Whole30 DAY 9 – Feelin’ Fine!


It’s a rest day for me from the BOOM Box so today will be all about the Whole30. I had planned on reviewing Choice Organic Tea as well but I’m still waiting to hear about possibly doing a giveaway as well. So if you love TEA stay tuned in.

Whole30 Day 9 FEELIN’ FINE!


I’m on my 2nd day of week 2, almost 1/3 of the way there. YAY! And so far it’s been superb. This morning was probably the only day so far where my meal wasn’t so balanced. But it’s still clean. I don’t think there’s a rule that tells me I have to start over based on an unbalanced plate. Please don’t tell me I have to start over!

Last night, we roasted a chicken, put pork shoulder in the crockpot (link to recipe below) and boiled, stir-fried and roasted a slew of veggies. This morning I FINALLY broke down and made some Egg Muffins as well! And they were a WINNER and now probably a staple in our kitchen for quick breakfast solutions. The kids really enjoyed them and they were full of goodness 🙂

1/9/13 Dinner

1/9/13 Dinner

Now let me get back to that pulled pork. I haven’t tried it yet, but the kids sampled it this morning and their only words were MMMMMM. I know that’s not a word, so their only sounds were MMMMMM. As most of you know I did the 21-Day Sugar Detox last year in May. And I struggled a bit with that but came out with positive results in the end. Recently I saw a facebook post about PULLED PORK. I love pulled pork preferrable drenched in some yummy bbq sauce on a bun with some coleslaw on top and topped off with another bun! Now seeing as that I can’t have a bun and I’m too lazy right now to find a Paleo cole slaw solution, I was just intrigued in general that it was pulled pork and it was fit to be on the 21-Day Sugar Detox. It just so happens it’s in line with Whole30 as well. I really couldn’t imagine why it wouldn’t be as they eliminate the same food groups for the most part. So I clicked the link to the post HERE and found the recipe. It comes from the folks over at PaleoPot whom I had never heard of until now. I am anxious to see what other recipes they have to share. I indeed had all the ingredients except for SMOKEY PAPRIKA so mine probably tastes a little different because I used plain ol paprika. Either way it smelled WONDERFUL in my house this morning. And it did PULL apart pefectly. I’m excited for lunch today so I can know it tastes as good as it smelled.

In the CrockPot, don't mind the "burned" sides, I'm sure it's fine, but I didn't have time to scrub it down. Pulled apart so easily!

In the CrockPot, don’t mind the “burned” sides, I’m sure it’s fine, but I didn’t have time to scrub it down. Pulled apart so easily!

Sampler plate for kids to taste :) MMMMM!

Sampler plate for kids to taste 🙂 MMMMM!

As for the egg muffins, I’ve read about them for a while now and although they sound tasty I am an OVER MEDIUM EGG or Hardboiled egg kind of girl. So scrambled and baked eggs aren’t at the top of my list. We have a lot of eggs we need to get through so I figured EGG MUFFINS would help use them up. I have a feeling we’ll be running out of eggs instead of figuring out what to do with them! As I was perusing PALEO EGG MUFFINS I found tons of recipes. One stood out to me mostly because it sounded like my kind of muffin. I added and took away some things but in the end it’s very similar to the recipe over at EASY PALEO, which in turn comes from Paleo Comfort Foods, which I HAVE but haven’t flipped through it in a while, OOOPS! Ah well, I’ve slightly modified the recipe as to how I made them and I’m glad I found Jennie Harrell’s post at Easy Paleo 🙂 I’ve only read her About Me but she seems quite interesting and has a great story. Check her out!

Fresh out of the oven. I should have included my boys hovering around in the pic!

Fresh out of the oven. I should have included my boys hovering around in the pic!

Breakfast Egg Muffins

1 TBS olive oil

1 large sweet onion, finely chopped

1 red bell pepper, chopped

1 cup mushrooms, chopped

1 package of Chicken sausage

12 large eggs, whisked

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp sea salt

You can pretty much add any veggie that sounds good to you!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cook Chicken Sausage over medium heat in one pan and Saute onions in olive oil over medium-high heat in another pan for 2-3 minutes. Add peppers and mushrooms, and continue cooking for another 2-3 minutes.

While veggies are cooking, whisk the eggs in a large bowl.

