Still Here


I know you all are just crushed wondering what has happened to me. Where did she go? I can’t go on without her! Right? That’s how it is? I KNEW IT!

Don’t worry faithful readers. I’m still here. The chaos still has me but I see light at the end of the tunnel. Baseball and end of school year events has taken me off any sort of routine. And it definitely has all my happy healthy habits obliterated. But I plan to get back onto blogging, eating clean..errr better, and consistent BOOM Box check ins next week. I haven’t worked out since last FRIDAY and it’s killing me. I’m hoping that I can drag my butt back out of bed EARLY to get a workout in because I can’t make the evening slot! PRAY FOR ME folks, PRAY FOR ME!


If you get a blog post tomorrow it’s because I got up for the 5 a.m. class. If I don’t blog tomorrow it’s cause y’all didn’t pray hard enough! JOKES, it’s because I’m a lazy bum. But that all changes very very soon!

I did want to let you all know I’m still here and although it appears I’ve given up my paleo crossfittin self, please know I have not. She just got lost for a little bit.


Have a great day! And a great weekend if I’m not here tomorrow. And if you’ve forgotten, GO OUT AND BE AWESOME!


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