Mopey Monday

We had a pretty chill laid back did a lot of nothing weekend. It’s nice and not so nice all at the same time. I felt really unproductive and lazy but in turn I felt like I got rest physically and mentally. But it leads to a MOPEY MONDAY indeed.

As I had mentioned on Friday, the plan was to hit up the Downtown Arlington Farmer’s Market and that is what we did. We got there a few minutes before the official open hours but everyone was pleasant and welcoming. Overall I imagined it to be bigger than it actually turned out to be but they had plenty for us to look at. Veggies, all types of Honey, relishes, sauces, spices, jams, breads, some grassfed beef, tamales, jewelry, wood carved items, etc. I failed you all again and did not take pictures while I was there. I just get so wrapped up into the moment, I FORGET to take pictures. I did take one of the stuff we bought once we got home if that helps. :/

We ended up buying some bell peppers, tomatoes, blueberries, plums and peaches. I’ve tried everything but the bell peppers so far and everything was fantastic. We also bought some Amaranth Chips from one of the vendors there (Unhinged Homestead). Better than kale chips! We also bought some Watermelon Jam from her because I sampled some and had buyer’s impulse. We have no idea what we’ll put it on at the moment since we don’t eat bread. It was very YUMMY though and  I’ll just have to make some almond flour biscuits or something!

If you live in Arlington, you should definitely go check it out and support local farmers and businesses.

After the market, we vegged. Monday morning rolls around and I suck at life in
regards to CrossFit BOOM! Actually I only sucked with the running but it was a
big ol bag of suck.

Skill/Strength: 3 x 5 Back Squat at 105lbs and 3 x 5 Press at 50lbs. I felt good doing this today which should mean I’m getting stronger. It’s not a lot of weight but the higher reps is still sweat inducing work. I don’t really inquire as to why we lift how we do, I just trust that it all works out in the end. Does that make me a bad student for not inquiring or does that make me a good student for just doing? HMMMM.

MetCon: 400m Relay. So more running you say? Why YES, MORE RUNNING. We team up in teams of 2, in our case this morning, team of 3. One person runs UPHILL and back for 400m. When they get back, the next person goes. We do this until all parties have run 1 mile each. We had 3, so two of us ran together which probably helped me run a little faster than I typically would have as not to appear loserish. But after the first 400, I dragged ass. BAD! Did I mention it’s uphill? Everything burned and I felt like I couldn’t inhale properly. Not sure if that’s poor eating, humidity, combo of both? But it sucked! My ears started to hurt like they do when it’s cold outside. I was a mess, but I wasn’t feeling sickly so I kept on. We finished in 15:38. I don’t even know if that’s good or bad but it was bad compared to the guys 😦

I really really really HOPE that tomorrow doesn’t involve any sort of running. Seriously. I did let the weekend sneak in some bad eating. Not jumping off the deep end kind of eating but nothing to be proud of either. I have less than three weeks for vacation so STRICT MODE is enabled. I know I can survive the week… it’s the weekend I’m more concerned about!!!

Since the day is almost over, I hope your day has been good. Enjoy your evening. See you mañana. BE AWESOME!!!