 Burpees
6 Push Press 95/65#
7 Jumping Airsquats
8 Knees to Elbows
9 Wall-Balls
10 KBS 1.5/1
12 Front Squats 95/65#

Kind of like the song , 12 days of Christmas, we did 1 HSPU, then 1 HSPU and 2 Pull Ups then 1 HSPU, 2 Pull Ups, 3 Over the Box Jumps, then 1, 2, 3 and 4 OHS. Rinse and repeat and add up to 12. My partner probably did more of the work but I really tried to do my part. All the gross foods draggin me down! We came in 3rd I believe at 22:01. Not too bad. The only upside to bad eating is that I feel I have to push harder to prove bad eating doesn’t slow me down. We all know it does but I can pretend right?!?


After Christmas Eve, we had a 2 day hiatus from the BOOM BOX. Arrived this morning to a chill BOX temperature of 37°. Really warm and welcoming! Every joint, muscle, and tendon was froze in my body. It doesn’t take long to warm up but 20° weather isn’t fun at all. Where’s my summer heat? I need you!

Skill/Strength: Pull Up work, Muscle Up Work
The bar was cold and working on kipping sucked. I tried using a pair of the kids football gloves to help keep my hands from freezing. They just made my skin hurt. It was a lose/lose situation. I typically think I do OKAY with the kipping but today I just didn’t have much in me. The extra LBS and the coldness was in my head. I was just glad for it to be over. Although it wasn’t going to get much better for the rest of the hour.

12/27/12 WOD

12/27/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 minutes AMRAP of 200m run, 15 Toes To Bar, rest 2 minutes 5 minutes AMRAP of 200m run, 15 HR Push Ups
Come on Coach you know it’s cold outside! My face was burning from the cold! It doesn’t make me run faster because it’s cold outside. I really did try to get in and out but holy geesh when my insides are freezing from all the cold air, I just couldn’t go fast. My TTB ended up being Knees to Elbows, kind of, sort of. I made it through 1 round and 1 run. It was ugly. The second round was a LITTLE BETTER as I can do PUSH UPS with a little more ease than anything hanging from the bar. I only said I did a little better. It was so hard to breathe after the first run. My nose is running and impairing my breathing. I made it through two full rounds, went out for a 3rd run but didn’t make it back in time so it doesn’t count. Sad Sad Sad.


That’s it for today y’all. It’s cold, I’m a mess and I need food help! I apologize for the depressing post. Last week was looking up by Friday and now it’s all blah all over again. There’s a big ol defrosted free range chicken waiting at home to be cooked. The good food is there, I’ve just been choosing to ignore it. Gotta put my blinders back and get to work! I’m scared to jump on the SUGAR DETOX but I have to do it. I will DO IT. And I will be AWESOME at it! Have an amazing day and let your awesome shine!


It’s Friday People!


Finally after a few days of draggin at the box I was finally feeling close to my old self. I wasn’t dreading going in this morning even though it was soooo cold and I was better prepared to just do work.

Skill/Strength: Overhead Squat
It was mostly a warm up for the MetCon that was waiting for us. It’s been a while since I’ve done any OHS and over time I’ve learned to get comfortable with this movement. This morning my comfort level dropped as I added weight. It didn’t help that my forearms were tight from the KB Snatch yesterday and it really didn’t help that the BAR was F(uh)RRRREEEZZZIIIINNNNGGGG!

12/21/12 WOD

12/21/12 WOD

MetCon: 10 minute AMRAP: 60 Bar Facing Burpees, 30 OHS, 10 MU
This makes me laugh cause SERIOUSLY I’m not even getting 1 ROUND of that insanity! Although it is totally doable. Now the RX was 90lbs which is my 1RM. In my weak state I thought I might get to 75lbs but stayed at 65lbs to be safe. And that was a good idea. I wasn’t all that composed after doing the 60 burpees and I struggled at 65lbs. Overall I felt I paced my burpees out well. I had 4 minutes left for OHS and for me RING ROWS instead of Muscle Ups. I thought I got this. I can make it through 1 round at least! OHS got me today folks. I couldn’t find a rhythm, I never found my happy place and I struggled. I fought for 20 reps before time ran out. Not too down this morning though, I kept steady on the burpees which is not typicaly for me. Typical for me is do 15 and stand around or lie on the ground pausing for too long, wasting time! Today I just chug a lugged along. There is hope for us all. I get back on track and y’all don’t have to read about me being a big girl baby day in and day out!

