This morning at the BOOM Box was FUN! I can honestly say that and I’m happy to say that. I love getting a good workout it but I love it more when it’s something new and I didn’t completely suck at it! I also think all this clean eating has cycled it’s way through all the ups and downs and I’m on an UPSWING.

Skill/Strength: Handstand Push Ups
I want to be good at these so bad. And little by little I’m getting there. We started out with just a few handstand holds. When you don’t do handstands often, it takes a while to feel comfortable. I can always pop into one, but over and over, I get dizzy fast. Of course I can’t do a full one YET but getting there. With some stacking of foam, I don’t have to go down as far but eventually I’ll have to do them without modification. The highlight of our working through them is that I got kipping down pretty good. I was one foam pad away from doing it properly but I think by then I was just fatigued.

1/29/13 WOD

1/29/13 WOD

MetCon: 30 AXLE Ground to Overhead
AXLE??!!?? WTH? Big ol fat bars is what that is and I saw them on Saturday but didn’t bother asking because I feared it was insanity. Turns out I kind of liked them… shhhh, don’t tell my Coach! So this is GRACE with a fat bar. NERVES activated. Coach suggested for us to put our thumbs over the bar since it is so fat and hard to get a grip on it. On top of that it doesn’t have the spin that a Barbell has so it’s a much different feeling. So the positive on this is that we should gain grip strength and should really learn to explode from the hips. The bonus about this bar is that it’s smooth and it felt much better in my hands. No need for taping up my thumbs! The video below shows a guy working on Ground To Overhead. His first grip is what we worked on. The second grip that he uses is the Continental grip that I just learned about via the WEBS. It’s awkward and I watched a lot of videos where I think that grip is not fun at all. So I’m glad we stuck with something more simple. Maybe when there’s more weight on the bar it’s necessary? I’m not sure. I’ll cross that bridge (hopefully NEVER) when it gets here.

So I was a little bit nervous. Holding a new bar with a new grip. I like to let fear get into my brain if you haven’t figured that out. Surprisingly with 50lbs it wasn’t so bad. I struggled getting centered at first but I got it down. Jumped up to 70lbs as prescribed for the MetCon and really thought, OH SHIT it’s going to be a brick wall. But it wasn’t. Now it was time to do 30 in a row. I pushed out 6, then 6 more, then the wrists started fading, forearms, I’m exhausted now and I’m not even halfway. Started chipping away 3 at time till I finished. Time: 5:09 I was spent but I was happy I did it. Confidence is that you? Where have you been all this time? Please stay a while!



HOLY BRUISES BATMAN! Had no idea this happened to my collar bone Cleaning the BAR until I go home, see my reflection. Typically my shoulders might get some bruising with the regular bar. My thighs for sure catching the bar on the way down. But this hurts! OUCHY MAMA!

Whole30 Days 27 & 28
Man… DDay is almost here! I’m so excited for my completion. Not so I can dive off the deep end into a big ol pie but just to say I completed it –100%, although that salmon from PF Changs could make that less but seriously, WILLINGLY 100%. No justifications. No swerving off the path. And not half ass. I worked at eating balanced meals, getting my fat in. Getting in a variety of veggies. Working the plan.

1/28/13 Dinner – Skirt Steak, Mixed Veggies, Coconut Flakes

1/28/13 Dinner – Skirt Steak, Mixed Veggies, Coconut Flakes

You saw lunch yesterday and dinner was some skirt steak with mixed veggies. I had also cooked asparagus but I wasn’t that hungry last night. Which is fine by me. So I saved asparagus for today. I also made some Kale for lunch today to go with my left over skirt steak. I’ve been having trouble getting it to tender up. So I had one of my kids massage it for a good while before I left it overnight to marinate. It turned out a little less tough/chewy so hopefully that was the key.

I’m feeling a little better about getting prepped at least a day ahead. So I guess I was just in a mental(hormonal) funk! Tonight will be Chicken Thighs and maybe a salad. We’ll see.

Happy Tuesday! Despite the cloudy, windy, gloomy day, I FEEL GREAT! I know some of you must think I’m a loon ball but I can’t tell you enough how amazing it feels to FEEL good! All day. Bright eyed. NO brain fog. Wooooooo! Love it! Go now, be awesome!


One thought on “FUN Fun FuN

  1. Man, front squats usually kill my clavicle bone there and get pretty bruised up.. ugh!
    We did HSPU last night, too.. I can do a couple with two ab mats stacks.. but some chicks were so awesome to watch doing the kipping real ones! Something to aspire to, for sure!

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