Not so drained, but a little agitated


With the right mindset all things are possible. That is for sure. Over the past year I’ve tried getting back to it with the 21 Day Sugar Detox, Advocare, Weightloss Comp at work and whatever other promises I made to myself. But not one was fruitful. Now that I’m determined and willing, this is a walk in the park. Ok, it’s not like a lackadaisical stroll through some fairy tale wonderland but it’s definitely easier than my previous attempts at being good. Those before pics I took were really really motivating. Maybe one day I’ll share them with you. MAYBE!


Day FOUR! I’ve made it. I know it doesn’t sound like a big triumph. You might be saying “You’re only 4 days in. That’s nothing.” But seriously, 4 days of super clean eating. Proper eating. Getting in all the right portions, that’s no joke.

As for how I’m feeling, well, I was a little slow moving this morning but I’m not feeling anything negative physically at the moment. A little more on edge, irritable but in general I’m feeling fine. I thought I was getting a sore throat so I drank some water with apple cider vinegar. I’m becoming a firm believer in this stuff. And I’m not one for much of the “home remedy” type stuff. But everyday I’m becoming more and more of that person. I woke up and there is no sign of sore throat!

As far as eating is concerned, I had my Day THREE lunch of leftovers. A hot mess of the Carnitas tower sans the avocado cause I forgot it, but had leftover asparagus to go with the pork and cole slaw. Threw in some coconut flakes with blackberries and that keeps me satiated through to dinner. No cravings. No daydreams of chocolate running into my mouth.

Lunch 1/7/14

Lunch 1/7/14

For Day THREE dinner, I had the Salmon I made on Tuesday night. I never tasted it when it was fresh because I was too busy creating my leaning tower of carnitas. Well it was fantastic! It melted in my mouth, full of flavor and oh so good. I heated up the asparagus in a little bit of avocado oil and added a little bit of the butter lemon sauce that my other recipe was cooking in and it was to die for!

My attempt at making it more presentable.

Just in case you forgot how delicious the salmon looked!

I like being in the kitchen so prepping, slicing, dicing, cooking are not chores. Except for making things matchsticks. That sucks and I do not want to do that again. I’m sure there’s a fancy thingamajig that will do it for me, but I had a knife and a cutting board. And the recipe I was following from Weeknight Paleo called for veggies and fruits to be cut into matchsticks. Little did I know I am not good at this and it’s time consuming! It’s not hours of work but more work than I’d like to do regularly. I’m definitely finding the thingamajig that will make it easier.

But doesn't it look so pretty?!? Asian Five-Spice Chicken with Matchstix Salad, Weeknight Paleo

But doesn’t it look so pretty?!? Asian Five-Spice Chicken with Matchstix Salad, Weeknight Paleo

I only cooked ahead for tonight because we will be busy and I won’t have time to “make” anything. Reheat I can do and that’s easy. And that’s where the Matchsticks came in. It called for radishes, jicama, fuji apple, bosc pear and carrots to all be cut into matchsticks. Ay ay ay! While I was cutting that up, I was heating up a modified schezuan sauce. The recipe called for things that I could not find without sugar and honey which is not Whole30. So I just eliminated and hoped for the best! After my sauce cooled, I tossed it in with the matchstick salad. As that was all marinating, I heated up a skillet with Coconut Oil. I took chicken tenderloins and coated them in Chines Five Spice (which I’ve never used and wasn’t sure I’d like by the smell of it) and a few other spices. And off to the skillet they went. After a few minutes of cooking I added grassfed butter and lemon juice and let the tenderloins finish cooking. Plated the matchstick salad and topped with the chicken and it was fabulous. I ate half a serving of that and half a serving of my salmon. Turns out I was right about the smell of the Chinese Five Spice because it had anise, fennel and cloves, bleh. Not my favorite spices, but all together with the butter lemon sauce it turned out rather tasty. And maybe in my past experiences the flavors were too potent for my tastebuds back in the day. Ugh I’m getting old!