Have a Happy Friday! If you’re like me, you procrastinate on anything Christmas. Good luck on your last minute shopping! If I’m not around to blog on Monday or Tuesday then I want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hug your loved ones, be silly, play outside and be merry!!! Thank you all again for stickin around on a regular basis! I give you all a big ol “virtual” hug! Or a high five if you’re not the hugging type ツ Have a great weekend and BE AWESOME!!!

DM Awesomeness^2

Team of ONE please


This morning was COLD and WINDY which is probably why we had a poor turnout for the 5am class this morning at the BOOM BOX. We went from a rockin out stellar attendance early on this week to a sad showing of 2. I already was dreading walking through the door this morning and having some poor soul suffer by having me as a PARTNER only for me to find out, my partner had no choice cause there was just the two of us!

Skill/Strength: KB Snatch
We worked on technique for a bit because this would be part of our MetCon. The key lies in the timing. You gotta float the kettlebell and punch at the top and voila you have a beautiful KB Snatch. Me – NOT SO MUCH. I hold on to that kettlebell for DEAR LIFE and it whacks the crap out of my forearm every time! I know I have to relax let loose of my grip and I just don’t. When I use my left arm, I seem to do much better. My only reasoning behind that is that I don’t have the same amount of control over the left side of my body so it does what it’s supposed to do more easily. I’m convinced that statement only makes sense to me and I apologize. Hopefully some of you “get” what I mean.


12/20/12 WOD

12/20/12 WOD

MetCon: 3 rounds – 3 minutes to run 400m (as a team) and use remaining time to do Max KB Snatch, only one person working at a time.
Like I said I felt sorry for the person that had to be my partner. I already suck at running. Pair that with lack of any kind of physical conditioning the past couple of weeks, you are guaranteed SLOW mode. We started off not too bad with a 1:50 400m. That’s GOOD for me, and really slow for G2 (partner). He’s a high school kid who probably could run for miles with out any sort of fatigue. And who knows how fast his 400m run is but he was not huffing and puffing like me. He kills it on the first round of KB Snatch and does 20 reps. We have like 20 seconds left and I get 8 in. Go back out for our run and WOW it was bad. I just know the clock was a blur. I got about 9 reps in and he got us more. I stopped counting. Thankfully G2 was counting. We left for our last run, G2 should have just formed his own 1 man team. Somehow he manages to pull off quite a few reps and I added a handful more for a total of 67. I apologized before the MetCon and after as well. The running! All I want for Christmas is the WANT TO and the actual PHYSICAL PROWESS to run like a champ. I have no desires to be a better runner in general. Only in these team workouts do I ever feel like a loser for sucking so bad. When it’s just me, sure I want to do better but when it comes to running, it’s like who cares! When someone is relying on me, I feel like a dirtbag who’s letting them down!

It is what it is I suppose. Was not feeling the AWESOME pouring out of me today. Maybe tomorrow! Happy Thursday! Be AWESOME for me! Thanks 🙂





This strays from my typical Boom Box beatdown posts. Today is my rest day so I thought I share something to spread the holiday cheer. So if this is not up your alley, I’ll be back at my normal routine tomorrow! Last year I kind of just threw it in at the end of my posts… oh by the way look at these ornaments I made. And looky there she made cakeballs too! So today you just get Christmas fun!

I don’t know if I had seen these out of the corner of my eye and somehow my brain absorbed it or what but I had the idea of making my own snow globes. I’m not super ORIGINAL when it comes to crafts, I know this, but I had no idea homemade snow globes were plastered all over the interwebs. Nonetheless I decided I wanted to pursue this project for teacher gifts because A. I like doing something personal and special for teachers. B. I had several mason jars lying around. C. Who doesn’t love a snow globe?

It’s one of the easiest craft projects I’ve done, it just takes a couple of days because you have to let the glue set for 24 hours. So here’s what you need:

Jar (any jar, pasta sauce, pickle, mason, etc.)
Distilled water (important otherwise water stains/mineral deposits may form)
Figure (plastic or glass, something that won’t fall apart or rust in water)
Glycerin (I tried it, didn’t like it, didn’t use it but feel free to experiment)
Clear Acrylic Spray (optional – I used to spray the ornaments I bought just in case they weren’t so waterproof)
Glue (glass bond, locktite, hot glue, something WATERPROOF!)
Ribbon (option – to tie/glue around lid)

So for me, waiting till the last minute of course, I was hard pressed to find plastic or glass Christmas-y figures. I opted for poly resin like ornaments. Not sure if they would hold up in the water, I went ahead and sprayed them down with a Water-Resistant Clear Acrylic. While those were drying I glued my mason jar lids since they were the kind where the middle of the lid pops out. After my ornaments dried I glued them to the mason jar lids. And now the waiting. The glue package said to let the glue set for 24 hours.

