What a YEAR, come on 2014, Bring IT!

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Hello faithful and new readers. It’s the last day of 2013 and I’m ready to get on to a New Year! I can’t say 2013 was horrible but I’m really hopeful that 2014 has better things in store for me. I know it’s ME who has to make it be the year that I need it to be but I believe that sometimes there are driving forces out there testing my will and faith constantly. And I believe I was tested a little more than I’d like! Ah well.


As far as health and fitness go… I “shipped” my pants! If any of you have seen the Kmart commercial, you should be giggling. If not, google it! But for real, I started the year off STRONG by killing the Whole30. I was feeling the best I’d felt in a long time. Then I let the excuses slip in. I let baseball travels and schedules overrule proper food planning. I let my consistency at the Boom Box drop to some lows. And then I let the mindset of “well I screwed that up, let’s eat!” come into play. After many failed attempts on getting back on track, I just decided to give in completely. In this last part of the year, I am still struggling with food but am trying my best to be at the box to get my workouts in. It’s been a process with having a bum wrist. But it’s getting better and I’m not gonna let it slow me down.


I’ve decided to Kick 2014 in the bootay! Seriously! I tossed around going balls to the wall tomorrow or Thursday, but I’m not prepared in my kitchen for such things, and I haven’t had the time to get prepared. So this weekend, I’m gonna clean everything out of my pantry and fridge. Go grocery shopping and get to clean eating on January 6th! I need to get my ass back into gear and get these extra layers of chubalub off! Join me if you will, whether it’s Whole30, Advocare 24 Day Challenge, or just cleaning up your eating in general. I love to cheer folks on. I love to be a support system. I can do that for you if you let me know. It’s time for:



After a week off, I knew showing up to the BOOM Box was going to be brutal. And it was.

Midline: 30 Hollow Rocks
Don’t like these, never will. My ribs feel like they are broken :/

Skill: 7 minutes practice strict Muscle Ups or Pistols
Oh MUs are laughable and Pistols are too. Although I have a better chance at getting Pistols. But the one legged squat has not become easier for me as I’ve gained the weight. It sucks. I make it a goal to get Pistols in 2014.

Strength: 5×5 Pendlay Rows by feel
I’m finally not feeling so awkward with this movement. I worked at 85 lbs. It took me 3 sets before I got into a groove.

12/30/13 WOD

12/30/13 WOD

MetCon: For time: 30 lat burpees, 30 clean and jerks 135/95. Split work up however you like!
I tried cleaning the bar and although Do-able…. still some wrist pain. And I’m not going to take steps backwards by hurting myself. So for me it was 6 rounds of 5 Burpees (with fists), 5 Deadlifts, and 5 Overhead Press with the Multigrip Bar.


Holy Schmoly… it’s been a while since I’ve done overhead work. The bar is 65lbs. But because I can grip it where I can lock out my wrist, this is perfect to get some work in. But boy oh boy have I lost some strength. 65lbs used to be easy, now it’s a struggle. I’m so happy to be lifting heavy things overhead though 🙂

Even though I was only doing 5 burpees at a time, they got me. All that good homecooked Mexican food I had in El Paso over the weekend was weighing me down! So worth the pain though! Besides so extra laying around from not wanting to get up from a Burpee, I felt I pushed hard enough on the Deadlifts and the Overhad Press. Time: 8:25


I can’t thank y’all enough for sticking with me yet another year! I quietly passed through my 2nd year blogiversary but I’m looking forward to a more productive 3rd year. For those of you I follow regularly, forgive me for being a poor reader, I’ve slacked on all fronts, but you all know I still love you and you all inspire me daily (even if I’m reading a week or two at a time, doh!). I look forward to your new success in this new year!


I’m feeling hopeful, as most people probably do with new beginnings. I know I can be strong through March, it’s when the boys baseball picks up that I know there will be tough times. I have the next 3 months to mentally prepare. Also hopefully purchase products like thermos type containers to keep food warm, cold, etc. So if you any of you have any suggestions or ideas of how to keep me sane through a weekend at the fields let me know!


Like I said, this year I plan to be more productive. I’m going to try and boost my blog, but I’m not making any major promises or goals. I just want to give y’all more than my rambling brain! Try to do more product reviews, more recipes, maybe even venture into giveaways. We’ll see!

