Putting in the WORK


I know, I know. I had this super duper I HEART CrossFit moment then I’m not posting again for a whole week. I don’t know where time goes but I’m here, I’m still putting in the work. Still showing up at the BOOM Box. And I’m still crying like a little baby when RUNNING pops up on the whiteboard.

So have no fear. I haven’t fallen into a giant hole of depression. I’ve just been busy! And just like everyone else, I can make excuses or I can find solutions. I encourage you to find solutions. I encourage you to find good health. I encourage you to get active. When Biggest Loser was airing I would always get teary eyed and happy for the folks. Now I’m on the Extreme Weight Loss season kick and to me it’s more inspiring but maybe only because it’s focused on one person.


And you get to watch their individual success and struggles… each person is so GUNG HO the first 90 days. They are amped. Then like most folks, it gets old, it gets harder, it gets complicated. But they have to fight through and they still have to put in the work. Chris Powell, in my opinion, is a great motivator. He can’t go run the miles for them though. Sure he can send them on wonderful trips when they hit goals but he can’t put in the work. I wish I could be the person that could surprise you with cool gifts and prizes. But I can not. I can give you a virtual HIGH-FIVE and a lot of woohooos and way to go’s! And really that’s what most of us need. We need a support system, someone to hold us accountable. And you need to find a reward system that doesn’t involve “cheat meals” or food in general. So if no one is on board in your personal life to help you change then chat me up and I’ll cheer you on. Or find an online community for that extra inspiration or an online buddy with your same goals. You may even find someone in a bootcamp, fitness class or running club. But you have to put yourself out there. You have to make yourself vulnerable. In the end it will only make you stronger.


In my roller coaster world of fitness, I’ve had friends, co-workers, etc… to help kickstart goals and in the end a lot of them wandered off (me included). We’d all start of strong and just disappear into excuses. When I finally made that decision to start my journey and not look back, I realized it relied all on me. No one else but me. I told myself I wasn’t going to let some workout kick my ass then go eat like crap. I started bootcamp with NO ONE. I didn’t know anyone there. I didn’t have any friends that wanted to show up at 5 am to workout. It was just me. I made friends and we shared in the same soreness and same results. It became fun. I started a food plan and all of our fast food habits and busy schedule didn’t mesh with it. So guess what I carried a cooler bag with me EVERYWHERE! It’s all possible. I found a support system in that group of bootcampers. My family realized the work I was doing and they jumped on my support team. So go DO WORK people! It will all fall into line once you make that decision to become a healthier you!


And now for what you all have been waiting for…. my Boom recaps! Hahah, ok so maybe you don’t care so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

TABATA Push Ups / Sit Ups
TABATA anything sucks. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 4 minutes of any movement. For us it was Push Ups and Sit Ups. I started off way too strong on Push Ups with 15. And I dropped from there on out. I believe I finished with 7 Push Ups in the last 20 seconds. UGH. As for Sit Ups I didn’t go all out for the first round and I can’t remember how many I did do but I know I ended up with 9. But I stayed pretty consistent in the 9-11 range.


MetCon: 12 Min AMRAP (get as far as you can) 40 Thrusters (115, 85) 6 Rope Climbs 20 Thrusters 3 Rope Climbs 10 Thrusters 1 Rope Climbs
I was thinking I would not survive. I went with 75lbs on the Thrusters, not know really how long it would take me to get through 40 and if I recall correctly I did them all in just under 5 minutes. Not stellar but I really suck at Thrusters so I was happy with my time. No such happiness for Rope Climbs. There is something in my brain that says if you loosen your feet to regrip the rope then my hands are automatically going to let go too. I know in reality this won’t happen but my hands stay on the rope in a death grip. So much that my hands were sore for days. So I only got 40 Thrusters in.




Strength: Front Squats 5@60% 5@65% 2×5@70%
Finally being in attendance on several front squat days has made life easier on me. I think I’m actually getting better now. Duh I know I’m getting better. Just have to show up consistently!

