Wooo Friday! Keeping my Head UP!


I have had two short weeks in a row, whatever will I do with myself next week when it’s back to my normal schedule! Hopefully everything just chugs along smoothly. I finally got back to the BOOM Box and am interested to see how the new schedule will play out for me. And I’m still kickin my JUNK food slip ups to the curb, going strong into Day 3 of Whole30!

BOOM Box 1/4/13
So I finally made it in! My headache went away midday yesterday which was wonderful, my congestion is clearing up some so I felt good walking in. I wish I had ended as good as I felt when I walked in but that’s part of it when you haven’t shown up in a week and half ass the week before.

Skill/Strength: Push Press 4,4,4,4,4
Coach wanted us to go HEAVY and heavy I tried. After warming up, I started at 55lbs. Slowly and surely moved my way up to 95lbs. I could have gone heavier… I THINK… but 95lbs was my 5th set and I did have some struggle on the last 2 reps. This was the weight I’m supposed to use in the MetCon, sigh.


1/4/13 WOD

MetCon: 10 rounds of 2 Push Press (heavy weight from strength), 5 Lateral Burpees
Welp, I talked myself out of the 95lbs before I even started the WOD but I went ahead and tried it anyways. We had to clean the bar first, so I got it up, Push Pressed, came down and went back up and it was a NO GO. Houston we do have a problem. DoDo Bird here wants to Push Jerk it! So I drop the bar, Clean it AGAIN and just stop. Finally I get it up and move onto my burpees. ROUND 2, it’s not gonna happen. I’ve sabotaged myself into sucking at 95lbs. Not really sure why but I have lost all confidence. I drop to 85lbs and move along. I still struggled on a few rounds with that 2nd Push Press, not sure why but some rounds moved along seamlessly. I’m an odd bird I suppose. The burpees sure did suck by the end. I was disappointed in my lack of mental focus. But at least I did show up. I know once I get consistent again I’ll be rolling along just fine. Until that kicks in, I’ll just try to stay focused. Time: 11:17

Whole30 Day 2-3
Like I mentioned earlier, my headache finally went away. I thank GOOD FOODs for aiding in the process of feeling better. Still no CRAVINGS which is awesome for me. There have been temptations. Someone at work wasn’t aware that you shouldn’t bring Christmas leftover goodies after the start of the NEW YEAR so cookies and what looked like brownies were sitting in the kitchen. And then Ernie has been eating ice cream but I’ve been good and just kept my focus on eating right and cooking right. I’m ready to rock this Whole30 and I’m not going to sink.

I finished out my Day 2 with some skirt steak, broccoli, and sauteed mushrooms. I added half a grapefruit as well and I was good to go. I’m thinking even though I used coconut oil to cook the veggies that I maybe should have added some avocado. Not sure if I had enough “fat” for that meal. Ah well.

Post-Workout Meal

Post-Workout Meal

I had all the intentions of waking up early and getting that Pre-Workout Meal in but I struggled REALLY BAD with getting out of bed. I did manage to come home and get 2 eggs and a serving of cubed sweet potato in. I was ready to eat some avocado then but looked back at my WHOLE30 Success Guide for guidance and it said NOT to ADD fat to this meal unless I need the extra calories. Whew! I do not need EXTRA calories and that’s a fact JACK! Almost had a NO-NO. I’m sure it wouldn’t have killed me but I’m glad I checked. As far as BREAKFAST goes. Whole30 suggests I eat my normal meal 60-90 minutes after my PWO meal. Holy crap. I’ll be en route to work at that time, what will I do? I’ll tell you what I did. I packed a ziplock baggie full of raw broccoli, some pork belly and a green apple with almond butter.

GOODBYE DONUTS (I promise it was only twice last month that I committed such a crime) :D

GOODBYE DONUTS (I promise it was only twice last month that I committed such a crime) 😀



I like me some broccoli. It’s not my favorite vegetable – sautee it, steam it, roast it… I’m all good. EAT IT RAW, completely raw, NO sauce, NO dip, just crunchy raw… and I STRUGGLED. I finished off my baggie even though I lost my will to chew. I was really happy to move on to my pork belly.

Day 3 Meals
2 slices Pork Belly
1 sandwich bag full of raw broccoli
1 green apple
1 packet of almond butter

Left over Skirt Steak
2 cups mixed veggies
1/2 cup of sweet potatoes (cubed)
1 kiwi


(Today I’m slacking on the fat content, argh, it’s always gotta be something)

Roast (maybe)
And figure out what to make with cabbage

I’m back at the BOOM Box in the A.M. because now Saturdays are part of the schedule. Hoping to make it there for the 8 a.m. class! Crossing my fingers and praying I’ll not only make it to the early class but that I can be GOOD for the weekend! My problem will either be I won’t eat enough good food or I’ll cave. I can’t cave though. So I just gotta make sure I get my 3 meals in and drink plenty of water. So far I’m PRing my water intake! Go ME!

I hope everyone has a great WEEKEND. Make it AWESOME!!


4 thoughts on “Wooo Friday! Keeping my Head UP!

  1. Doing awesome, chica!
    And envious of a 95lb push press!! Although the other day we had to do a total of 200 push-presses (35#) so the thought of lifting anything heavier makes me have panic attacks right now.. haha.. not really, but you did awesome!
    And I HATE burpees. I’m writing a super negative post about crossfit today.. well negative, in that I’m sucking and struggling with sucking. I remember you wrote about “embrace the suck”.. and I repeat that to myself a lot lately!!
    Anyway.. you’re 1/10 of the way there!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the daily encouragement Jenn! I really appreciate it 🙂 200 push presses would make anyone freak out! That’s a lot! I have a love/hate relationship with burpees. I’d rather do burpees than run but I’m not consistent on the movement. One day may be not so bad and another day may be really sad. No days are good days when it comes to burpees though! I know how it feels to be negative when you feel like your always at the bottom or not progressing like everyone else… or what seems like everyone else. Yes you must embrace the suck. It will always be there. Learn to love it. Hold hands and frolick through the park together. If you were a beast at everything then you would have no challenges and nothing to look forward to – That my friend would be boring.

      As far as WHOLE30 I do feel really good. I think it helps that this isn’t my first rodeo.

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