So that’s a wrap for this last day of 2013. I plan to hit up the Boom Box this evening and if I’m brave, I’ll show up for FRAN NIGHT. This will be CrossFit Boom’s 3rd year to ring in the new year with FRAN. I may just go to cheer folks on. Thrusters aren’t for me with the wrist in bad shape and I still can’t do pull ups. I WILL GET PULLUPS in 2014! I WILL!

I hope all you have a safe night and I wish you all the best for a great year! And you can not forget, must not forget …. to go out and BE AWESOME!

2014 Resolve to Be Awesome Small

Pushing My Limits


These past couple of days, CrossFit Boom has really been pushing me. We have been doing workouts that are destroying me (in a good way). In general I don’t feel like I’m just being more intense so it must be the WODs are just set up to kill us!

In regards to food, I’m eating way better overall, so I know it’s not JUNK bringing me down. But I still have some extra fluff to shed so maybe it’s just making it harder on the ol’ body to re-cooperate. OR maybe the WODs are just killer and I’m on the path to getting that much better!

Strength: 1RM axle snatch
I’ve said this in the past and I’ll say it again. I LOVE THE AXLE. It has a bigger diameter than a barbell and it’s awkward but I like it. What’s really AWKWARD though is doing SNATCH with this Axle. My Barbell Snatch is weaksauce as it is with my 1RM being 75lbs. I was just hoping to get close with the Axle. Turns out I could only go to 60lbs without that FEAR creeping in. I could pull 65lbs easy breezy but dropping under the bar was not happening. It’s so frustrating that I know the problem but mentally can’t bust through it!

7/30/13 WOD

7/30/13 WOD

MetCon: 5 Rounds 10 Clean & Jerks (135,95) 10 Burpee Pull Ups
When I initially saw the post the morning of I thought it was 10 Power Cleans. When I walked into the box and saw the 6pm class doing Clean & Jerks I was all “OH NO”. I can Clean and Jerk 105 maybe 110 for a 1RM. So 95lbs for 50 reps seemed insane. I opted to go for 85lbs, just so I wouldn’t be there for 3 days trying to finish the WOD. So pretty much this was GRACE on STEROIDS. And I haven’t even begun to think what the Burpee Pull Ups are gonna do to me!

3-2-1 GO. Uh this sucks and I’m only 2 reps in. And on top of that my crybaby self is using the 45lb bar. I started out using this bar on all lifts but as 35lb bars came in and they felt so much better on my small hands I’ve become accustomed to the 35lb bar. Now the 45lb bar seems ginormous and I have a head game going on and I’m only 30 seconds into the workout! I’m in trouble! I finally got through the 10 reps and moved onto the Burpee Pull Ups. We all know I can’t do Pull Ups so I had to stack some plates up and do Jumping Pull Ups. So drop to the ground, hop up and onto plates and get chin over bar X 10. NO FUN! Rinse and repeat the round 4 more times. It was a struggle and I was spent. I didn’t know how others had finished in such good times because the whole workout was TAXING on all body parts. Finally got to the last round and had to pick up that damn bar. I did two in a row, dropped bar, 1, 1, 2. We had a fill in Coach, Nick, and he said I could do the last 4 Unbroken. I was sure I could not but I held onto the bar and finished those reps STRONG. Thanks for pushing me on! Because I would have for sure dropped the bar otherwise. The last round of Burpees weren’t fast but I just kept going. Time: 22:46. I typically feel OK anywhere from 5-15 minutes later. This WOD had me feeling shakey a whole hour later! BRUTAL! Just BRUTAL!

Strength: Strict Press 5rm you have 12 minutes take 85% and do Max reps take 70% and do max reps take 50% and do max reps rest as little a possible between setsAfter Push Ups on Monday and Clean & Jerks and Burpees on Tuesday my shoulders are dead. They are sore, in pain, dead! I knew my Strict Press would be weak, I just wasn’t sure how weak! I almost had 65lbs for 5 reps but failed on the last rep. I was pushing the pain factor too much so I settled with that. The next step was to drop to 55lbs and do Max Reps. I managed 8 reps. Then dropped to 45lbs and managed 10 reps. I surprised myself and I feel like I should have got more reps but the pain in my right shoulder was kicking in. Dropped to 35lbs and managed 7 reps. Too much pain! So I ended on that.