Once veggies are cooked, remove from heat and let them cool for a few minutes. Dump them into the egg mixture, and stir well, sprinking in the salt and pepper.

Coat a large muffin pan with oil. Add some chicken sausage to each muffin cup. Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, fill each muffin cup with your egg mixture. For me this was enough for 18 Egg Muffins!

Place in oven for 10-15 minutes. The muffins get fluffy and golden. Remove from oven and eat em up. Store the rest in the fridge or freezer. Heat up when you want some more via microwave!

Ready to serve. One batch browned a littler more on the edges but no concern there because they still tasted yummy!

Ready to serve. One batch browned a littler more on the edges but no concern there because they still tasted yummy!

This was a big winner and easy to eat! Woohooo! As far as breakfast for me I had 2 egg muffins and some pork belly. I was missing out on the veggies but I think I’ll be ok :/ Lunch will be comprised of Pulled Pork, roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower, Asparagus and 1/2 an Avocado. No fruit today in case you all may be wondering if I truly AM eating too much fruit. I’m not! It’s been a downfall in my past but not this time around!

Whole30 Mentality
Mood for today is still GREAT. Loving the energy. According to my Whole30 daily email, I SHOULD BE FEELING this way and I’m glad I’m chugging along with this. Here’s what Whole30 says I should be feeling:

In addition, days 7-11 are generally when people report feeling some of “the magic” kicking in. You might start experiencing these positive side effects:

  • Your energy is ramping up, and becoming more consistent over the course of your day.
  • You’re falling asleep easier, and sleeping longer and more soundly.
  • You’re recovering from your exercise or sport faster.
  • Symptoms like allergies, skin issues, digestive distress, and stress are gradually improving.
  • Mood swings, a short attention span, and crankiness are starting to be a thing of the past.
  • You’re strangely…happy.



Looking forward to tomorrow since IT’S FRIDAY! Be AWESOME today and every day from now on. GOT IT? Ok GOOD. Happy Thursday!



Overhead Squats I GOT YOU!

I’m so feeling the pain in my hamstrings after yesterdays Romanian one legged kettlebell deadlifts. They are sore and tight! Nothing like a good dose of the BOOM Box to help me forget the pain!

Skill/Strength: Press 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 Starting at a lower weight moving up to heavy. Being that my 1 RM is 70lbs and I’m stuck there FOREVER, my goal was to finish at 70lbs. After some warm up reps I jumped to 50lbs and although that felt rather light I know moving up will get ya. By the time I got to 65lbs I was feeling strong. I got this. Until the freakin 70lb set. Houston we have a NO GO! UGH! So frustrating.

10/2/12 WOD

MetCon: 5 rounds of 1 minute OHS (55lbs), 1 minute Double Unders, 2 minute rest. The RX for OHS was 65lbs which in hindsight I probably should have done. BUT, the OHS gets me good in the wrists and it HURTS soooo bad. I feared by the 5th round I wouldn’t be able to even hold the bar up. Well my fears were wrong. Last time I worked on OHS Coach had me work on bringing my hands closer in on the bar and that helped a lot. Little did I know that would be my saving grace in all 5 rounds of today’s MetCon. My wrists were fatigued but not in excruciating pain. OHS I have conquered you mentally and physcially…. WOOHOOO… until you get real heavy, sigh! I believe I got 15, 13, 17, 16, 17 for my rounds with the OHS. Doing DUs right after OHS really sucked. My shoulders were tired and I didn’t want to spin the rope around. It took me a little bit to get in a groove and get used to jumping with my OLY shoes. I’m sure I could have done a few more DUs with my regular shoes but then maybe I wouldn’t have been as strong with the OHS. I’ll take the OHS reps over DUs. I believe I got 40, 50, 41, 39, 37 on my DUs, but I can’t recall perfectly. Score: 285. Looks pretty weak amongst the other scores but they all did singles. I didn’t earn an RX either by going 10lbs lighter in the weight so there I sit with my sad 285. I’m ok with it though. I didn’t drop the bar once which I’m notorious for!