Even though I have felt drained, irritable and still may have not seen the worst of withdrawals, my optimism is high! I can already feel the bloating going away. I don’t know about everyone else but when I’m eating poorly, I feel like the stay puff marshmallow at all time. Today, I can sit, stand etc and not feel like I’m busting at the seams. It’s a nice feeling. And helps keep my attitude in a good direction. I’m not hungry in between meals and I’m not CRAVING in between meals. It’s the cravings that get me. Cause I can have those any old time and not even be hungry.

You can do this too!
If you’re reading and are on the fence about doing the Whole30 or any other program for that matter just know you can do it. It is possible. For me it’s 30 DAYS. I just had to put on my big girl panties and stop with all the whining. I put my game face on and I’m going to destroy this little chunky monkey that I’ve become. You may or may not have weight to lose. You may need to get rid of those migraines that are bugging you. You may have allergies. Or maybe your joints just hurt and you’re on 17389 medications. Eat clean! Get moving! Cut out all the crap. 30 days isn’t FOREVER.


So I don’t eat grains, but you should get the idea!


That’s a wrap!
It’s my REST day so BOOM Box recaps today. Back to it tomorrow and maybe trying out a Yoga class on Saturday. It’s at CrossFit Boom, so you know that’s my second home. We’ll see. In regards to food, it will be a lot of reheating over the next two days. If you have questions, need a cheerleader, or someone to vent to about making that change for better health, then I’m your girl! Have a fab Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Not so drained, but a little agitated

  1. I love hearing that it is going so well. I think the only thing I have an issue with on these challenges that are set timelines- like 30 days or a month etc. because too many people just do the 30 days and then go right back to how they were eating before. I am not saying YOU will do that, it’s just a lot of people do. I think this is more of a lifestyle thing you are getting used to and congrats for doing so well! Your meals look delicious!

    • I do agree with you in terms of the time limits, it’s like people will rush and wish for the 30 days to be over then RUIN it all by diving into a pitcher of beer or a chocolate cake. But I also believe that at least they did it and then they KNOW. Like it’s all true. The knew they felt good/better. Me personally, I’ve been a hot mess. From going strict paleo to sugar detoxing to falling apart and practically eating zero real foods. But I’ve made my foundation paleo and I think Whole30 helps reboot, restore all the things I already know. For lack of a better term, it centers me. Sounds silly I know. As for everyone starting fresh and new to healthier cleaner eating, it will be a struggle and a fight, but I think the little big of educating and learning will go a long way.

      And thank you on the meals… They are delicious. I’ve missed clean homecooked meals so much. I’m seriously in love with the food! My 14 year old is all MOM this stuff is amazing. He told me he was so glad I was back to cooking good foods. What teenager says that? LOL.

  2. Good job…sounds like you’re on the right track. I totally agree with the timeline….it should say Whole30+? or something.

    Our box is doing a paleo+zone 30day challenge…which I think is going to be fun, but require a lot more planning than a simple paleo challenge. I did our last challenge and loved the results…I lost over 10″ and 7lbs, but mostly I just felt better, less bloated etc. And my lifts ALL increased!!! I’m glad my boyfriend ate the same way I did, and he plans to join in on this upcoming challenge…so we’ll see!

    • Oh wow you had great results. I love the fact that just in two days the bloating practically disappears! And I forget how much better I feel. It’s really great your bf is on board. Mine is kind of, lol. He will gladly eat the meals I cook but he will gladly eat junk too! He is supportive though. Zone seems like so much food! But maybe I should transition to that when my whole30 is up. A friend of mine doing zone, so I’m anxious to see how she’s doing a little later down the road. Hope you kill your challenge!!

      • Thank you for the kind words! I hope I have success as well! I know that slow progress is still progress. I’m looking forward to it. The boyfriend does a lot of the cooking, so it’s really nice to know that he will put together meals for US without complaining-he’s a catch! Ill be sure to include progress pics and an update on how it goes!

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