Calgon Take Me Away

Some of you kids out there might not even know what that means. But I remember these commercials. Oh so silly looking back at them, like the one below! But seriously. Can one bath product erase all the troubles in the world? How about all my muscle aches? Hehe, I don’t even like baths but it sounds so nice.

My idea of destressing is just vegging out on the couch catching up on all my DVR’d shows. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t get rid of all my aches and pains. I seriously need to take the couch time and turn it into foam roller, lax ball and stretching time. But I’m a big ol baby and don’t wanna! Besides being in a world of hurt, what motivates y’all to focus on the extra mobility time? I don’t have an ounce in me that picks the foam roller over being horizontal on the couch :/

At work I have every intention to get up ever 20-30 minutes to walk around but sometimes that time dissappears into thin air. A co-worker of mine that is doing the weight loss challenge here at work has been making an effort to walk 1-3 times a day when she has a chance. Currently this is her main mode of movement, so if and when I can, I tag along. It gets my blood flowing and hopefully encourages her to keep up a good pace. In the two weeks that we’ve been walking we’ve increased our speed by 40 seconds! So that’s a bonus. I’m hoping in the not too distant future we can make 2 laps around our building in the time frame it takes us to walk 1 lap currently. Shhh, don’t tell her that! Although she may be reading this, I just don’t know. LOL.

This isn’t the first time I’ve declared I need to do more mobility but gosh darn it, can I get a cookie for everyday I do put effort towards it? How about $1? I need some motivation! HELP!


I did motivate my ass to get up this morning. When the alarm went off I mentally went through what has been hurting and my shoulders were feeling much better. What I didn’t realize was that when I got out of bed that my legs may not hold me up. Holy crapola, my quads are dead! When I think about it, I did do 80 front squats at 65lbs as fast as possible with only 12 pushups in between sets. So that’s a lot of leg work. Boy does it hurt so BAD now. I knew if I didn’t put in work this morning the pain would be even worse. Warming up was miserable.


Strength: 3 reps On the Minute Clean and jerk for 10 min @155/105
Then we moved to Clean and Jerks. I don’t know if I’ve complained enough about my palm, wrist, forearm but last week with OHS, I tweaked it. And it’s been a lil bugger ever since. On Monday, it was wearing on my just holding the front rack position. Then moving to Push Ups was just that extra OUCHY. I didn’t think I was going to feel it today when we started warming up with just the bar but I did. I was still able to move the bar so I kept adding weight. Then it was too much, so I dropped to the low low weight of 65lbs. I only made it to minute 6 before I had to shut it down. Did a lot of mobility and hoping I can get myself healed up before Saturday, aka as BOOM for BOOBS!

10/9/13 WOD

10/9/13 WOD

MetCon: Bring sally up T2B MOD: Plank Push Up on the up part and elbow plank on the down.
Hahahah are you serious Coach? So today I was totally wishing I had Toes to Bar! If you are CrossFit savvy then you know all about Sally and bringing her up and bringing her down. It’s a song. And it’s a long song. And it’s annoying as all get out. Coach thought he was cute or something when he posted this on the website. He was wrong. I don’t mind planks in general, but when I have worn out shoulders, I don’t LIKE planks AT ALL. Holding the plank on my elbows just became unbearable. My shoulders were shaky and I could feel the fatigue. My arms were begging to be sawed off. Begging! No scores today. Just tired.

Barbells For Boobs
Wooooo I’ve met my goal but it doesn’t hurt to keep on asking. With the support and promise from my co-workers (Thank you – Heather, Kim, John and Ellis) I am up to $189 in donations. Your donation supports an awesome organization. For every $80, one mammogram is provided to someone in need!

If you aren’t able to help out right now, please share me with your friends, co-workers, etc.



Barbells For Boobs helps to SAVE lives through the early detection of breast cancer, regardless of one’s age, gender or ability to pay. Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. Their aim is to help anyone that needs it, anywhere, whether they are male or female, no matter what their age or situation in life.


That’s a WRAP!
This week has been busy busy. Gotta tighten up all my eating in general. Although I feel I’m doing OK, I could be doing KICK ASS. And kick ass I am not, YET. I hope you are all keeping good and bad food habits in check. Make the effort to keep on keepin on and I’ll make the effort to get some mobility in. Other than that, continue with your awesomeness!



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    • We had a small class but I’m thinking the two guys who did the T2B stayed on the bar the whole time. Never dropped. They said the planks looked much harder :/ I don’t think I could have handled it, my hands would have fallen off.

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