21-Day Sugar Detox – Day 2
Yup I survived Day 1. I wasn’t sure that I would. I’m probably hitting the actual water intake that I need because I’m chugging a shit ton every time I want a piece of fruit or something junky. I was struggling on the way home from work yesterday but my Dad’s house had a nice little surprise, GREEN bananas! Thank you baby Jesus, I’m allowed to have a green tipped banana and I needed it! Dinner was Roasted Chicken, Mashed Cauliflower and Spinach Salad. I didn’t manage to get in any salad I just wasn’t hungry.

This morning I had 2 eggs and some Acorn Squash with a dash of cinnamon. So delightful! Then I get to work, review the program and realize I’m not to have ACORN SQUASH! WTH?


I thought I knew this. Clearly I did not and clearly it was too good to be true! I did know that you could have 1/2 sweet potato if you were an Athlete (hehehe, yes I consider myself an Athlete), so I followed up on that and relearned that I could choose from the “Dense Carb” list and whew I’m in the clear. I will however have to forgo the rest of the squash that I had set up for lunch! Chicken and Cauliflower for lunch. I really need to add some green food. I will for dinner. I must!

And that wraps up my Tuesday. I hope everyone is having a fine day. Make it AWESOME, BE AWESOME!

Making It Happen

You know it! It’s Day 1 of the 21-Day Sugar Detox in my lil world. It’s long overdue! September was full of eating FAILs and hardknocks to our typically uneventful life. But we persevere like we always do, like we are made to do. Thank goodness I stayed true to my workouts! Time to get back on track with the FOOD!

21-Day Sugar Detox – Day 1
So here we are October 1 – Can you believe it’s October? It’s great, the weather is instantly cooler, the RANGERS are in the playoffs and the holidays are right around the corner ツ AND today I start my Sugar Detox. If you’ve been with me since at least May then you know I have made it through with only one hiccup on Mother’s Day. This time around I aim to not have any slip ups and just do it and do it right! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar in all forms and although I’m not the junkie I once was but I haven’t been quite the saint either. I know this first week may not be easy for me because the past two weeks were filled with all sorts of nonsense in regards to food. You all reading shouldn’t be affected but those that know me personally may get a short tempered, angry person in their face. I apologize in advance!!! So far for the day 3 eggs over medium, 1 cup of Mint Tea, lots o’ water. No veggies cause I’m lame and didn’t prepare properly but I have veggies for lunch and will have some for dinner too.

10/1/12 WOD
Skill/Strength: 4 x 10 Single Leg KB RDL AHAP. What is a Single Leg KB RDL? Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift. The objective was to do 10 on each leg for 4 sets and move up to as heavy as possible. I started off at 1 POOD and that wasn’t too bad. I have pretty good balance so that helps out. The thing I don’t have is good grip. It’s weak! But because I didn’t struggle at 1 POOD, I moved up to 1.5 POOD.

I’m am stronger when my right leg is planted but this started taking a tole on my hip. By the 4th set I was struggling and my left leg felt much stronger in the end. I’ve done this movement with no weight many times so I know with added weight I will feel this in the morning. I’m scared!

10/1/12 WOD

MetCon: TABATA of Jumping Lunges, Handstand Shoulder Touches and B2B Air Squats. TABATA just seems EVIL! TABATA hurts! TABATA will in the end KICK YOUR ASS! but TABATA is good for you whether you like it or not. TABATA is 20 seconds of one movement, 10 secs rest over and over for 8 rounds. You are supposed to count your reps and the round with the least reps is you score. Well we started with Jumping Lunges and somewhere from the beginning to the middle I started cheating doing Stepping Lunges. This was not my intention but I was called out on it which really sucked because 1. I was doing them wrong and 2. I didn’t realize I was doing them wrong and 3. Well I sucked. I ended up with a score of 8 for Jumping Lunges. My LEGS were dead. We moved onto Handstand Shoulder Touches during the 10 second rest. I opted for Handstand Rocking because prior to the whole TABATA start I could only manage to get one shoulder touched. I couldn’t complete a rep on my left side. So I modified. Thank goodness our legs got some rest but this is a butt whoopin on the good ol shoulders! I started off strong but fell to 10 reps for my last three sets. Ah well. Our legs were punished once again when we hit those air squats. My true pain came from HOLDING the squat in the 10 sec rest period though. About halfway through my right hip was just dead. Holding the squat made it burn. I was done. I was trying to keep my reps up but ended with a score of 9 on the Air Squats 😦

To WODapalooza or Not To WODapalooza? That is the Question! A great BOX in Temple, TX – CrossFit DSP is sponsoring the 2nd annual WODapalooza. I competed in this last year with only 2 months CrossFitting under my belt. It was a blast! Now it’s a 2 day event and I’m torn on whether I should bite the bullet and compete! Registration started today, hopefully some spots are still available by the time I make my decision!

