What a YEAR, come on 2014, Bring IT!

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Hello faithful and new readers. It’s the last day of 2013 and I’m ready to get on to a New Year! I can’t say 2013 was horrible but I’m really hopeful that 2014 has better things in store for me. I know it’s ME who has to make it be the year that I need it to be but I believe that sometimes there are driving forces out there testing my will and faith constantly. And I believe I was tested a little more than I’d like! Ah well.


As far as health and fitness go… I “shipped” my pants! If any of you have seen the Kmart commercial, you should be giggling. If not, google it! But for real, I started the year off STRONG by killing the Whole30. I was feeling the best I’d felt in a long time. Then I let the excuses slip in. I let baseball travels and schedules overrule proper food planning. I let my consistency at the Boom Box drop to some lows. And then I let the mindset of “well I screwed that up, let’s eat!” come into play. After many failed attempts on getting back on track, I just decided to give in completely. In this last part of the year, I am still struggling with food but am trying my best to be at the box to get my workouts in. It’s been a process with having a bum wrist. But it’s getting better and I’m not gonna let it slow me down.


I’ve decided to Kick 2014 in the bootay! Seriously! I tossed around going balls to the wall tomorrow or Thursday, but I’m not prepared in my kitchen for such things, and I haven’t had the time to get prepared. So this weekend, I’m gonna clean everything out of my pantry and fridge. Go grocery shopping and get to clean eating on January 6th! I need to get my ass back into gear and get these extra layers of chubalub off! Join me if you will, whether it’s Whole30, Advocare 24 Day Challenge, or just cleaning up your eating in general. I love to cheer folks on. I love to be a support system. I can do that for you if you let me know. It’s time for:



After a week off, I knew showing up to the BOOM Box was going to be brutal. And it was.

Midline: 30 Hollow Rocks
Don’t like these, never will. My ribs feel like they are broken :/

Skill: 7 minutes practice strict Muscle Ups or Pistols
Oh MUs are laughable and Pistols are too. Although I have a better chance at getting Pistols. But the one legged squat has not become easier for me as I’ve gained the weight. It sucks. I make it a goal to get Pistols in 2014.

Strength: 5×5 Pendlay Rows by feel
I’m finally not feeling so awkward with this movement. I worked at 85 lbs. It took me 3 sets before I got into a groove.

12/30/13 WOD

12/30/13 WOD

MetCon: For time: 30 lat burpees, 30 clean and jerks 135/95. Split work up however you like!
I tried cleaning the bar and although Do-able…. still some wrist pain. And I’m not going to take steps backwards by hurting myself. So for me it was 6 rounds of 5 Burpees (with fists), 5 Deadlifts, and 5 Overhead Press with the Multigrip Bar.


Holy Schmoly… it’s been a while since I’ve done overhead work. The bar is 65lbs. But because I can grip it where I can lock out my wrist, this is perfect to get some work in. But boy oh boy have I lost some strength. 65lbs used to be easy, now it’s a struggle. I’m so happy to be lifting heavy things overhead though 🙂

Even though I was only doing 5 burpees at a time, they got me. All that good homecooked Mexican food I had in El Paso over the weekend was weighing me down! So worth the pain though! Besides so extra laying around from not wanting to get up from a Burpee, I felt I pushed hard enough on the Deadlifts and the Overhad Press. Time: 8:25


I can’t thank y’all enough for sticking with me yet another year! I quietly passed through my 2nd year blogiversary but I’m looking forward to a more productive 3rd year. For those of you I follow regularly, forgive me for being a poor reader, I’ve slacked on all fronts, but you all know I still love you and you all inspire me daily (even if I’m reading a week or two at a time, doh!). I look forward to your new success in this new year!


I’m feeling hopeful, as most people probably do with new beginnings. I know I can be strong through March, it’s when the boys baseball picks up that I know there will be tough times. I have the next 3 months to mentally prepare. Also hopefully purchase products like thermos type containers to keep food warm, cold, etc. So if you any of you have any suggestions or ideas of how to keep me sane through a weekend at the fields let me know!


Like I said, this year I plan to be more productive. I’m going to try and boost my blog, but I’m not making any major promises or goals. I just want to give y’all more than my rambling brain! Try to do more product reviews, more recipes, maybe even venture into giveaways. We’ll see!

So that’s a wrap for this last day of 2013. I plan to hit up the Boom Box this evening and if I’m brave, I’ll show up for FRAN NIGHT. This will be CrossFit Boom’s 3rd year to ring in the new year with FRAN. I may just go to cheer folks on. Thrusters aren’t for me with the wrist in bad shape and I still can’t do pull ups. I WILL GET PULLUPS in 2014! I WILL!

