Wall Balls …. We Meet Again


We’ve had a few WODs with Wall Balls in them lately but nothing too terrible. And although I dread them, I dread KAREN even more! That’s 150 Wall Balls AFAP! As. Fast. As. Possible!

So it’s a given that I’m gonna whine, cry and B!†©h about this freaking workout. Like more than ever. But damn it, I showed up at 5 a.m. KNOWING what was in store. So I feel, although I’m probably pretty annoying, that I’m allowed such moaning and groaning. Hehehe. Right?


Test Day

Strength: Push press 3,3,3 1,1,1
Yup Coach wants us to KILL our shoulders before we throw a medicine ball up 150 times. Yay fun! I went with Handy Dandy Multi-grip bar to alleviate wrist pain. This bar is a little awkward and even though I use it often, I never load it with weight as it’s already 65lbs on it’s own. But today we were going for HEAVY but I had to test the waters slowly. 65lbs isn’t putting any strain on my wrist but I wasn’t sure what more weight would do. Eventually I worked up to 105lbs and I was good there. I was a little less stable and didn’t want to push my good fortune at getting that weight.


MetCon: Karen – 150 WB 20/14
I don’t wanna but I gotta! At this point I didn’t care if I met the 15 minute time cap we had, only because we had 15 minutes left in class. My mind was prepared for a DNF. 3-2-1 GO. Hmmm the first 10, not so bad, 3 second break, next 10 not too bad either. Then 5’s from there on out. I felt good for the first 80 then slowly started falling apart. A lot of my MIND came into control vs. fatigue. But it’s no JOKE either way. Time: 13:23

2/21/14 WOD

2/21/14 WOD

This was a personal best for me. The last time I did an official Karen was a little over 2 years ago and finished in 14:37. And with all the ups and downs I’ve had on my journey… I was plenty excited to have a better time! But then I started thinking about some of the OPEN WODS where you had 12 minutes to do 150 wall balls, double unders and whatever else. I got 133 wall balls in 12 minutes last year! I was in a better place though. I tried beating myself up over it, but then shook it off and went back to being happy at a new PR!


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That’s a WRAP!
Happy Weekend y’all! Go forth, be active and eat clean! Your mind and body will thank you for it. I promise!

There is a CrossFit Boom Community WOD tomorrow at 9am as well. So if you’ve been itching to try something new, GO! It’s for all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes! And it’s FUN!


3 thoughts on “Wall Balls …. We Meet Again

  1. jh says:

    UGH. I think I would almost rather do Fran than Karen. At least my Fran time is faster than my Karen..

    We did the Open WOD a couple weeks ago and I never had an official Karen time before that (as I didn’t finish the wall balls last year). I felt similar to you, okay, first ten, good. Next ten, okay, this is great. Then DEATH.

    5. 3. 3. 1. 1. 1. WTF.

    I HAD to finish in 12:00. I ended up finishing in 11:57.. holy effing I never want to do that ever again.

    Congrats on the PR! And I will pray for you and me both that there will not be 150 wall balls anywhere in the open. Knowing them, it’ll probably be like 150 thrusters instead.

    • You are a superhero! I don’t know if I’ll ever get a sub 12 Karen, much less a sub 10 like so may people do. The best female in our box is in the 7 minute range and the best guy is in the 5 minute range. I WISH I was somewhere near that!

      I agree that Fran is probably better than Karen any day! 150 of anything is ugly though. And thanks for jinxing the Open, LOLOLOLOL. 150 thrusters you say. Sounds good! 14.1 here we go, hahaha.

  2. Nice job. I first met Karen in the open last year and I had just finished On ramp when I did that. I had never worked with the 14lb med ball either! I remember thinking if I can just get 100 up in the 12 minutes I will be happy. I made 108. I was stoked! Then … this Christmas I was back in New Zealand (I live in South Korea) and working out at the box I go to when home. Hello Karen. I remember thinking, ok I just have to make 12 minutes. Just before the 3 -2 – 1 GO! the coach calls out … “oh … and Sarah, you will go until you finish the 150”. Crap. Mental readjustment was in order. I finished in 12.29 so I was thrilled. The next time … I want under 12 minutes. Hopefully I won’t meet her anytime soon though! I have been working a lot with the 14lb ball and wondered if I should play with the 20lb a little more. It might make the 14 feel wonderful!

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