That’s it y’all! It’s Monday. Make it great! Be AWESOME and it’s not too late to start the sugar detox. No one made it a LAW to start on the first of the month. Just start!

Getting Back on Track … uh on monday?

Isn’t that the good ol excuse? The weekend is here, I already screwed up. Let’s keep this party rolling. I keep telling myself and you all “you’ve only been eating not so great for a few days, a week maybe”. Well that week turns into two which WAM BAM turns into a month quickly. How does that happen so fast?!? Seriously Whole30, 21 day Sugar Detox, Paleo Challenges are short and feel like forever. But eating like crap feels short term and ends up being too long. It’s crazy how that works! I fall down too people, I’m not perfect. But I get back up!

Now I haven’t been weighing myself regularly because I’m getting over that scale addiction, and truly I was feeling good about me – physically and mentally. The past few days I have really felt poorly with my self image and I have felt and seen where I’m starting to expand/jiggle and I know exactly why, it’s not rocket science. And I’ve been in a mental fog as well. Some of that is emotional stress but I think a lot of it is junk fogging up my brain. Just eating poor dinners can really f*^! things up. Then add some poor weekends…And now it’s all catching up to me. So I gave in to that damn scale and weighed! Which is no real judgment I know, I’m stronger, I’m healthier… the scale doesn’t determine that at all, but I stepped on it anyways. And although I’m not in a super bad place, I’m not in a super great place about it either.

So I declare a Sugar Detox is much needed! The good folks at 21 Day Sugar Detox have a monthly start date and it starts Monday as will I. Who’s with me? ………. I think I hear crickets. I know it’s daunting people but you can do it! Only 21 days! That’s it. I hear you, “but you just said it feels like forever.” That I did, that I did but it’s mental. It’s still only 21 days. And now is perfect! Right before the holidays, then you can be strong to resist all the office/school/social function temptations! Let me know if you’re on board. The link is right there to the right! Let’s do this! 

Now that I’ve got that out of the way I will share my morning at the BOOM Box.

Skill/Strength: 4 x 6 Back Squat @ 80% of 1RM and Band Sprints
I felt pretty good with my Back Squat, maybe that extra weight I’m carrying is giving me a boost. Or maybe I’m just getting stronger! Hehehe. I ended up at 115lbs for the 4 sets. Coach had me work on bringing my hands in closer on the bar. I tend to have trouble with this because my shoulder flexibility isn’t great but this really helped my drive back up.

9/28/12 WOD

Band Sprint were short and sweet. This is where you take a band and put it around your waist. You have a partner that holds onto the band and anchors down creating a fair amount of resistance making you work for short sprints. We did 6 sprints each. Nothing super special about these. It’s work that’s for sure.

MetCon: Team WOD Death by Pull Ups x 2 … woohooo… yay… fun.. i love pull ups. Say It, Believe It right? Ah heck I want to love pull ups, I really do. Pull ups just don’t love me. So Death by… means do a rep on minute one, add a rep each minute, go until you can’t meet the reps required for that minute. Well by 2’s means just that, instead of adding ONE every minute you must add two. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. TEAM means YAY I have someone to struggle with me and pull my weight! Hehe, only the first part is really true and hopefully the 2nd part is only because I am weak. My partner, Andrea, knows of my weakness. It did help that we got to split up the reps. When we got 5 reps each I slowed down bad. I’m pretty sure by 6 reps each, Andrea did 1 extra one for me. By 7 reps each, I’m pretty sure she did 2 extra reps to make up for me. And by 8 it was 3 but I ended up coming back to do 1 of them. We didn’t make it for 9 reps each and I wouldn’t have made it without her, so THANK YOU Andrea! Final round counted 16 total pullups, so 8 minutes. Can I get new arms now? Please? Pretty Please?

