Barbells For Boobs


This morning I couldn’t muster the energy to wake up at 4 a.m. with barely 4 hours of sleep. On Thursdays, my oldest son has football. When they travel out of town they get home pretty late. So needless to say I’m up at the high school picking him up …. way past my bedtime! We got lots to catch up on this evening too, but hopefully I can squeeze in a BOOM Box workout.

2011 Boom Box Crew  B4B

2011 Boom Box Crew B4B

But today I’m just reminding you that with everyone else in the world I am raising money and awareness for breast cancer and more specifically a group by the name of Barbells for Boobs. It’s October, it’s expected, right? But in all seriousness, B4B just popped up in my life a couple of years ago. I was new to CrossFit and CrossFit BOOM was only a couple of months old. Coach suggested making the road trip a few hours south of us to visit his old box and support this cause. Being so hooked on the kool-aid we drove our happy butts down there.


I don’t have people in my life that have struggled with this specific cancer but when we pulled up to CrossFit Centex and saw the hundreds of people, it gave me goosebumps. Seeing the CrossFit community rally behind this organization melted my heart.


Watching families honoring their loved ones was amazing. Watching survivors WORKOUT for the cause was beyond anything I had ever thought of. Sure, there are 5Ks and what not to support any and every cause. That is normal to me I suppose. But lifting weights?!? It was foreign to me. But it was a very cool experience. And me not having a clue as to what was going on, jumped right in and did GRACE – 30 Clean and Jerks for time. So many people cheering everyone on. It was just a beautiful day.

The following year, Coach dedicated a Saturday to B4B at our box. And he is doing that again this year as well. Boom for Boobs! This will be my 3rd year to participate. I have but a small goal to raise $100. I’m $60 in and would love to hit the $100 mark or MORE by Oct. 12.


So you might be asking what does B4B do?


Their organization helps to SAVE lives through the early detection of breast cancer, regardless of one’s age, gender or ability to pay. Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. Their aim is to help anyone that needs it, anywhere, whether they are male or female, no matter what their age or situation in life.

Yesterday I mentioned I might be ready to BRIBE y’all to donate but I had to check to see what I had left in my sock inventory. And I had 6 pairs. I may have a couple more but I think they got separated from the pack. Doh!


Without even assuring the bribery, one of my blogging buddies, Nicole over at Not the fat kid in gym class anymore, kicked in $10. (is that an abnormal amount of commas?) Thank you Nicole. And please go read her blog. She is HILARIOUS on a daily basis and works hard at her Box. I am very grateful and she will be my first recipient of some AWESOME socks. I figure $10 is a good number. So the next 5 folks who donate at least $10 will get a pair of AWESOME socks sent their way. If I find any straggler pairs, I will send more out according to when donations were made. I can only promise 5 pairs at the moment. Make sure if and when you donate to leave a comment saying you read this post. This is exclusive to my blog readership cause I just love y’all so much and am grateful you return regularly to read my craziness! If you can donate, then click here: HELP SAVE BOOBIES! If you can’t donate at this time but know friends, coworkers and/or BUSINESSES that may be able to help out then please share me with them!



Also, one of my contributors, Vicki, donated in honor of her Grandmother. I’m going to do the workout in honor of her as well and will write her name on me, or on my clothing, or something. So if you want to do an IN MEMORY of or IN SUPPORT of someone, I’m more than happy to rock out their names for you. Just let me know!

Again I thank you all for reading daily, weekly, monthly. It makes a girl feel loved. That’s enough begging and bribing for the day! I hope everyone has a LOVELY weekend. If you’re local, I just want to remind you about Boom’s Community WOD. Saturdays, 9a.m. Tomorrow’s WOD will be outside the box and over at Martin High School. Hopefully I can make it out there. I would love to see your smiling faces. Make today great! And don’t forget to be AWESOME!



Made it!


Woooo I woke up on a Thursday morning to go workout! Typically Thursday is a rest day for me because it was OLY Class day and 5 am was not an option. But starting last week Thursdays became available for regular workouts and of course the first go round I slept in! Not today, Jack!

Eat to Perform
So far I’ve also been a champ on eating to perform! At least getting 90-95% on target. Probably a lil closer but I don’t want to do the math. I have also just started getting used to drinking my coffee black so now I’m considering going bulletproof by adding the butter and the MCT oil. I’m not well versed in what it’s all about yet but once I get it all researched I’ll share some more. If you already do this and have seen some positive OR negative things, PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I think it will help me hit my FAT intake target much better. I finally restocked on coconut flakes as well and if I would remember to pack them in my lunch I’d probably be better off!


The eating test is ON starting NOW. From NOW till Wednesday next week we will be NON-STOP all over the place with little to no time to cook, eat, breathe, etc. So I gotta be crafty with the food and not let LIFE get in the way. And even more than life getting in the way, I need my slacker side of my brain to co-operate with the disciplined side of my brain and take care of business! If anyone wants to just cook for me and deliver for the next 6 days, it’d be greatly appreciated!


Today’s WOD
Skill/Strength: Free Handstand Holds and/or Pistol work
Pistols are a super weakness for me and I should work on them but my IT band has been on the mend. Hopefully with the cleaner eating I will clear that up. I opted for Free Handstands. Once upon a time I could hold handstands, not forever, but for a long time. Oh to be young or to have just stuck with it! I can still easily get upside down but we use the wall regularly and that has become my safety net. It’s nice to work on Handstands today because I don’t typically do this on my free time. I managed to get a few seconds of freestanding, which I guess is better than NO seconds. Just one more thing to add to my list of mini goals!

4/11/13 WOD

4/11/13 WOD

MetCon: 4 rounds of 4 Back Squats (225lbs, 135lbs), 10 One Arm KB Snatch (1.5pood/1pood), and 16 lunges
As I was warming up to 135 lbs I was thinking this is heavy! And it felt heavy. It’s about 82% of my 1RM. Coach was confident I could do the weight for all the rounds and I really wanted the RX so I did it. But I wasn’t sure about the 1 POOD Snatch. I know I can do it but not sure if I can do all the reps in good time. I still don’t have the best timing when it comes to KB Snatch and I still got bruises on my forearms from the workout but I do feel I did better overall. There’s not much to say about the Lunges except they smoke you just in time for the Back Squats! And boy was I smoked. I spent too much time contemplating if my legs were ready for the Squats. I did the first and last round of Squats UnBroken but I racked the weight and split up the reps for the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I knew I wasn’t moving fast but at the same time I wasn’t really stopping except for the moments right before the squats. It was a slow but good butt whoopin! Hahah. SLOW, a sub 10 minute workout! I guess SLOW isn’t the best word, but a heavy squat for me takes some time to focus. Time: 9:35.

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