Seriously?!?!?! The year HATES me already!

And I am not joking one bit. I felt so defeated yesterday. After all my proclamations of how great 2012 will be and even if it’s not I’m gonna MAKE it great. Well it freaking stomped my face in yesterday as my car DIED, just flat out DIED in the middle of the road. I was “THAT” person… broke down at a stop light with nowhere to go. All systems down folks. Fortunately for me Grapevine police showed up QUICKLIKE to help me out to which I am grateful.

Now I did know my car was coming to failure as all sorts of warnings and noises were putting me in a panic but I was still going. I wasn’t far from dealership and I just knew I would make it. As I was on the phone with the service department to alert them I was coming – complete POWER FAILURE left me hangin’ out to dry. They called a tow truck to get me, which helped a lot as well. As the tow truck shows up, the guy asks if I needed a ride to the dealer as well and as I told him yes he told me to take a seat in the truck while he hooked up my car. So I’m sitting there and I see out of the corner of my eye a giant TIRE come out of nowhere. I look up and there I see what appears to be Grapevine CrossFit. The pic I have here is a total blurrilicious terd but you can kind of tell. I should have hopped out, joined in and gave em hell but instead I sat there and watched in my sadness.

Grapevine Crossfit ... I think! Appeared out of nowhere while I was waiting in tow truck.

I eventually got rescued by my brother. And car is being fixed. Dead battery and alternator 😦 And I move on. I won’t let it bring me down. 2012 will not defeat me. But I did stumble a bit and the first week isn’t even to a close yet!!!

Onto my WOD which gives me peace and strength (sometimes!?! and sometimes it just pisses me off too, haha).

1/06/12 WOD

As you see we worked Snatch and Clean&Jerk. I am no bueno at the SNATCH but I am determined to get that lift down. It’s so intimidating. So much to think about form wise and that’s just with a bar. Adding weight gives it a whole new form of intimidation. I got a little better, we’ll see what tomorrow brings as I will attempt my 1 rep MAX :O Doh, I SCARED!
I feel a lot more comfortable with the Clean&Jerk and my workout buddy today told me I had a “pretty” jerk! LOL. That made me laugh and I told her I would document it because it was cool to get that as a compliment and never in my life would I have ever imagined that would give me a warm fuzzy inside. Never in my life would I have imagined anyone ever saying that to me so WOW .. who am I? 😀

I felt pretty good about the WOD going in but I knew it would get to me! TABATAs always do. And it was OLD SCHOOL! LOL… air squats, pushups, situps… easy breezy right? WRONG… Not even halfway through squats my legs turned to JELLO. Pushups were murderous and surprisingly I felt pretty good at situps. A total overall rep count of 241. I was feelin pretty good. Worn out but good.

As for dinner last night, it was simple. Some grass-fed steak chopped up and sauteed with mushrooms and asparagus. I failed to take a picture as I was tired, defeated and HUNGRY. Ernie and I ate like it was the last meal on Earth… maybe it was just me though. I finished well before Ernie. The kids feasted on left over chili which by the way turned out pretty good considering I was lacking a lot ingredient wise. They informed me it was tasty and they liked it a lot. I too enjoyed it for my lunch. And I also forgot to take pics. But chili is chili right?

After dinner, I was proactive again and helped the kids out with their lunches and I remembered to take PICS! Yay me. So the whole point of the pictures is that this is EASY stuff to do. We haven’t bought “bread” in a month now. I ran out of Ezekiel Bread a few weeks ago. And all of us are A-OK withOUT it! No one has revolted or threatened my life. We just move along as if this is how it’s been all along. The boys enjoy it and know they are eating healthy. They loved the spinach and had no idea it was spinach. They saw I added zucchini this time around and were excited.. Yes we are a bunch of nerdos!

Preparing the Ham Rolls

Kid Approved Ham Rolls

And that’s how the cookie crumbles! COOKIE..??? Who said COOKIE?

Hahahah I am probably the only one laughing but that is how my brain works folks. I’m weird. Happy Friday to you all! Enjoy the weekend 🙂

HELLO 2012!

Welcome to the NEW YEAR people! I’m really hoping it’s great. I plan to make it great regardless of what life throws at me 🙂

I bypassed yesterday’s blog because I was lazy and slept in and it was a day off. But today is a new day and I need to get my crap under control!

Let me recap for you NYE and the bringing in the New Year with FRAN! She’s a dirty girl and we started off by kicking her to the curb. I hope I don’t see her for a while but who knows. New Year’s Eve, Ernie and I hosted a small gathering of the Boom Beasts to eat, watch dvr’d CrossFit Games and then head over to the Boom Box to meet Fran.


As you can see by the spread of food I was a busy girl that day. New Year’s Eve PALEO feast! Everyone brought their own protein and I provided most of the sides. Everything but the Israeli salad (which was great and resfreshing) brought by Josh. On the menu was Kale Chips, Guacamole, Holiday Brussel Sprouts (taken from Everyday Paleo), Sweet Potato Casserole, Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, Stuffed Mushrooms, Paleo Deviled Eggs, Walnut Date Bars and store bought veggie tray, fruit bowl and shrimp trays.


It was a good time and it appeared that everyone enjoyed the food and hanging with each other outside the BOX. A little after 11, we headed out to CrossFit Boom for a little warm up and the countdown to Midnight! There were 9 of us working out and we had to split up into two groups so I didn’t start at Midnight per say, I started at about 12:15. Travis (injured) wanted us to set a goal time so I said 12 minutes. Last time I did Fran was Nov 1 and I used 55lbs and finished in 11:38. This time around I used the RX’d 65lbs, still used bands for pullups and finished in 10:30. I’m getting there slowly but surely. For those of you that don’t know… FRAN is 21, 15, 9 of Thrusters and Pullups. So you do 21 Thrusters, 21 Pullups, 15 Thrusters, 15 Pullups, 9 Thrusters, 9 Pullups! Crazy insane I know but we brought in 2012 like that and it was actually a good time! I had a blast. It was also Jonas’ “first” BOOM workout. He starts officially today. I’m excited for him 🙂

2012 FRAN at MIDNIGHT 1/1/12

Sunday was absolute sleep and rest day. We didn’t do very much at all! Monday was back to CrossFit and shop day since we had the day off and we got all of groceries done for the week.

We did CFT for our WOD and it was good and not so good! I PR’d (Personal Record) my Press by 5lbs and my Backsquat by 5lbs. I did not however do good at Deadlift! I was not happy. I didn’t even come close to my Max of 185. Fatigue and bum hip got to me I think. So overall for the morning 140lbs backsquat, 65lbs shoulder press and 155 deadlift.

1/2/12 WOD

Starting next week I’ll be CrossFitting 4 days a week as Ernie graciously signed me up for an extra day! LOL, it should be good. But it’s still intimidating!

Doing a little Mobility post CFT WOD

So that was it for today people. Short and sweet! Happy Tuesday! Back to normalcy for the most part. No more vacation Days (which really make me lazy) 😦 Like I said earlier… 2012 will be great! Bring it!