Just a smidge of crazy


So I may be a little OCD (obsessive CrossFit disorder) and I could have taken a REST day but I didn’t. Yesterday was a busy day full of my kid’s registrations at 3 different schools. And here in my neck o’ the woods it’s a process. Throw in Freshman Parent Orientation and it’s just an all day extravaganza! On top of that I squeezed in a BOOM Box session.

Why oh why? No idea except that I’m crazy! Certified crazy. Because it wasn’t any ol’ WOD, it was ANGIE. 100 Pull Ups, 100 Push Ups, 100 Sit Ups and 100 Air Squats! It was my birthday. I should have just stayed home. No need to take on this insane workout but I figured why not.

Pull Ups are my weakness! I suck at them. Even though I wish I were magical and could just do them, I take ZERO extra time or energy to be better at them. So for 2 years I’ve struggled. And this workout was no exception.

8/15/13 WOD

8/15/13 WOD

Pull Ups first. 100 of them. I started with the Green Band and wasn’t moving very fast. 20 maybe in 3 minutes. So I threw in a second Blue band. This helped for 2 seconds then I was back to struggling. My hand pain tolerance is non-existent. No matter how well I tape up, my hands hurt. It took me damn near 21 minutes to finish 100 Pull Ups. Coach gave us a 30 minute cap. I know I will not FINISH but how close can I get. I fought through the Push Ups, 10 at a time at first, then mostly 5 at a time, but sometimes only 2 at a time. Moved onto Sit Ups knowing I could hopefully go UNBROKEN. I just wanted to get to Air Squats but I can only do Sit Ups so fast. Time! UGH! 62 Sit Ups completed. This was a butt whoopin. I should have just done Birthday Burpees. But I did not! Ah well. I must make Pull Ups a goal. I MUST!

That’s all for today. I’ll be having 3 days off in a row! What will I do? The answer is I should do something active at least 1 of those 3 days but tonight I’ll be at the Ranger game and tomorrow I’ll be supporting and cheering on Boom Boxmates at Europa. Kind of wish I was competing but I’m so not competition ready! And Sunday I’ll be a lazy bum I’m sure.

Let’s just hope I don’t stuff my face full of badness too! I hope all of y’all have a fantabulous weekend! And as always be AWESOME!


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