Halfway there – feeling UNSTOPPABLE!


Officially on Day 15 of my Whole30 journey and it’s definitely the kick in the butt I needed. Going Strong and Feeling Great! But I really need a sponsor! Anyone? Anyone? Stay at home MOM is calling my name! It’d be nice to have adequate time to prep and cook all the food I need to make. I think I do an ok job getting it all done but it’s crazy bonkers and it is wearin’ me down! Gotta keep that chin up so I can chug along the next 15 days. Really I think I’ll just push forward as much as possible day by day hoping not veer off the path too much once I hit day 31 and beyond!

Easier to throw money my way if there's a cute puppy dog? No? Ah well, worth a shot!

Easier to throw money my way if there’s a cute puppy dog? No? Ah well, worth a shot!

1/16/13 WOD
Brrrr. It’s just so cold at the BOOM Box. It takes forever to warm up and really quick to cool down. I’m just willing Spring to get here early.

Skill/Strength: 3 x 5 Jumping Good Mornings AHAP
I’ve worked on Good Mornings but I’ve never done jumping ones! So you do a normal good morning but on the way back up use those good ol’ hamstrings to propel you off the ground. See the video below.

I worked up to 75lbs and felt pretty good at this weight. The last time we did Good Mornings with weight I only worked up to 55lbs but we were doing a lot more reps. As with last time, my LEFT hamstring was tight and it’s for sure going to be sore the rest of the day!

1/16/13 WOD

1/16/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 Rounds of 1 minute of Burpees to Plate, MuscleUps/ChestToBar/RingRows, Jumping Lunges, Rest
So I know I’m physically capable of doing all of those movements, I just don’t wanna. I also have been having abnormal soreness at the top of my knees so I really don’t want to do Jumping Lunges. 3-2-1 GO I didn’t move as fast on Burpees the first round and AS ALWAYS I should have. I tried to catch up Ring Rows but the rings were ICE COLD! And then the dreaded Jumping Lunges, damn you jumping lunges, I really dragged ass on those. Round 1 = 55 reps. I was a little more motivated to move on Round 2 and got a few more Burpees out and a few more Ring Rows. Jumping Lunges = SUCK. Round 2 = 70 reps. By the third round I was just slow. Nothing was great. Round 3 = 51 Reps. TOTAL 176.

Whole30 Day 14 & 15

HOLY SHMOLY, I’ve made it to the half way mark! This has become a good way to return to. Like I have previously mentioned, I did Paleo and I was pretty on mark, but I let honey and fruit take over. I let the the “paleo-ized” treat making take over and although I was eons better than before in my eating, I wasn’t correcting the mental issues that come with all of that “faking” the foods. With Whole30 I really feel like I’m battling all of those issues. I’m rebooting my body and it’s a good thing indeed. I know going forward while I may not be 100% perfect that I have the mindset to stay strong. That I’ve rewired my body to the way it needs to work and my brain and body will actually communicate properly!


Excerpt from It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. It really isn’t that hard!

For lunch yesterday, I almost forgot to take a picture. Well I did forget and with just a few bites left I remembered. Not the prettiest shot but there once was 6oz Grass Fed NY Strip Steak, Asparagus and my Creamy Mushroom Cauli Rice experiment. Ernie eats lunch before I do and texts me “what is this new stuff?” And I immediately ask “IS IT HORRIBLE?” He responds telling me no that it’s yummy! Whew! I thought it would be horrid. When my lunch time finally arrives, I was still cautious because Ernie will eat anything! Once I tasted it I was relieved. It was rather yummy. My only downfall is that I probably added to much liquid to it and in turn it turned mushier than I would have preferred but it was still tasty and edible. I had also made some sweet potato chips to go with it, added a few strawberries and a kiwi. Lunch is golden!

1/15/13 Lunch – OOPS almost finished before remembering to snap a pic!

1/15/13 Lunch – OOPS almost finished before remembering to snap a pic!

For dinner, I overcooked some skirt steak, FAIL. Overcooked to my standards but still good to eat. I then took a recipe from NOM NOM PALEO for red cabbage. This is now my second time to eat/cook cabbage (other than in salad mixes) and it was good. And the red cabbage looks so pretty. PURPLE of course. And if you don’t know, purple is one of my fave colors. So much that I have purple glasess, purple water bottles and purple hair. Enough of my purple love. Cause I love green and blues too! In addition to the red cabbage and the skirt steak, I had some raw broccoli. I was going to cook it but ran out of UMPH to do so.  Overall dinner was a success. While I was cooking dinner, I made some more chicken soup for my lunch today. Pretty productive last night!

