Where does TIME go?


It’s been over a week since my last post! WTH? Where does time go? Just being a busy bee in my neck of the woods. Took a couple of steps towards the clean eating then took a couple of steps back AND then 2 steps forward and now we’re dancing! Still stuck in food limbo but also still making it to the BOOM Box when life isn’t getting in the way.

It all boils down to the fact that I need to get back to the 5am slot. Because if life happens, something comes up then I can’t make an evening class and I’m screwed.

I'm not complaining... these are 2 out 3 (kiddos) reasons life gets hectic. They make my heart smile!

I’m not complaining… these are 2 out 3 (kiddos) reasons life gets hectic. They make my heart smile!

Which was what happened to me on Wednesday. But the evening’s are sooooooo nice. I’m awake, more limber and in a better mood! If I don’t get back into my old Paleo/CrossFittin self, I’m gonna have to buy all new clothes. I’m back to FAT KID status and as much as I don’t like it, I’m just as a happy as as an antelope with night vision goggles sitting in my fat kid corner! Ok well HAPPY is an overstatement cause I am not happy but then I couldn’t steal that line from the Geico commercials!

I’m sure most of you are yelling at me to SHUT UP and just get back to it and if you’re not please start YELLING. One foot in, One foot out… it’s not working. It never will with me but holy geesh I’m just going in circles.

Fortunately I am still showing up at the BOOM Box and I know the saying goes you can’t out train a bad diet. But at least I’m still training?!? Right?!? Well I have a couple and only a couple of recaps for the past week.

5/16/13 WOD
Skill/Strength: Push Press 3, 3, 3+ @ 70%, 80%, 90%
Everything in my upper body has been taxed and the poor eating has left me with poor recovery. But I still fought hard for barbell. Worked up to the 90% which 85lbs for me and I managed 5 reps. Although I wanted more reps, my shoulders were saying NO MORE.

5/16/13 WOD

5/16/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 Rounds of Bar MU, 8 KB Snatches 55/35lbs
Instead of Muscle Ups, I did 3 rounds of 8 pullups. Still sucking at the Pull Ups left me with a much longer time than I had hoped. I didn’t work the 35lb KB and went for a smaller one. My left arm struggled but my right arm was a champ. Time: 9:56

Midline: 3 x Max Effort Sit Ups in 60 seconds with 45 second rest
My first go was 34 sit ups, then it dropped to 30 then to 29. Not too bad I suppose. I was still breathing hard from the MetCon!

We had a nice little evening soiree Friday night where there was working out, hanging out, food and prizes. I showed up to workout. Little did I know there were few there that were up for the whole working out idea. I guess they all already showed up for a class earlier in the day but still. Fish out of water for me :/ It did weigh to my advantage though as we had a WOD to wonderful tickets to the Texas Rangers game. Primetime section/seating!

Hmmm, there are quite of few pics of me in this dead person pose.

Hmmm, there are quite of few pics of me in this dead person pose.

WOD: Complete 50 Jumping Air Squats in 90 seconds, 40 Double Unders in 90 seconds, 30 HR Push Ups in 90 seconds, 20 Burpees in 90 seconds, 10 DL 205lbs for the ladies. Whichever male and female that could make it through won. And if more than one made it through then Coach added items like Bar MU for the guys. For us girls though, my superpowers of DUs came through for me. I got all the way through 16 Burpees. I was pissed I couldn’t get 20 in 90 seconds because in the past I have completed 24 in 60 seconds. You know it’s coming “FAT KID” in the house! Not sure I could do 10 Deadlifts at 205 in 90 seconds but I didn’t get the chance to try. I did however make it the furthest through the ladder and WON the Ranger tickets!

Post WOD we had some yummy burgers from Farm to Fork, lots of good fruits and veggies. It’s nice to hang out with all the BOX Buddies! I vote for more BOOM Box events!

Love these folks!

Love these folks!

5/20/13 WOD
Strength: Deadlift: 3, 3, 3+ @ 70%, 80%, 90% of 1RM
Deadlifts were a little heavy this time around. I was getting through them ok but mentally I was ready to tap out. On my last round I wasn’t feeling it, HOPING for 6 reps and that’s what I did. My grip was falling apart fast and I just didn’t have the will power to go for more.



MetCon: EMOM for 12 minutes 5 HSPU (odd), 8 Pistols total alternating legs (even)
Everything was modified for this. It’s like doing downward dog push ups, well kind of. Your arms aren’t as far out in front of you and your heels are against a wall. But that inverted position is similar. And I did Pistols holding on to a bar for balance. My left IT band still plagues my knee bursa so that really sucks (HURTS LIKE HELL). Each minute I ended with 20-30 seconds to go but the humidity here in TX has got my number. I was drenched!

5/23/13 WOD
Skill/Strength: Band Sprints 50ft x 8 rest 30 seconds; Flying Sprints 50ft x 8 rest 30 seconds
We all know I don’t like running but 50ft I can tolerate. I don’t mind sprinting either and when it’s just ME working out even better cause no one is there to smoke my ass! Flying sprints felt like I was really flying after doing 8 rounds of sprints with a band and person dragging me down! Again the humidity is killing me. I know it takes time to acclimate but I was soaked through.

5/23/13 WOD

5/23/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 rounds of 40 Double Unders, 20 Ring Dips
I’ve been having DU chaos lately. It’s like I don’t know what to do for a second. Eventually it all comes back to me but each round I started off really poorly. With mutliple attempts and fails. After 3 or 4 no reps I’d finally get a rhythm and do them unbroken just took too long to get there. On my last round I only did 15, 15 and 10. My forearms, shoulders, triceps were fatigued and it was painful to just hold onto the rope.

As far as Ring Dips go. I was horrible. I did start off alright but fell apart quickly. My triceps kept cramping up so everytime I’d set up it was misery. I was using the green band for assistance and was only knocking out 3-5 at a time. That made my time out to be super slow. Ah well. Once I get out of FAT KID mode I should do much better. Time: 9:26

There’s a COMMUNITY WOD tomorrow if y’all are in the area. 9 am. Be there people. Come see our new home.

If I don’t see you or hear from you this weekend then have a good one. BE SAFE. Say thanks to our men and women that serve our country. Take care and of course BE AWESOME!!!!





2 thoughts on “Where does TIME go?

  1. Hi … Came across your blog and have enjoyed reading through it. Yes … where does the time go … life sure happens! Just want to encourage you to hang in there … keep going and keep up the great workouts!

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