Move, Move, Movin’ Along


It’s only day 3 of my magnified view of my eating habits as a result of coming across EAT TO PERFORM. So far so good for the most part. I did realize this morning that I was calculating my pork belly all wrong therefore I didn’t hit the recommended fat intake I needed for the past two days. Granted I was probably closer to those levels than I have been in the past. So it’s not a wash or a screw up. I did see my error, fixed it and now moving on. I now know for today that I need to get about 30-40 more grams of FAT in me. Woooo! It’s not hard but it’s not easy either. I do, however, feel confident I will plan this out just fine.


After 2 full days of clean eating and being dialed into this new macronutrient perspective I really have zero cravings for snacks. I’ve been here done that before but it still shocks me how simple it is! No cravings. No bloated feelings. Etc.! It’s crazy that I’m insane enough to stop eating clean. Yet I fall off the grid frequently! Now if I can just stick with it. My true test will be this weekend when we will be gone for a good part of the weekend for baseball. I’m gonna have to step up my own game plan!

Also on a small side note, I’ve been using this site to log my macronutrients. I really haven’t delved into the site as a whole but it shows you a daily analysis of your Carbs, Fats, and Proteins after you’ve entered your foods. If the food you eat is not in their system, there is an option to save your own foods. It’s not the most eye appealing but it’s FREE and so far helps me keep track without having to carry around a notebook. So just that little aspect of the site is helping me out ALOT. I’m sure it offers more but I seriously don’t have time to figure that shit out!

but NEXT DAY MICROWAVED is just okay :/

This feel good feeling from eating better even helps move me along to show up for the Boom Box even when I REALLY REALLY don’t want to show up! For instance, this morning = cold and running. My idea of sleeping in sounds so much better.

Skill/Strength: 10 minute Double Under / TRIPLE UNDER work, 3 x 5 Pendlay Rows As Heavy As Possible
If you have DUs down, it’s time to work on Triple Unders. I haven’t checked the CrossFit Main Site but I have read amongst the social media networks that TU’s have shown up so it’s only natural it’s something we should learn. And guess what??!!?? I got ONE! Woooo. I was oh so close 789797 times but I finally busted one out. Now how I get more than one or even string them together is another task.

Pendlay Rows are getting easier as we do them more often. They truly were awkward when they were introduced to us a few months ago but now I feel I’m getting better. 3 x 5 AHAP was 85lbs for me. Not bad and I think next time I will go up in weight.


MetCon: 15 minutes of – 2 minutes MAX Double Unders, 1 mile run, MAX DU’s with left over time.
Well it’s cold outside and drizzly/rainy and miserable. And I don’t like running. AND I’m a horrible runner with NO aspirations to be a better runner. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part is a tiny little muscle in the sides of my upper arm fatigued super fast and I was struggling stringing together DUs. UGH. I got 95 in 2 minutes before I headed out the door for the 1 mile run. For a lot of you out there 1 mile is easy. Once upon a time it was much easier for me but not currently with my chunky butt recovering food addict self.


With cold wind and rain blowing in your face, one would think I would run faster to hurry up and get inside but there isn’t a FAST button on me. So there I went … slow and slower. More of a trot actually. It took me well over TOO LONG to finish the run. Got back with less than a minute to get DUs in. I was only able to get 32 in :/ for a total rep count of 127. Sigh. But I did get a TRIPLE UNDER so who cares about running!

It’s HUMP DAY, hope y’all have a good one! Go on now …. BE AWESOME!


4 thoughts on “Move, Move, Movin’ Along

    • YES TUs! I felt like I was learning DUs all over again with the rope beating the crap outta me! And running ever for me is a dislike unless I’m running for my life, even then it may just be better to get eaten by zombies :/

  1. If that workout was on the whiteboard (TU’s especially), I might consider just chopping my feet off. Ok, so maybe that’s a little extreme, but you get my drift. *High Five* for doing it, even though it didn’t sound like fun. 🙂

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