I hope all you have a safe night and I wish you all the best for a great year! And you can not forget, must not forget …. to go out and BE AWESOME!

2014 Resolve to Be Awesome Small

Monday, I don’t LIKE YOU!

Seriously woke up this morning with my alarm going bezerko and me wondering why I was so dumb to set my alarm for SUNDAY! Where did my weekend go? Really it’s MONDAY already?!? I was soooo not happy and for a whole 2 minutes I thought I just might skip CrossFit Boom. Why not? I’m tired, it’s supposed to be Sunday, NOT MONDAY. And I laid there. 2 minutes is a long time when contemplating skipping a work out. Then I told my old “fat” girl self. Yes I refer to her every now and then and say GET OUT OF BED lazy. It’s not gonna be that bad and it will make your WEEK way better than if you start on Tuesday. Then I look at the WOD for the day and think I SHOULD HAVE SLEPT IN! Hahahahah. I’m glad I didn’t though.

3/5/12 WOD

So Skill/Strength was Overhead Squats (OHS), which I suck at! But I know I need work on after my sucky SNATCH workout. The progression was 5 (55lbs), 3 (65lbs), 1+ (75lbs). I was already hesitant at the 65lbs I couldn’t even imagine the 75lbs. Initially it was a big ol fail at 75lbs but I took a minute, regained focus and managed to bust out 1 OHS at 75lbs. I truly wanted to bail on it but thank goodness I did not! It’s feasible. Yay for getting out of my head and just doing work!

Iceland Annie showing you how it's done!

The MetCon was 4 rounds of 20 KB presses, 20 KB Swings and 20 KB Deadlifts. Us girls used dumbbells instead of the kettle bells and the question of the morning was 20lbs or 25lbs! Well I can lift 25lbs no biggie but for 4 rounds of all those movements, eh. HAHAHA… Well I’m glad I picked the slightly heavier weight. I pushed myself where as I may have gotten off too easy with the 20lb weight. I finished with an 8:58 time. Not bad, Not bad.

Again, I’m glad I got my butt out of bed and got to moving. I keep telling myself I need to make improvements in my lifting. Can’t do that if I’m skipping and not pushing myself. I know I’d still be dragging if I had slept in. So MONDAY you don’t win! Come on Tuesday!

The weekend was a whirlwind which is why I was so saddened that it ended so quickly. And last week I had a big ol gush fest over my BOX and how much I love it. The CrossFit Games Open WODs has brought our box together in such a fun way. I just have to re-iterate how much fun it is to watch our athletes give it their all! It’s different than just our regular weekly attendance and I love it! So Proud of Ernie as well as he hit 30 reps of his Max Snatch for the OPEN! WOOOOO! I heart CrossFit Boom! We also had “open” box funday which ended up being a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. It was 2 teams of 3 competing against each other in stepups/boxjumps 150 total and pulling a RRREEEEAAALLLYY heavy sled about 50 or 60 yds and finishing with another team total of 150 stepups/boxjumps. We were neck and neck and the other team just outjumped us in the last 10 reps! SO CLOSE! IT was definitely fun though 🙂

As for an update on the 24 Day Challenge. I have lost a whopping 1.5lbs! WOOHOO, may not sound like a lot but I’m not a “big” weight loss point anymore so I’ll take the 1.5lbs! My friend Shelley, however has lost 5lbs in 5 days! So proud of her and looking forward to the end of the challenge and her results. Let me know if you’re interested. We’ll get you going on your weight loss goals!

On a way different note… I’m also almost finished with the Hunger Games trilogy. I started this weekend and am almost done with the 3rd book. It’s a great little series if you’re a reader. I do recommend it! I’m now ready for the movie!

That’s all for this NOT WELCOMED MONDAY! Let’s get this week done!

The Challenge is ON like Donkey Kong!

And Happy Leap Year Day … whatever! LOL!

Well, I completely slept through my alarm. I was going to hit up iChoosfit this morning but I did not 😦 I know what you are thinking… she’s a crazy person! It may be true but that is beside the point. The whole point of today is I’m kicking off my 24 Day Challenge. I’ve never done the whole challenge. I’ve taken the Herbal Cleanse. I’ve taken and still do take the vitamins, supplements, etc. But I’ve haven’t taken on the 24 Day Challenge head on.

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge starts with an Herbal Cleanse. It’s 10 days of cleaning out your system and putting good whole CLEAN foods back into your body. The 14 days that follow are the MAX phase. In this part you are taking Meal Replacement Shakes, Supplements and Vitamins and Minerals. You are still eating clean, whole foods. The National average for weight loss on this program is 12-20 pounds.