7/31/13 WOD

7/31/13 WOD

MetCon: Test Row 5K
I’m not a rower. Let’s just get that out of the way. But I want to be! I feel being short is such a disadvantage but I know that’s just an excuse to hang my hat on, so I’m wanting to be somewhat good at this just to prove myself wrong. I wish I wanted to prove myself wrong in running as well but that’s not going to happen! So ROWING has been showing up in more of our programming. That’s a good thing. But it’s been short stuff. The longest being a 1K row. So now we’re testing for a 5K! Holy CRAP! This is all post Strict Press for me and my shoulders are weak!

I'm rowing my butt off! Far left in gray shirt.

I’m rowing my butt off! Far left in gray shirt.

I got on that rower and immediately felt everything fatigued. I was already thinking I can’t finish this row at all. I wasn’t even 1K in and I was ready to call it a day. I knew I couldn’t do that but my mind was telling me to quit. Half way in, I saw the pace I was holding, and it was putting me at a 26 minute finish. Everyone throughout the day was averaging 20-23 minutes. Not that I can judge myself compared to others but those were the numbers I was seeing. I had a hard time keeping up with a faster 500 split. It fluctuated for the the first 3K. And it wasn’t until I had 1500 to go that I got a decent and consistent pace. By then it was too late to beat my 26 minute guesstimate but I was going to try. I just wish I had felt this “comfort” zone prior to the last 1500. Time: 25:47; beat 26 minutes by seconds! Unstrapped my feet and rolled onto the ground. I was exhausted. At least I have a time to compete against for the future. Never having rowed like this I feel alright about it. Let’s hope the next test comes with a nice improvement!


So this week has proven to be a beating so far. Not sure what the BOOM Box will bring tonight but I’m ready to tackle it. My shoulders are feeling much better which is GREAT. I started taking Nighttime Recovery from Advocare. Two nights in a row now. It’s hard to tell if it’s HELPING or if it’s mental. But I figure extra Amino Acids can’t hurt me so if it’s really working or just there for my brain to believe it’s working, then it’s good either way!

Also, the Get Fit, Stay Fit Challenges are up and they look like a butt whoopin too so I’m gonna try and do them but I am not making any promises! It’s day 1 of this Challenge and there’s a lot to start off with! Let me know if you are participating. It may make it easier for me to commit!

As always don’t forget there is a COMMUNITY WOD at the BOOM Box this Saturday at 9am. It’s FREE. So get your butt out there! You know the drill, Eat Clean, Do Work and BE AWESOME! Happy Thursday!


The Challenge is ON like Donkey Kong!

And Happy Leap Year Day … whatever! LOL!

Well, I completely slept through my alarm. I was going to hit up iChoosfit this morning but I did not 😦 I know what you are thinking… she’s a crazy person! It may be true but that is beside the point. The whole point of today is I’m kicking off my 24 Day Challenge. I’ve never done the whole challenge. I’ve taken the Herbal Cleanse. I’ve taken and still do take the vitamins, supplements, etc. But I’ve haven’t taken on the 24 Day Challenge head on.

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge starts with an Herbal Cleanse. It’s 10 days of cleaning out your system and putting good whole CLEAN foods back into your body. The 14 days that follow are the MAX phase. In this part you are taking Meal Replacement Shakes, Supplements and Vitamins and Minerals. You are still eating clean, whole foods. The National average for weight loss on this program is 12-20 pounds.

I’m not coming right off the couch. I’ve been active and have lost a good chunk of weight that my body needed to get rid of. Realistically I don’t know how much weight I can or will lose. But I will keep you posted. I plan on adding updates to this blog for the next 24 days (weekends excluded most likely). It’s a good “off” workout day to kick it off.