Well that’s it for this week. I’m already looking forward to 2013. Maybe then I can have a year of goodness. But I’ll take this weekend for sure right now. Texas is due for some cooler weather so the weekend should be good! Enjoy yourselves and BE AWESOME!

Box Jumps and Burpees, YIPPEE!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. This morning at the BOOM BOX it was like the title says, Box Jumps and Burpees!

Skill Strength involved MAX HEIGHT BOX JUMPS. If you’ve been following along you all know I FEAR the BOX JUMP and truly I have no idea why. But it’s a sad fact that my brain limits me in this part of the CrossFit World. I could only manage to over come 28 inches for my jump :/ I know I can clear higher than that because I can jump right next to the 30 inch box and my feet have the clearance. it’s just the actual JUMPING on to the box that scares the living crapola out of me. It’s sad.

5/24/12 WOD

For the MetCon it was BURPEES, BURPEES and more BURPEES. We had 10 minutes to complete 50 burpees and when the 10 minutes was up we had another 10 minutes to do another 50 burpees. (Are you sick of seeing the word burpees yet?) I really wasn’t sure what my pace would be because well I sucked at the Games Open WOD 12.1. Only managing 74 in 7 minutes. Wasn’t feeling awesome about that then so I was only hoping for better than 5 minutes to do 50. I manged to knock out 50 in 3:40. I did stop and pause and take some rest between. Coach wasn’t too happy about that so for the second round I didn’t stop and I finished 2 seconds faster for a time of 3:38. So Coach wins “barely”. I preferred my slacker route. But it wasn’t the best time so whatever!!! 😛

Sugar Detox – Still Kickin’
Well yesterday was my last official day but we’ll see how the weekend fares. I think I can steer clear of most bad but oh so yummy things. I’ve been disciplined now for 24 1/2 days. Might as well keep going. 6lbs gone is mighty fine as well, so I don’t mind forgoing the sugars especially when I know I’m a recovering sugar junkie.

It’s a LONG weekend for me finally! I don’t get very many of those. If you’re local and want to check out the BOOM BOX on Monday we are having a 9am WOD. All of y’all are welcome! http://www.crossfitboom.com

If you see a man or woman who serves our country then please make sure and THANK THEM! I mean you should thank them daily but especially since it’s Memorial Day Weekend! I know it’s to honor the fallen, but honor those who still stand and proudly serve our country!

Happy Weekend. Happy Memorial Day!


Seriously OHS and HSPUs… my wrists are crying!

So it’s later than normal for my WOD recap, part of it, I’m sorry, blah blah blah.

Got to the BOOM Box for a nice little combo of Dead Lifts, Overhead Squats (OHS) and Handstand Push Ups (HSPU). I’ve grown to love MetCons that include lifting but OHS is like kryptonite for me.

That along with Snatch! So although I do not despise OHS I definitely have not found my happy place. It’s awkward, it hurts my sad pathetic wrists and I wish I could do heavier weight comfortably but I can’t 😦

5/23/12 WOD

We had 4 rounds of a 3 minute AMRAP that included 3 OHS and 3 HSPU. I could have sworn it was originally 2 minutes but I’m also half asleep at 5am. As you can see on the white board image, I didn’t get very many rounds in. Going from OHS that kills my wrists, even with my handy dandy Strength Wraps, to HSPUs is killer. My shoulders are dead, my wrists are dead, I’m just dead. By the fourth round, it wasn’t the OHS that was killing me, it was the HSPUs! Holy Crapola it was hard to knock out 3 of those bad boys.

We also worked on Dead Lifts prior to the MetCon for Skill/Strength. Coach did the math for us today so I did 3 @ 130lbs, 3 @ 140lbs and 3+ @ 150lbs. I managed to bust out 12 on my last set. As I’ve mentioned before I feel I could keep going if I didn’t feel as if my hands might literally explode! With proper mobility work put in the Dead Lifts are getting better 🙂

Day 23 – Sugar Detox
Well I’ve made it to my “extended” last day with almost flying colors. One sugar coma on Mother’s Day and no other slip ups. I’m even trying to carry forward as much as I can. I was tempted at lunch for sure. We went to one of my fave places, Ali Baba. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant that has a wonderful lunch buffet. Lots of healthy stuff to choose from and a few not so Paleo foods that I happily steered clear from….this fried pita thing called thyme pie or something like that and rice pudding (which I LOVE). I could have cheated and taken a bite or two but I’m serious about this detox. I do feel much better than ever and I realize it’s silly how much sugar I was taking in without realizing it all because I thought I eat fairly clean. So I can only imaging how much sugar I was actually putting in my body prior to October of 2011!