1/15/13 Dinner – Skirt Steak, Raw Broccoli and Chez Panisse Braised Red Cabbage

1/15/13 Dinner – Skirt Steak, Raw Broccoli and Chez Panisse Braised Red Cabbage

Day 15
As far as food goes, I only had hardboiled eggs for my Post Workout meal. Again with ISWF it said having the carbohydrate when you’re not in a PRIME, LEAN, properly functioning state, it’s not necessary. Experimentation is probably my only real indicator on if I need it now or not. I probably should only be eating egg whites at this point anyways, I’ll have to re-read that excerpt. For breakfast, I had an egg muffin, pork belly, kale chips and sweet potato chips. Easy to eat on the commute to work. I forgot to take out meat to defrost but fortunately I cooked up some ground beef last night. Throw that together with the leftover cabbage and dinner should be fine.

TMI, TMI ALERT, but if you’re a girl maybe not (OR if you’re a grown up and know nature happens). So I got a surprise visitor today. And I was not happy to receive her. I recall during the 21-Day Sugar Detox, I was in a similar situation. According to ISWF, your body goes through a lot of hormone changes when you eliminate all junk and start eating properly. So I guess here I go with hormonal changes :/ Hopefully it’s shortlived. That makes 2 visits in one month. Not a happy camper. The upside is that I didn’t get all the bloated, irritable crap that comes with it normally! Score!

Mood: Happy that I am halfway through with GREAT SUCCESS. Tired of prepping. Mad at visitor showing up unexpectedly. Ah well. Keep on keepin’on!

Happy HUMP Day. We’re almost there kids! Tomorrow is my rest day. I may take a blog rest day too! We’ll see. SO be AWESOME and enjoy your day!


5 thoughts on “Halfway there – feeling UNSTOPPABLE!

  1. I don’t think I blogged it, but pretty certain my timing was a bit off during the Whole30, too.. dumb girl stuff 🙂

    Where do you buy your meats at? Seems like you must spend a pretty penny on steak if you eat it nearly every day! Especially grass-fed!

    • Yes very dumb girl stuff!

      As for meat, I buy at a nearby Butcher, Burgandy Pasture Beef. They are close to Whole Foods pricing. Sometimes more, sometimes less. When I say nearby it’s about a 30-40 minute drive but it’s worth it. And we do spend more on our meat but if that’s what it takes, then I’ll do it. And it tastes so much better! We don’t eat out a lot so I’m not wasting money there either. It’s all about perspective for me and trust me I’m not rich and I have 5 people to feed. But in the end I’d rather spend money on good food than medications from being sickly. So far it’s worked for me, besides a case of Strep Throat a year ago and a stomach virus recently, I don’t think I’ve been down and out, nor have the kids. Hopefully I’m preventing other sickness and disease down the road as well.

      The only downside is I don’t buy too many clothes for me, so I wish I had a bigger spending budget for that 😛

      • That’s right.. you JUST posted about your meat, didn’t you ? lol. ah.. I’ll pay attention one day.
        The closest Whole Foods to me is about 30 minutes away but it’s so hard to spend that on meat.. especially since I’m no pro chef and there’s a likelihood I’ll screw it up.. hehe.

    • The idea on 30 days, is that you will see/feel a significant change. It’s about being strict as well for just those 30 days. In theory hopefully folks will keep on. They’ve begun the journey to reset their immune systems, hormones, etc. They’ve also hopefully developed new habits, like the way they feel and learn how to deal. Of course some folks are going to dive in a bucket of ice cream on day 31 (most likely Day 33 out of guilt so they’ll be good on 31 and 32), probably feel like crap and maybe rethink staying true to eating clean. And other people will not see so much change and may have to stay on strict for another 10 days, or 20 days.

      For me, it was to have an accountability system, to re-read and remember why I’ve done Paleo for so long. I’ve mentioned I do pretty well on Paleo but I might have had too much honey, or too much fruit and then it just cycles up and down. This has specific “rules” to follow for 30 days. And after reading ISWF it gives me a more in depth view of how our body works. Since I’m not well versed in how the body functions as it breaks down food and what not, it has been good to read.

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