Sleep WOD – I WIN!


I win the SLACKER award :/ Yup slept right through ALARM! No CrossFit Boom for me today. After having a great start to my day yesterday, the drive home, the traffic, the rain, the errand running finally got to me. I got home drained, watched some TV, prepped some food, actually did some mobility and went to bed. I seriously could have slept a few more hours if it wasn’t for kids having school and me having a job I have to attend. And now it’s cold outside, AGAIN. Two days of shorts and flip flop weather and now COLD. Bleh.


Whole30 Days 28 & 29
In between my errand running last night, I found some raw trail mix. All good stuff – Raisins, Almonds, Cashews, Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower Seeds. Of course all of those ingredients fall into the eat occassionaly category but it still QUALIFIES for Whole30. As I was waiting at the pharmacy FOREVER, I found myself eating said trail mix. And eating way too much! It was boredom, tired, eating. I wasn’t starving or anything but BAD habits still live, ARGH! I figured I ate enough to not NEED dinner. I still cooked foods and made sure the chicken thighs were acceptable but I didn’t have a full blown sit down and eat meal. So I didn’t hit the perfect mark for dinner but at least I stayed compliant in regards to the foods I ate.


1/29/13 Lunch – Skirt Steak, Kale, Asparagus, Berries

This morning, I had a nice mix of Sweet Potato Latkes, Skirt Steak and Spinach. Besides sleeping extra heavily, I still feel good. The cool weather makes me want to crawl back into bed but that’s just the lazy part of me talking. Tomorrow is my last day of the Whole30. Wooo. Is it sad that all I keep thinking about is “will I or won’t I eat those Chick-fil-a nuggets that we are serving at my son’s birthday party on Sat?” I hope I don’t. I know they won’t kill me but I hope I can rise above that. Not to mention cupcakes and cookies! Hahahah. Y’all will be the first to know of course. Well other than those witnessing me!

That’s it for this SLACKER Wednesday. Maybe I can hit up a kickboxing place at a nearby Boxing place tonight. They are fairly new in the area and I have been interested in checking it out! We’ll see. Other than that, I encourage you to get moving! Walk a little. Do some squats. Has anybody been making changes at all? I hope so! You know the drill BE AWESOME!





Morning Fitness Motivation


5 thoughts on “Sleep WOD – I WIN!

  1. I love the “I’ll just smash it until it breaks” picture re: food. That’s funny. TRUE. So hard to not binge once you’ve messed up.

    That said, do NOT eat that junk at the party! NO!!! Have you read, “It Starts With Food”? They say in there that if you want something bad for you, make it an EVENT. Make it something REALLY good, that you really want. Then make it special and make love to it. (seriously, says that, swear!) SO. Do you *really* want that chick-fil-a and probably store bought cupcakes (gross)?

    However, I’m going to Houston this weekend. I plan on having a totally blow-it day on Sunday. Tex-Mex and some dessert! If I wasn’t going to Houston, I wouldn’t blow it like that, but, it’s my “EVENT”. I’ll make love to that queso.

    I hope you’re feeling great! I’m kind of sad it’ll be over. I don’t want to fall into bad habits either!

    • Hehe, YES I just recently read “It Starts With Food” and although I’ll be tempted I know I can be better than the bad food. I know the cupcakes will be yummy as they are not store bought. But I’ll wait for a major event indeed before I make love to some good food!

      Houston has some of the best food. I don’t blame you on wanting some good Tex-Mex and dessert. I’m a big fan of Lupe Tortilla. YUMMMM!

      I am with you on being sad that it’s over. I think that’s why I’ll just keep chugging along. I’ve been so committed that I will feel weird just dropping it all together. Don’t fall into bad habits. Let’s be strong together, well with the exception of your throw it out the window day in H-Town.

      • That’s my plan too! I hope I can hang on! I’m not good with the slippery slopes. I think I’ve seen too many positive changes to fall too far though. AND, it’ll be a fluid situation. I might just not feel like eating it! I know it’ll make me feel really bad.

        Well, if you want those real cupcakes, have them! Or, plan on something you really want. Definitely make it worth it.

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