Friday – You’re my BEST FRIEND

I love Fridays. Unless you work weekends I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t like/love Fridays. This Friday however I was greeted at the BOOM BOX with SKIN THE CAT….?!?!? really, what the hell is that and with 100 BURPEES for time. I was already trying to sleep in this morning by sleeping through SNOOZE and now I have this insanity to do.

Ends up SKIN THE CAT isn’t so terrifying but something I am not able to do as of yet. It looks so simple but hell if I can do it. Below is a video of what it should look like.

I even hung out after class to attempt this movement more but it just wasn’t happening!

6/22/12 WOD

MetCon: 100 Burpees for time!
Ya ya ya…burpees AGAIN. Not my favorite but I’ve learned that they will always be there and I should just freakin get through them. I started off with a slow pace knowing that I had to do 100 and I didn’t want to burn out and really struggle with the last 50. I thought I even had a decent time of 8:43. I was feeling pretty good UNTIL the 6am class blew me out of the water! It’s good to have goals or ideas of what should be expected. 5am was just hoping to finish with no time in mind. 6am waltzes in and just kills it. I know it’s not a super big deal but sometimes it gets to me. If I had a goal time to shoot for would I be better? NO IDEA cause I am in the first round of the day! I can’t complain though because 5am is the only time I can really go so at least I’m putting in work. Sorry for the little rant, just feeling a little poor poor petrie today! Hahaha.

Moving on!
No baseball, no workouts, no plans! What a weekend this will be! Unless we just turn into couch potatoes and do nothing which won’t be very good. I have a house that needs some serious cleaning but I’d rather be outside PLAYING! So first thing tomorrow I think we’ll be hitting up the Arlington Farmer’s Market. I’ve never been because we always have something going on when it’s open. And I want to get there early before they sell everything and before it gets MELT YOUR FACE OFF HOT. This time I will take pictures because our last adventure to Homestead Farms was a fail in the pic taking dept. If I don’t get pics, blame Ernie, not me!

It’s supposed to be in the 100’s already for all of next week! It just barely officially turned summer and the TEXAS HEAT is here!

Hope y’all have a FAB WEEKEND! Eat Clean, Play outside!