Ornaments have been sprayed down and glued down.

Ornaments have been sprayed down and glued down.


I was very generous with the glue.

In that time frame I decided I wanted more than just glitter but not sure what. I wanted to personalize it. So I printed Merry Christmas, teacher last names, and the year on transparency sheets. Cut those out and had them ready to put in the jar when it came time to fill the jars up.

Part of the "confetti" I created to part of the snow globe.

Part of the “confetti” I created to part of the snow globe.

Glitter with added homemade confetti.

Glitter with added homemade confetti.

After the 24 hours you are ready to assemble your snow globes. Fill your jar up with the distilled water. Make sure to leave some room for when you put the lid on with your figure. Add glitter. I probably used about 1 tbs. It will be to your preference. Add 1-2 tsp per cup of water of glycerin. NOTE: THE GLYCERIN MADE MY GLITTER CLUMP UP SO I USED ONLY WATER. I TESTED WITH BOTH AND THERE WASN’T MUCH DIFFERENCE IN HOW IT LOOKED OR THE WAY THE GLITTER FELL. I THINK IF YOU USE SNOW THEN GLYCERIN MAYBE NECESSARY BUT NOT WITH THE GLITTER.

I then screwed the lid on the jar, checked to see if I had enough water, shook it up to make sure it’s what I wanted then took lid off. Dried off the inside edge of lid and the outside rim of jar.

Checking them before sealing them up with glue.

Checking them before sealing them up with glue.

I added glue to the edge of jar and then put lid back on. I left the jar upright so that glue could set overnight. While that was drying I went ahead and glued some ribbon to the lid as well. By the morning these snow globes were ready to go. As you can see in the final picture, I NOT SO CRAFTILY wrote Merry Christmas and my kiddos name on the bottom of snow globe (lid).

Finished Snow Globes!

Finished Snow Globes!

There you have it, easy but takes more than one evening. It’s fun too. The kids loved them and hopefully their teachers will as well! Have a MERRY WEDNESDAY! And you know the drill be AWESOME!




Yes boys and girls the ACHE set in and it’s so much more than an ache. My body was glued to the bed this morning. It was crippling and probably pretty hilarious (if you were watching me at least) as I got out of my car this morning! My legs are fried. And when I sit down at my desk I try and support myself by holding on to my desk but that’s a mess because my shoulders are dead. I’m a mess folks. I even went light weight yesterday, but squats and GRACE did me in! Was the little fat girl in me telling me to sleep in this morning? She sure was but the slim and trim imaginary girl was telling me I better get moving if I was going to get back on track.

Skill/Strength: Press 6, 6, 6, 6
Of course the idea is to push ourselves here and being all weak and pathetic I still gave it a go. I worked my way up to 65lbs for my last set of 6 and I was doing so well until the 5th rep and I just bailed. I think my brain just quit on me. I know I had more in the tank but I didn’t push. Overall I felt much better at press than I did squats yesterday… and press is my weakness! Just patiently waiting for that PR that’s due on this movement already!

12/18/12 WOD

12/18/12 WOD

MetCon: Fight Gone Bad Style 3 Rounds – 1 minute DUs, 1 minute HR Push Ups, 1 minute Plate Burpees, 1 minute Lunges, 1 minute Rest
As I have proclaimed in the past, double unders are my superpower. A weak superpower but it’s the one movement I know I can do with success. I still have a long way to be badass at them but I can knock a few out rather quickly. My whole upper body is dead from Grace yesterday so Push Ups and Burpees sucked. Burpees were extra sucky because we had to jump on a plate which isn’t as bad as burpee Box Jumps but still not fun. I was quite slow in that minute. Because I did suck so much on push ups and burpees, I really tried to pick up the pace with the lunges. I could only do so many before my legs were on fire each minute but I did the best I could. Total Reps: 305 (thank goodness for DUs!)

Now I sit here typing away and every inch of my body aches. Part of it, I know! Welcome back to the JUNGLE right?!?


Please take this advice and NEVER EVER take more than a week off EVER. Unless of course you are injured, then heal up. It seriously feels like I’ve been off for months. Hopefully I bounce back stronger than ever but for now I still feel weaksauce! Tomorrow is a rest day…woohooo… but I have a Christmas DIY project that I hope to share with y’all. Until then continue to be AWESOME.


I’m Baaaaccckkkkk!

