Rest (too much), Eat (too much), Suck (a lot)


It’s meeeee and I’m not happy to say I’m Baaacckkk. So I was on the down-low for the past three days resting up a SELF DIAGNOSED strained groin muscle. From what the interwebs told me it was my ADDUCTOR muscles and ya not sure which one specifically but it hurt like a MOFO! I briefly mentioned it on my Monday post and low and behold Tuesday it kind of sucked to walk. By Wednesday it was still tender and still hurt but getting better. By Thursday it was just a lil painful to touch but nothing crazy. This morning it seemed fine until we did this wall stretch – where you lay on the ground, scoot your butt up against a wall and place your feet in a squat position on the wall. Let the tightness begin. Boy that hurt.


13.3 CrossFit Games Open



13.3 has come and it’s a repeat workout from last year. The dreaded 12.4: 12 minute AMRAP of 150 Wall Balls, 90 Double Unders and 30 Muscle Ups. I really just want to say I SUCKED. I QUIT. I QUIT CROSSFIT. THE END. But you all should by now I’m not a quitter. I just excel at the suckfest.

Let me put this in perspective. IF YOU ARE A SUPER ELITE ATLHETE, you will get into a 2nd round. Even if you are a SUPER ELITE ATHLETE  you may not get through one round. So here I am very NOT SO ELITE, just trying to survive!

As you the people should know I don’t do well at the Wall Balls. They are miserable evil things. And mentally I came into the box in a bad shape. It doesn’t help that I’ve had 3 days off and have stuffed my face repeatedly. The upside to having 3 days off is that my shoulders weren’t dead and my hips weren’t dead. The downside to having 3 days off and eating poorly is that I have no will/want to/drive, etc. To be honest I wasn’t even SMOKED at the end of the workout. I was tired and breathing heavy but nowhere near exhaustion. I was just pissed. I wasn’t getting in good sets. I wasn’t doing anything worth a damn.

3/22/13 WOD

3/22/13 WOD

To top it off I did worse than I did a month ago when it showed up on the whiteboard (133 reps). And to drive the knife in a little further I did worse than I did last year (120 reps). Total: 110 reps. YUP. BAD. OH SO BAD.

Now the question is to REDO or NOT to REDO. sigh. double sigh. It’s just for fun right? It’s not going to catapult me into some top place but for my own sanity and to prove that I really don’t suck that bad, I want a do-over. We’ll see how I feel as the day goes on.


On the UPSIDE. 6am class KILLED it! Way to go Ladies and Gents. Mostly the ladies who are signed up for the OPEN. They all got the 150 and some even got into the Double Unders! BRAVO! Y’all are an inspiration 🙂

It’s the weekend folks. Another baseball-fun-filled weekend ahead. And maybe a do-over on 13.3. Gotta get out of this funk. Send AWESOME thoughts my way cause I need them! Have a fabulous weekend and be so AWESOME that it hurts!



5 thoughts on “Rest (too much), Eat (too much), Suck (a lot)

  1. Isn’t it horrible that when you have days off you tend to eat worse? I tried so hard when I hurt my back to at least stick to eating clean.. but just seems less important if you aren’t working out lol.

    And wall balls suck you know what. lol. I am redoing it. Similar feeling; I was spent, but not exhausted. I could have done more.. had it not been for all the no-reps! Whoops.

    • Ya, it was super hard to eat anything good. And I was sleeping in. And we have non-stop baseball. I’m full of excuses aren’t I? Just need to prep and plan but I’m throwing a tantrum daily and flailing around like a ding dong head. UGH.

      I’m still on the fence for a REDO. We’ll see. I hope you kill your 2nd time around 🙂

  2. My take on REDO’s is typically that there are no REDO’s in competitions, therefore, don’t REDO OPEN workouts. However, the OPEN can also be viewed as an annual test (especially if you are not in contention to advance to regionals). From that perspective I’d say if your leg muscles are not shredded and you are up to a REDO, do it. You need to get 150 wall balls in 12 minutes, even if the last rep is on the buzzer. If you are shredded and unable to REDO in the short time frame, make a 12-minute Karen a priority goal for this year.

    • I’m with you on the there are no redo’s in competition. I just know I can do better and I know I was just in a bad state mentally. I pretty much ONLY want to do it over just to prove to myself I can do better. But it’s also not that super important for me to prove it now! LOL. So we’ll see how I feel. I do agree that I need to make a 12 minute Karen a priority if not sub 10!

  3. I think if you redo it you will feel better about it, so I say go for it. Its for your own strength, and its not like doing another 150 wall balls is going to hurt 🙂 But i feel ya, I struggle with wall balls BIG time.

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