I sooo need to take Mondays off now that baseball is in full swing. We had a jam packed weekend and no time to do anything else including REST. It’s fun although it makes for an early wake up call when you’ve had about 4 hours of sleep! And I knew I couldn’t miss this morning’s BOOM Box because it was 1RM day for DEADLIFT!

Skill/Strength: 20 minutes for 1RM Deadlift
I need to move quicker in this 20 minutes. Next time I will try to be more efficient. Before I knew it I had like 3 minutes left. My previous PR was finally hitting 200lbs back in November which is FOREVER ago now. And in the weeks leading up to this I’ve been doing multiple reps at higher weights. I worked my up to over 200lbs with a whopping 205. This came off the ground fairly easy but if I push it too much I’ll have a big ol fail. So I moved up to 215lbs and that came off the ground with ease.. haha ok not ease but still pretty nicely. So I dropped all of my caution and tried jumping up 20lbs and I pulled it and hovered off the ground like an inch for a hot second and was done. Tried to amp myself up and try again but this time it didn’t even leave the ground. Happy I PR’d, WISHING it was more :/ Deadlift I got you. I will get that 235lbs+ sooner than later. Hell, I think I would have got it today had I managed my time better!

3/18/13 WOD

3/18/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 rounds: 3 minutes of 400m sprint, Max DUs then 1 minute rest.
If that doesn’t make sense this will. We had 3 minutes to run 400m then bust out as many Double Unders as possible with remaining time. Then rest 1 minute before going on to round 2 and 3. Well, well, well. This girl sucks at running but I thought I can sprint this out right? So I took off! and that lasted 20 seconds if that. And I had to shift back down to a non sprint mode. Made it back in 2:00. That’s a whole minute for DUs but my legs were super tired and didn’t want to work properly. I think I got 40 DUs that first round. After the minute rest I figured I’ll start off like I did in round 1 but that turned out to hurt me. Something pulled in my inner thigh and I was not moving fast at all. It wasn’t the kind of pain that brings you crying to the ground but it’s uncomfortable and hurts with every step now. It however did not hurt when doing DUs. Needless to say I came back much slower with only 40 seconds to get some DUs in. I got somewhere into the 20s but nothing allstar. For the 3rd run, I could definitely feel this pulled whatever and took it slow from start to finish. I still came back with 30 seconds left on the clock and was able to string together more DUs than I did in round 2. I finished with a score of 96. Now lets hope this leg thing doesn’t hinder the rest of my week!

I’m tired and need a day off. I only had enough in me to recap this morning at the BOOM Box. I’ve been eating like crap and have decided to stop doing that officially again! hahahha. Officially AGAIN. Let’s see if I can stick to it. I had some clothing issues with shorts. And with the warm weather reappearing, let’s just say I’m surprised I didn’t hide in my closet all day crying! I must regroup and get handle on my situation.


So that’s all I have to report on. I hope your Monday is better than my Monday! No really! Cause mine is draggin! Go be AWESOME for me as well! Thanks!


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