I’m not coming right off the couch. I’ve been active and have lost a good chunk of weight that my body needed to get rid of. Realistically I don’t know how much weight I can or will lose. But I will keep you posted. I plan on adding updates to this blog for the next 24 days (weekends excluded most likely). It’s a good “off” workout day to kick it off.

I started my morning with the Fiber Drink. Oh man to be honest the last time I did the cleanse I had to hold my nose, close my eyes and do my best to not spit it up the Fiber Drink. I really don’t know what my issue was but this time around it wasn’t so bad. I think it’s because I have a blender bottle and it better mixes the powder. I also used super cold water! I still chugged because I recall how much trouble I had with it in the past. But this time around I could tolerate it. So yay for growing up some! I followed it with a lot of water. Not too long after that I had some lean meat, hard boiled egg and a plum. Then MORE WATER. I have my snacks planned out and ready to take on the day. Besides putting the Fiber Drink, eating the right foods, drinking water and taking the Herbal Cleanse Pill Pack tonight, it’s easy breezy for the first 3 days.  Days 4-7  you don’t take the Fiber Drink. You have other supplements to take so that’s a relief (to me anyways). The whole 10 days will be easy now that I think about it. It’s all about cleaning your system and boosting your body into functioning the way it should. You should WANT to do this.

I hope y’all have a great day. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll answer any questions you have. And Yes I’m keeping my foods PALEO. It’s not required but I’m on that journey and will stick with it.

Tomorrow is CrossFit Games Open 12.2 WOD. I’m a little scared and anxiety ridden over it! WHY? I HAVE NO FREAKIN’ CLUE!!! It’s not like I’m in the top tier of women but I still want to do good! Like I said at the beginning,  I just may be slightly crazy but it’s whatever. I function well at this level 🙂

See ya’ll tomorrow!

Yay for Fridays!

This week has been one of those weeks that I’m just grateful I survived and I managed to refrain from hurting anyone! Work was chaotic, home was a mess (still is), kids are full speed ahead with baseball and workouts were brutal but I made it through. So YAY for Friday. And if I still drank alcoholic beverages then I’d say HOORAY BEER! I still love saying it though.

Today’s WOD was a modest workout at first glance and as always an absolute beating by the end. The skill/strength was Backsquats at much lesser weight than we typically would do. It was just enough to feel like you got some work in but not so tough you think you might black out before you get the weight up. It was a good friday skill/strength. 5 @ 85lbs, 5 @ 90lbs, and 5 @ 95lbs

2/23/12 WOD

The MetCon was not a load off our shoulders though. 20 step ups on 20″ box (10 per leg) HOLDING a 35lb plate. The 35lbs isn’t super heavy but it’s awkward to hold and well awkward to hold. I thought I could hold it on my head but everytime I stepped up it would bounce just enough to repeatedly beat me and it hurt. So I stopped. Carrying it on the shoulder or with one arm was a no go for me as well. My only option was to hug it and hold on the best I could. I have bruises to show for it. The deficit deadlift wasn’t too heavy so that helped, just those darn step ups and the dumb plate! Hahah. Got a great workout and feeling good now that it’s all said and done.

Tomorrow is funday Saturday (free OPEN WOD) for anyone interested. And anyone who is participating in the CrossFit Games Open can get their burpees judged as well. I’m glad I’m done with WOD 1 although there is a small voice saying do it again… it’s a sick and twisted voice obviously but I think I’ll pass. I probably would only get a few more in OR maybe a few less. I’m good where I’m at for now since I’m just doing this to gauge where I am in the grand scheme of crazies such as myself! www.crossfitboom.com

It’s also a weekend where I’ll do my first Advocare co-hosting mixer party thingamajig. Send good thoughts my way please 🙂 We are kicking off a 24 day challenge. A great way to get a boost on weight loss. I hope to share with you the results for those who participate. So stay tuned for before and after pictures. If you’re interested in participating and your not local then just go here: https://www.advocare.com/110211817/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=99038&id=A&flavor=1

Take measurements of yourself before you start and then also at the end of your 24 day journey. Keep notes of how you feel and what you weigh. Take a picture as well if you’re so inclined. Who knows there may be a prize (I have to work on that though). If you do order I don’t recommend the chocolate flavor in the meal replacement shakes. I LOVE chocolate and I do not love this particular chocolate. Berry and Vanilla are good.

Anyhow…. that’s it for today. It’s going to be a GO GO GO weekend with no stopping over here. I hope y’all enjoy your Saturday and Sunday. Smile, have fun, be GOOFY!  Happy Friday!