The Hiatus is Over!

Hidey Ho folks! Believe it or not I didn’t completely disappear! I was however, in a huge blogging funk. I wasn’t being very productive, not eating great and just overall blah. I suck. Mission: Obliterate Chunky Monkey has fallen off course. But after trying to find new pants and not liking what I was seeing in the dressing room, I MUST make a plan of attack. I’ve had enough with the excuses. And I promise you I’ve had plenty of them. And most of all, I did what I tell all of you NOT to do. I let the biggest excuse of them all get in my way. NO TIME! And well alcohol, yes that could be a big factor as well :/

But there is time. And I can lay off the beers and margaritas.


The time I have is  just not the time where I want to be in the kitchen or focusing on being healthy. My brain and body say sit down. Take a break. So I do. And with everyday that goes by that I’m “taking a break”, the harder it is to get back on track.

I finally got my lazy self to be more consistent at the Boom Box. And that’s been tough. I literally force myself to go. It’s better than talking myself out of going but it’s an internal fight. It’s weird saying that because I’ve always been “willing” to go. I’ve always looked forward to enjoying the workouts. But the past two weeks were tough. Of course I feel awesome POST workout but the thought process of getting dressed, driving there, and doing the work have been the opposite of motivating.


I think that mostly comes from me not meeting my goals. I’ve let myself down a handful of times over that past 12 months and I give up. I shut down. I quit. And then I wallow. I pretend I don’t look at myself in the mirror. And then I say screw it.  I eat and drink whatever, whenever. But all the while, I’m kicking myself. Asking myself why? And I don’t really have an answer. I have no valid excuses.


I don’t know why I get this way. I know I’m not alone. I just wish it were easier for me to step out of the funk. I even signed up for another work Weight Loss Challenge. It started 3 weeks ago and I have done nothing to try to win. THREE WEEKS! But today, it has changed. I don’t have a big plan of attack except to eat clean and show up at the BOOM box. I don’t have meals planned or prepped (I KNOW, this doesn’t help in my success) but mentally I’m over being a slob. I’m over being half ass. That will help me make better choices in the long run. The next couple of days may be unprepared but mentally I know I have to choose my foods wisely and push hard in my workouts. I will find my happy place.


I did get some workouts in. Although I sucked. And my food choices are getting better. I'm sure that salad in the bento box is chock full of sugar. I didn't say I was perfect! But I'm getting better.

I did get some workouts in. Although I sucked. And my food choices are getting better. I’m sure that salad in the bento box is chock full of sugar. I didn’t say I was perfect! But I’m getting better.

5 thoughts on “The Hiatus is Over!

  1. You can do it. I know its cliche … but one day at a time! One thing that is helping me right now is that 4 of us single gals are all wanting to eat clean for a while because we were out of control. So for a month, we are doing Paleo, and each of us cooks one meal for everyone else. It’s working awesome. I only have to cook dinner one night a week … prep my lunches on the weekend. I come in tired and eat a great healthy meal … try different recipes from others which helps me out of my own food ruts … and loving it. We are all saying we should do this more … maybe something like that would help?

    • It is truly one day at a time. I should have Bad Eating Anonymous club!

      That is pretty smart and helpful to get a group of folks. My schedule is so chaotic. I have two boys that play select baseball and a third in high school, so are weeknights are busy and weekends are filled with tournaments. So I really don’t want others relying on me to cook them food, I have 4 mouths I have to feed already. But it’s definitely an idea I will share with others 🙂

      • Yeah as a family, thats a whole different story. Our situation is unique as we live in a community on our school campus, and those of us doing it are all single! But you hit it when you said one day at a time. When I started working out, I had a mantra that went, “one thought, one choice, one step, one rep at a time. Win the moment, win the day.” I think we can do the same with eating as well!

  2. I’ve been in a rut the past couple weeks and it’s funny how I really don’t like how I feel and look but I continue doing what I do (or not do) I was trying clothes on yesterday and didn’t like what I saw either but I’m focused to get back on.

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