Even though I kind of sort of don’t want to be back! Is that bad? Being off for over 2 weeks is definitely sucky and now a big NO NO in my book. But dang I’ve slept in for 2 weeks straight! Hopefully I don’t ever have this long of a break again. I believe in rest I really do but this long just makes me feel so mentally defeated. My apologies to all of you who actually take the time to read my long and rambling posts. I’m sorry I’ve been away. And I also apologize to all you bloggers I follow regularly. There has been ZERO blog reading on my end. I plan to catch up and check in with you all. Please know I have not abandoned you!


Let me recap for you how it all went down. Arlington Thunder Jr. Pee Wee football earned their way into the National Championships. My middle kiddo plays with this team. This was HUGE and an amazing accomplishment. So we travel to Florida.



We stay in itty bitty rooms with no microwaves, kitchen, NO MONEY, etc. Fortunately we knew this ahead of time, so we packed our own microwave. Our first night in we are starving and the trailer carrying all of our stuff is still in route, so after we order in room service pizza costing us $60 we knew we had to make it to Wally World ASAP. Being on limited time, money and limited cooking capabilities we went all out on the easy to eat, junk food junkie route. I’ve never eaten so many PB&J sandwiches in my life. Add hot dogs, cheap ass burritos and a shit ton of cookies and chips and we’re good. We also ate your basic fruits – apples, bananas and clementines but really what are those going to do for us?!? Clearly our dietary habits were going to hell in a handbasket. With the way the scheduling of practice, games and study hall we didn’t have time to hit up a very close and nearby box, so there goes any WORKOUT. I mean we could have done something around the hotel….but we DID NOT! Hopefully walking around all the Disney parks helped out a little… but I can feel my waist, hips and legs expanding and at a very fast rate. Two days before heading home, I get slammed with the ugliest stomach virus I’ve ever had. It was bad. And it didn’t help that I didn’t have anything resembling nutrition coursing through my body. I was pretty much dead for 1 1/2 days. I truly thought it was food poisoning but turns out I was wrong as my youngest son proved that while we were in the airplane flying home! I felt really bad for the poor soul that had to sit in the same row as him. Fortunately we were close to landing when his sickness kicked in. Unfortunately it was a domino effect and all but 1 of us got the virus. I’ll spare you the disgusting details but it took me until end of last week to really feel BETTER in general. What hasn’t been helping is that I still haven’t really given my body the proper nutrition that it needs. Paleo? what’s that? Hahah, we are so far removed from paleo right now it’s not even remotely funny.

So here I sit in my doom and gloom of my own little world feeling fat and worthless. And please believe me when I say that I KNOW there is no DOOM and GLOOM. In light of what happened on Friday, I KNOW my world is great and life is good. Please know this is my creative outlet, for fun, for shits and giggles, for griping. Not for exacerbating my already heartbroken feelings of what happened in CT. I’ve shed many tears over the tragedy and am sure to shed more. But for now, I keep true to my silly adventure that I share with you all regularly.

11/17/12 WOD
I seriously almost didn’t get up AGAIN for the BOOM Box. I knew I had to get back in it whether I thought I was ready or not. It was very apparent I was not ready this morning! When the warm up is kicking your ass, you know you have problems.


Skill/Strength: Back Squat 4 x 8 @ 77.5% of 1RM
Did I mention it sucked getting back at it already? Hahah. Just in case you didn’t catch that earlier, let me say it again. THIS SUCKED! Just warming up with no weight was a butt whoopin. I didn’t even get close to the 77.5% for 8 reps. That number should have been 110 or 115lbs. I couldn’t even complete 8 reps at 105lbs! I ended up doing really really light weight at 85lbs. At least I could finish the reps out. The internal defeat was now sinking in BAD!

MetCon: Grace
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna! Can I go home now? That’s all I could think. RX is 95lbs and for some reason I thought I did RX at B4B in October but looking back, I only did 85lbs. Either way, this morning I did 75lbs and it took me longer this morning than it did in Oct. Just put me out of my misery now! I quit! Time: 6:32! I will say even though I was dragging ass. I feel that I jerked the bar better than EVER! Coach you would be proud. Well of that only. Good thing Grant is on vacation I could already feel his eyes a disappointment and he wasn’t even there. Travis is much more tolerant of my cry baby behavior!

So I ended my return WOD with “hopefully I show up tomorrow.” My hips already feel the squats and I’m sure by tonight I’ll be filled with achy-ness. I need to get back on the AWESOME train ASAP! I hope in my absence you all have continued with the awesomeness. I need to catch up! Have a blessed day! Love your peoples and tell them you love them! And Be AWESOME while doing it!