I started my morning with the Fiber Drink. Oh man to be honest the last time I did the cleanse I had to hold my nose, close my eyes and do my best to not spit it up the Fiber Drink. I really don’t know what my issue was but this time around it wasn’t so bad. I think it’s because I have a blender bottle and it better mixes the powder. I also used super cold water! I still chugged because I recall how much trouble I had with it in the past. But this time around I could tolerate it. So yay for growing up some! I followed it with a lot of water. Not too long after that I had some lean meat, hard boiled egg and a plum. Then MORE WATER. I have my snacks planned out and ready to take on the day. Besides putting the Fiber Drink, eating the right foods, drinking water and taking the Herbal Cleanse Pill Pack tonight, it’s easy breezy for the first 3 days.  Days 4-7  you don’t take the Fiber Drink. You have other supplements to take so that’s a relief (to me anyways). The whole 10 days will be easy now that I think about it. It’s all about cleaning your system and boosting your body into functioning the way it should. You should WANT to do this.

I hope y’all have a great day. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll answer any questions you have. And Yes I’m keeping my foods PALEO. It’s not required but I’m on that journey and will stick with it.

Tomorrow is CrossFit Games Open 12.2 WOD. I’m a little scared and anxiety ridden over it! WHY? I HAVE NO FREAKIN’ CLUE!!! It’s not like I’m in the top tier of women but I still want to do good! Like I said at the beginning,  I just may be slightly crazy but it’s whatever. I function well at this level 🙂

See ya’ll tomorrow!

Yay for Fridays!

This week has been one of those weeks that I’m just grateful I survived and I managed to refrain from hurting anyone! Work was chaotic, home was a mess (still is), kids are full speed ahead with baseball and workouts were brutal but I made it through. So YAY for Friday. And if I still drank alcoholic beverages then I’d say HOORAY BEER! I still love saying it though.

Today’s WOD was a modest workout at first glance and as always an absolute beating by the end. The skill/strength was Backsquats at much lesser weight than we typically would do. It was just enough to feel like you got some work in but not so tough you think you might black out before you get the weight up. It was a good friday skill/strength. 5 @ 85lbs, 5 @ 90lbs, and 5 @ 95lbs

2/23/12 WOD

The MetCon was not a load off our shoulders though. 20 step ups on 20″ box (10 per leg) HOLDING a 35lb plate. The 35lbs isn’t super heavy but it’s awkward to hold and well awkward to hold. I thought I could hold it on my head but everytime I stepped up it would bounce just enough to repeatedly beat me and it hurt. So I stopped. Carrying it on the shoulder or with one arm was a no go for me as well. My only option was to hug it and hold on the best I could. I have bruises to show for it. The deficit deadlift wasn’t too heavy so that helped, just those darn step ups and the dumb plate! Hahah. Got a great workout and feeling good now that it’s all said and done.

Tomorrow is funday Saturday (free OPEN WOD) for anyone interested. And anyone who is participating in the CrossFit Games Open can get their burpees judged as well. I’m glad I’m done with WOD 1 although there is a small voice saying do it again… it’s a sick and twisted voice obviously but I think I’ll pass. I probably would only get a few more in OR maybe a few less. I’m good where I’m at for now since I’m just doing this to gauge where I am in the grand scheme of crazies such as myself! www.crossfitboom.com

It’s also a weekend where I’ll do my first Advocare co-hosting mixer party thingamajig. Send good thoughts my way please 🙂 We are kicking off a 24 day challenge. A great way to get a boost on weight loss. I hope to share with you the results for those who participate. So stay tuned for before and after pictures. If you’re interested in participating and your not local then just go here: https://www.advocare.com/110211817/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=99038&id=A&flavor=1

Take measurements of yourself before you start and then also at the end of your 24 day journey. Keep notes of how you feel and what you weigh. Take a picture as well if you’re so inclined. Who knows there may be a prize (I have to work on that though). If you do order I don’t recommend the chocolate flavor in the meal replacement shakes. I LOVE chocolate and I do not love this particular chocolate. Berry and Vanilla are good.

Anyhow…. that’s it for today. It’s going to be a GO GO GO weekend with no stopping over here. I hope y’all enjoy your Saturday and Sunday. Smile, have fun, be GOOFY!  Happy Friday!

Holy SLED PULLS Batman!*$%#*!

I’m a scatterbrained crazy today so I truly apologize in advance if my writing is more nutso or stranger than ever. I don’t even know where to start but I know I’ve been slacking and behind and blah blah blah. That’s what the sickness does to ya. It takes you OUT and now I feel like all I’m doing is playing catch up and I’m NEVER going to catch up! And when this momma bear is down the whole freaking family goes down! I thought they’d pull it together. But I was wrong. Eventually things did happen but it was a mess. Everybody sleeping in, nobody cooking foods, the ship fell apart! ARRRGGHHHH!