Now for the exciting news…

6lbs down! Woohooo! It’s not huge because I don’t have huge amounts to lose anymore. But it’s great. And weight loss was not my ultimate goal so this is an added bonus!!!

And there ya have it peoples! Hope your Thursday has been great. If not your day isn’t over, do something super fun and crazy. Laugh a lot and smile big… It’s contagious!

Maybe Just Maybe I’ll keep the Sugar Detox ROLLING!

I’ve been reporting that I’ve been feeling great this whole time with the exception of the first few days and it’s all true. But yesterday and today seem to be EXTRA good. Is it just now that my body has finally accepted this way of being? I’m not sure, I’m just saying, I’m MORE AWAKE and I have more ENERGY than I felt last week. I was already feeling great and felt fine. No Cravings. But Normal. However, the past two days I feel more alert and energized. Of course I’m still sleepy at 4:30 am when it’s time to get up but I’m not drained sleepy. And I’m not having a midmorning yawnfest. “MY” extended end date is through this Thursday but maybe I’ll just keep trucking. That’s just A MAYBE folks. And you’ll know I’ll keep you posted in whatever it is I decide.

The BOOM Box is growing and I LOVE IT cause I LOVE MY BOX! It’s great to see new faces in the 5am and 6am classes. And even thought I don’t see the afternoon folks, I know new people are coming and it’s great. I hope they make it their workout home 🙂 Enough LOVE talk and onto the workout.

5/22/12 WOD

Skill/Strength: We worked on Press today. We took 90% of our max then took 80%, 85% and 90% of that for a 3, 3, 3+ combo. After a couple of warm ups with the 35lb bar I jumped to 50, 55, and 60lbs. My last set I completed 8 reps. Not bad since Press is one of my weaknesses.

MetCon: 3 Rounds of 50 KB swings and 400m run. Have I complained about all the running we’re doing lately? hehe, YES I complain lots. But doesn’t it seem like more running than one should want to do? JOKES of course. I need to run even if I despise it. I worked with 1POOD (about 35lbs) for my KB Swings. I did all 3 rounds UNBROKEN. And well the running sucked. So I think the runs took up too much time but that’s part of it. TIME: 11:57

Well I already touched base on the Sugar Detox and I don’t want to bore you with more rambling. But I did manage to try out a new recipe. Another Blogger Friend of mine posted it from Everyday Paleo. I pretty much had all the ingredients so I made it. Simple with a slight twist take on Meatballs. It was a win for having something different. It can be found at Everyday Paleo and below as I have copied it from them. The only thing I didn’t have was Ground Pork, so I doubled up on the Beef. I served mine up on some shredded and sauteed zucchini. It was wonderful!

Mexican Meatballs served over Zucchini Faux Noodles.

The Sauce (Seafood enchilada sauce from Everyday Paleo)

Note: prepare sauce or have it simmering prior to putting meatballs into the oven.

1 medium onion, minced

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 cups tomato puree (make your own-about 4 large tomatoes pureed in a food processor)

4 garlic cloves, minced

2 tbsp chili powder

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp sea salt

Saute the onions in coconut oil until limp.  Add tomato puree, garlic, chili powder, cumin, oregano and salt.  Mix well and let simmer for 15-20 minutes, stirring often.  Pour the sauce into a food processor and process until smooth.


1 lb ground beef

1 lb ground pork

1 1/2 tsp salt

3 garlilc cloves

1 tbsp oregano

1/2 small onion, minced

2 tsp cumin

Mix together all ingredients and form golf ball size meatballs.  Place meatballs into a glass dish (will probably need 2- makes about 24 meatballs) and bake at 375 for 15 min.  Then spoon sauce over the meatballs and bake for another 10-15 minutes.

Try it out. Let me know what you think about it.

That’s it for today folks. Have a MARVELOUS TUESDAY.

Happy MONDAY y’all!

