Injuries Blow


Granted my injury is minor. And besides old and worn out ligaments, tendons and everything else, I’ve been pretty healthy the past few years. Thank goodness! But now this wrist o’ mine is just being a pain in the ass! If any of y’all have had a serious injury I totally feel for ya. I can’t imagine how I’d be behaving right now if I was completely down and out.

So I took a few days off last week, hoping to heal up some. And I thought I was feeling a bit better, till I tweaked it picking up something over the weekend. So the pain is back and it feels like a sprain. That’s completely self diagnosed by the way. I can’t bear weight on the darn thing and it sucks.

Monday morning rolls around and I think to myself, I need more rest so I won’t go to the BOOM Box. But by Monday afternoon rolls around and I’m so ants in the pants, that I NEED to go to get some work in! I know Coach will have some good workarounds for me.

Warm Up: Sled Push
My first sigh of the day. There’s no way I can PUSH the sled with a bum wrist. But Coach was like who needs hands. Just lay into and push with your upper body. Hey, hey, hey… this worked and seemed much easier. Don’t get me wrong. Sled Pushes are still the devil.

Strength: Squat 5×5 @ 82.5
Sadly for me, I have no flexibility to even hold the bar on my back with my right wrist. Ugh! I was seriously upset that I even showed up at this point. Coach had me straighten my arms out over the bar. I felt like was carrying the barbell cross here. Warming up this felt great. By the time I got to my 3rd set at 82.5%, I was not feeling so great. As I fatigued, I felt like I was weighing the bar down with my arms. I know it was just a head game, but the head game won. On my last rep of my 3rd set, I leaned forward too much. While I did not hurt myself, I made the smart decision to call it a day for Back Squat.

10/21/13 WOD

10/21/13 WOD

MetCon: 30 – 20 – 10 Kettlebell Swing (1.5,1) and Burpees
We had a super full class and not quite enough KettleBells. So we had two heats. I opted for the 26lb Kettlebell, just to prevent further strain. I was scared to go overhead but I tried it anyways. It wasn’t super painful but there was a nice twinge. And with 60 KB Swings ahead of me, it was better to play it safe and do Russian Swings (eye level swings). I look at Coach and say “What do you want me to do for Burpees?” He puts his hands up, closed up in a fist and said “what about going down like this?” Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok?!?!? I tried one. It was doable. Uh oh.


Since the KB was light, I was able to get through pretty easy. It was the Burpees that got me. After 15 in my first round, my knuckles were on fire. I thought I ripped. Looked down expecting to see torn skin, blood, etc. But they were just RED. I just had to fight through. Time: 7:21

I went ahead and took this morning off. I really need to rest. We’ll see if the ants in the pants come into play. Press and Front Squats are on the agenda. Both are not wrist friendly. We’ll see!

I hope all you have had a great week so far. It’s only Tuesday I know. But I’ve been MIA for a few days so it feels like FOREVER. And for my blogger friends. I hope to catch up on ya. Y’all better be writing good stuff! Hehe.

Have a great day and always, I repeat, ALWAYS be AWESOME!

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8 thoughts on “Injuries Blow

  1. I can totally relate with the suckiness of an injury. I am getting over a partial tear in my quad and I was out for a good 6 weeks. I took several weeks off all together and then was doing just upper body for awhile and it pained me to watch everyone else doing these awesome workouts as I sat in the corner and did dumbbell presses. But I got through it and am slowly working my way back to where I was pre- injury. I hope you feel better really soon. 🙂

    • Aww man a quad tear is no fun! I pulled my Quad playing KICK BALL a few years ago. Wait… errr like 7 years ago. Where does time go? Fortunately I wasn’t out for too long. But this sprained wrist is just miserable. It hurts, but not just sitting here. So I forget it hurts till of course I do something to cause pain. Ugh! Makes me want to skip workouts all together because I’m a big ol girl baby. But I know that’s only going to hurt me in the long run. So I just gotta toughen up!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry! That sucks. Rest up, hopefully it starts to feel much better soon! Be good to yourself.

    I am sidelined this week too. Stupid sickness ravaged my body when I didn’t listen to it to slow down. 🙂

  3. Pssst, you can always “zombie squat” on front squat days. No wrist action at all. 🙂

    I am sorry that you’re injured though. If you don’t start getting some relief in a few days get yourself to the doctor. There’s a ton of small bones in our hands and wrists and if you’ve fractured something you may not even know.

    • Ya, I didn’t quite zombie squat, I did more of a frankenstein squat with my arms crossed. I’m just not very good when it comes to front squatting without holding the bar in a rack position. Ah well, I still showed. And I still put in work :p

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