So let me start with today and go backwards. Or at least I’ll try to stick with the sloppy in my head outline, no promises people 🙂

Tuesday BOOM BOX was a punch you in the stomach, kick you while your down, lie on the ground wishing you were dead kinda of WOD. Why you ask? Because SLED PULLS are horrible. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that I’m not fond of the sled and the pulling of weight, and I can assure you that without a doubt I truly wish I never had to pull another sled again. I am worthless!

2/21/12 WOD

We started with a skill/strength of 3 RM (rep max) of push press. I managed to get up 85lbs. The third one wasn’t pretty but I got the job done. I proceeded to 95lbs and really thought somewhere deep I would pull it out but I only got it up like 2 inches if that. An extra 10lbs gets heavy FAST!

Now the SLED PULLS! The MetCon was 6 rounds of 10 Plyo Pushups, 50yd Sled Pull (Sled – 26lbs, Plates – 60lbs = 86lbs!). We have 2 sleds and 5 of us were there this morning. So we just took turns. Each round for time. We did get a 60 to 90 second rest between rounds. It wasn’t long enough!

You get the idea of what we did. One hand on ground, one hand on plate, do pushup then pop up and alternate hands, do pushup, repeat for 10 pushups

What I should look like while pulling sled! This kid has got it down!

The biggest issue I had was at the turnaround point coming back. The parking lot has the slightest incline which felt like a mountain. You wouldn’t even realize there’s an incline until you’re trying to drag something behind you. My times were :56, :55, :58, 1:14, 1:12 and 1:00. Best time goes on board and all I got was :55. I’m slow at push ups and dragging things! I was winded, ready to die, huffing and puffing but now that I’m done, showered, fueled… I FEEL GREAT. So albeit I am at odds with the sled, I do feel good. What can I say? I enjoy torture :/

Yesterday was a little nicer to us. Although OHS are tough. My wrists are weak and fragile and I have a hard time holding weight over my head and keeping balance without feeling like my wrists are on fire. I am getting stronger and better at these but WOW it takes a toll.

2/20/12 WOD

Our MetCon was a nice little TIMED 1 mile run… or so we thought! LOL! Instead of running laps up and a down a hill for a mile which is our typical M.O. we chose to take a longer route. Well our route wasn’t quite exactly 1 mile. In my head I have no idea what a mile feels like. I just know it was cold and windy. So I’m running, hit the turnaround point and just keep running… right into the box and I see 6:21 on the clock! WTH? There is no way I’m that fast! Hahahah… I looked at everyone like this is a joke right? And it wasn’t a joke it just wasn’t a MILE that we ran. Ends up that we ran 1200 M. So I was on pace for what I would run anywhere between 8:06 and 8:30. Not bad for what I consider miserable conditions. Inclines, Wind and Cold! I’m a wussbag I know!

I got my workouts covered so onto the weekend. Saturday was a hot mess of drizzle, rain, wind, cold, etc. Fortunately we spent our time inside the DEATH STAR (aka Dallas Cowboys Stadium) for Supercross. It was unfortunate that it was too icky to walk the pits but we had a good time and I ate plenty of NON PALEO foods. Shame on me. It wasn’t even “GOOD” but I was hungry and didn’t want to go to car for our “packed snacks”. We did happen to win our tickets that morning, well Ernie won the tickets. He won 6 total over two days. But the ones we won that morning were pretty good seats. A very cool underwear company FREEGUN UNDERWEAR had a contest and Ernie won! Between the two of us we tend to win some cool stuff. It makes life a little more fun that way 🙂

Yup we're CHEESEBALLS and ROGUE all at the same time! THANKS FREEGUN!

Besides our errand running, that’s it folks! That’s all I got. Oh and in case I haven’t pushed SHARED Advocare … I sell the stuff. I like it, I use it daily, and I can give you more info if interested. I even got cool little wristbands to rock out.

Believe Begin Become

It’s MARDI GRAS! Happy FAT TUESDAY y’all! I won’t be partaking in the joyous foods and beverages  but CHEERS to those of you that do 🙂 Have a few for me!