Yup Monday again. Surprisingly I feel good this Monday morning. I got up a lil earlier than normal and wasn’t RUSHING as much to get to the BOOM Box. I guess taking Friday thru Sunday off was a good thing 🙂


Today’s whiteboard didn’t look too harsh but we all know how that ends up. We started with Max Time L-Sits hanging from the bar. I suck at anything that has to do with that damn pull up bar! After we can no longer hold the L-Sit we were to just dead hang for 1 minute. This idea is supposed to help build a better grip or MAKE YOU CRY.

I’m sure I didn’t look like this, but this is a hanging L-Sit.

At some point the crying should lessen and the grip will strengthen. I’m hoping for that point. It hasn’t arrived yet. I managed to get a Max L-Sit of 16 seconds. Hehehe. Not any sort of greatness there but I’m trying. The dead hangs hurt after you try to hold the L-Sit and my first minute I think I came off the bar twice. My second minute, I’m pretty sure I came off the bar at least 5 times. And I lost count on how many times I dropped from the bar on the 3 minute. It sucked. My hands are not happy hands.

The MetCon looked as if it may be EASY and to my surprise it started out pretty good. Coach saw we weren’t struggling enough so he doubled our reps and that did take a toll. It was 20 minutes of alternating between 8 Hand Release Push Ups (even minutes) and 10 Air Squats (odd minutes). Halfway through we weren’t dying enough so it doubled. 16 HRPUs and 20 Air Squats. Adding 8 extra pushups did the trick. It takes the breath right out of you. In a GOOD way of course. That adds up to 120 HRPUs and 150 Air Squats.

Day 21 Sugar Detox
Wooohoooo it’s the 21st day of the 21-Day Sugar Detox. I’ve survived! I’ve managed and I’ve been successful. As I said last week I’m going through till Friday. Well through Thursday! I had some dessert on Mother’s Day and my kids told me I could eat dessert if I added 3 more days to the Detox. So I did. And NOOO I don’t plan to dive into a cheesecake or anything. Just add fruit back in but in lesser quantities and have a treat every now and then sweetened with honey or maple syrup. Oooh and chocolate. I would like a piece of dark chocolate. That is all 🙂

I encourage y’all to take the plunge. Yes it’s true you won’t feel the greatest in the first few days but YES you will feel GOOD the rest of the time. I still have a couple of days before I weigh to see what if any weight loss benefits I get. I feel lighter, so with that said, weight loss will just be a bonus. I don’t CRAVE the sugary foods anymore. My taste buds don’t salivate at the thought of all those yummy but bad foods. I’ve been PALEO since about October of 2011. SO not too long and definitely not PERFECT all the way but at least the 80/20 ideal if not better 90% of that time. But even being PALEO I let the fruits and Honey and AGAVE NECTAR (which I thought was Paleo) get the best of me. I feel like this did a great help to my sugar addiction. And I know that if I let all those sugars creep back in that I can nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. I’m human, I can’t promise I’ll never eat something sugary again. But I do know that my performance at the Box in general is hindered. I want bigger and better results. Besides keeping at it and pushing hard at my workouts eating clean is the only thing that will help me in the long run.

Hope y’all have a SUPER DUPER MONDAY!

Sleeping Stephanie ZZZzzzz!

Lazy bones checking in I got nothin for ya today really. I completely missed my alarm this morning. I have no idea how I slept through it. I suppose I just dismissed it and went back to sleep but I have ZERO recollection. I just know I woke up and the room was lit up due to the rising sun! It was 6:30 am. TWO FREAKING HOURS past the time I should have got up! NO BOOM BOX for me. 😦 I was so lost this morning. So out of it. I had no idea. So ya, Go ME! I guess my body needed sleep more than anything.

Day 18 Sugar Detox
Going STRONG! I feel great, I feel awesome. Life is good. I’d like to say I’d kick sugar forever but I do love me some fruit. Give the good ol’ Sugar Detox a try folks. It’s not going to kill you, I’m still kicking. YES it takes time, YES it takes planning, YES you have to go outside your COMFORT zone. But if you can make small changes towards a bigger goal, you’ll get there. And NO I’m not sitting in my ivory tower. I haven’t been fit my whole life, I haven’t been skinny my whole life. I HAVE BIRTHED 3 children, I have EATEN food by the truckloads, I work FULL TIME, I have made EXCUSES, I lived in disgust with my own body and did nothing but stuff my face more.

I’ve been there done that. I can promise you that eating clean, eliminating JUNK and living for your future and your kids (if you have them) is WORTH missing out on everyday indulgences. Am I saying don’t ever eat a piece of cake? NO, I’m saying TRY to do something good for you and get out of old habits. Don’t reward yourself with food. Make food your fuel source, not your happy place. Please know that doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat boring bland food, it just means you have to WORK at cooking a little more. Ya I know WORK. Grow up, do work, live healthy, feel good as a result and enjoy life.

So my nothing turned into a little rant. Either your still reading or your not. It doesn’t matter. I just hope you all live for good health so you can enjoy your lives instead of being in pain, whatever pain that may be.

Have a good weekend. Take a step towards clean eating, moving more and loving life! Become addicted to being AWESOME!


Cause I’m lame and at a loss for something cool or cute to say.

As most of you know Wednesdays are my rest days and that’s what I do. REST and after reading a post over at Whole9 on RECOVERY vs. REST, (http://whole9life.com/2012/05/rest-vs-recovery/) I made sure I recovered. I typically do put some recovery work in but sometimes I’m not so thorough or consistent. I think also having a half day from work and taking the boys to the dentist was good mental recovery. We had a fun afternoon and evening… it was much needed.

This morning at the boom box was all about working on KB Snatch and a TEAM WOD. For KB Snatch we were supposed to go as heavy as possible but on Tuesday I kind of tweaked my wrist/forearm/elbow with the hang cleans so for safety’s sake I stayed at a lower weight. Man o Man do I suck at the dang snatch in any form, whether it be with the bar or the kettlebell. I’m telling you, I don’t know why I don’t get it. I managed to get some ok reps in but most of them stunk. It’s technique and it’s work and I will get it. I need to really invest in some equipment for at home practice.

5/17/12 WOD

There was only one TEAM because the 5am class was slackin’ this morning. YES if y’all are reading this SLACKERS! LOL, jokes, y’all probably would have took us down anyways! Hehe, NO WAY! I’m awesome, REMEMBER? So anyways, my teammate and I had to tackle 200 situps and 100 burpees, woohooo… and the kicker is to run 200m every 2 minutes. So when you do a team WOD typically only one person is doing the work. Except for when it was run time. One person runs and the other is still doing the movements that need to be completed. The situps weren’t so bad. We did our best to split it evenly and it worked out pretty ok. The burpees are what sucked. Especially when you have to run every 2 minutes. I think I got away with less burpees, THANK GOODNESS and our end time was 12:51. First place! For like an hour! LOL, we’ll see how the day shapes up.

Day 17 Sugar Detox

Yup I’m still going strong. Mentally I think I will always want a treat. It’s engrained in my brain. I grew up on Little Debbie products, pie for dessert and the occasional banana split from Braums when my parents felt like getting some ice cream. It’s never been a daily habit to have dessert and it sure hasn’t been that way in my house when I started a family. But in my head there’s always room for a sweet treat. As far as cravings go, I don’t get the desire to eat something sweet which is WAY AWESOME because I truly would salivate at the thought of eating something yummy, like an ooey gooey cookie straight from the oven. But I know I’ll always dream of eating sugary goodness. And I also know I can deal with it.

I know I haven’t been on the up and up with trying new recipes. I will truly get back to that when life slows down a little bit. I do hope though that you all are out there trying new things. This morning in my mad dash to get ready in the morning I did through some cauliflower, broccoli and bacon in the oven. YUMMO! I made this the other day but wasn’t all that hungry so I never even tasted it, so I’m looking forward to my lunch 🙂

Ready to Go in the OVEN 🙂

It’s not hard to make. I had a head of cauliflower and a giant broccoli head as well. I cut both up into florets and chopped up some bacon. I threw it all in a gallon ziploc bag, tossed in some olive oil, garlic, pepper, himalayan salt and cayenne pepper. Shook it all up. Poured it onto a foil lined baking sheet and popped in the oven (400°) for 30 minutes! I now have a delicious lunch side to eat with some ground beef and veggies I made as well THIS MORNING!

Have a great Thursday. Be AWESOME!!