You can barely see the 75 but that's my 1RM for Snatch!

You can barely see the 75 but that’s my 1RM for Snatch!

Skill: Power snatch positional breakdown Metcon Power snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Same with Snatch. I’ve been present on days where we work on this movement and I’m getting a little more comfortable. I’ve always had this fear of dropping under the bar. I know, I have a lot of fears! I’m a headcase. I was stuck at 65lbs FOREVER because I’m scared. Finally for the CrossFit Open I was able to manage a handful of 75lb reps. But that was the last time in a long time I worked on that number. Today I worked up to 75lbs and made it official that I have a 75lb 1RM. I can get the bar up no problem. But dropping under the bar a whole other story. I need clear the fear and start getting that weight up!


7/13/13 Community WOD

We rarely know what rabbit Coach is going to pull out of the hat on Community WOD days and this was no different. He had has get in groups of 3 and handed out a chipper! Woo fun! NOT! Between the 3 of us we had to do 210 Wall Balls, 150 Over the Box Jumps and each Row a 1K. So if you know me at all, I suck at Wall Balls. I say it’s a short person issue but it’s just really a “ME” issue. Then I’m literally frightened to jump completely over the box so stepping over was acceptable. Then it was time for the row. Can I blame being short keeps me from being awesome at rowing too? I opted to Row the whole 1K without switching it up with my team. It was miserable. But I’m determined to get better at it. I can’t despise running and rowing. So I choose rowing! I know we finished under 35 minutes. I just don’t know the exact time. 33:34 or 34:33. Something like that. It was a beating 🙂


Strength: Squats 8@65% 8@70% 6@80% 6@85%

For real, we’ve been doing a shit ton of SQUATS. It’s good for me I know and I’m making it through but the reps and the percentages add up. And I’m surviving! PR I can’t see you yet but I know you’re there!


7/15/13 WOD

MetCon: 3 Rounds 12 DL 135/95 9 Power Cleans, 6 STOH, 3 MU (Scale is x3 dips)

It was a tough decision on if I wanted to RX or not. I’m still not 100% in regards to killing it. My wrists were a little sensitive and well I’m a baby. I went for 85lbs instead of the 95lbs. I always check with Coach first though. He’s pretty good at making sure we’re going to get work in and gauging our performance. So 85lb Deadlifts were so “light” and I thought Power Cleans would be too, but they felt a little heavy this time around and for 9 reps it wasn’t like it was 21 reps. Shoulder to Overhead was where I wasn’t sure how I would hold up. I know I didn’t want to drop the bar but I know the longer I hold it in a front rack position the more likely I am to fail. So pacing myself had to be key. I probably took too much rest in the cleans by dropping the bar too often but I really didn’t want to fail at STOH. I did scaled dips with a band and no matter what , your shoulders will fatigue! Time 11:30


3 rounds 800M  sprint 150ft OH Lunge W/bar Rest 5 min 2×500 m row (rest as needed) aka HELL ON EARTH. Or at least that was my take on it.

1. I don’t like running. 2 My dislike for running has made me get worse. 3. I don’t like running.

Good runners probably run a 3 minute 800? Great runners probably run it in 2ish minutes? I’m not sure but sucky runners do it in about 5-7 minutes and mostly cause I was walking :/ ! It was horrible and I’m not just saying that to say it. I KNOW I am horrible at it. And I do zero things to make it better. So I knew I had to do better at the LUNGES. And these were not going to be easy. I started off with a 45lb barbell. I made it almost halfway without stopping. My shoulders were dying. I then made several stops to the end. For the second round of Lunges I dropped to the 35lb barbell. With this weight I made it halfway without stopping! Great success! I then made it to the end with only one other stop. And for the 3rd round I again made it halfway without stopping and then finished without stopping! I knew I was dragging ass for the runs and had to make up for it somehow. After resting it was time for those rows. And it was too late to try to find a happy place. My upper body was smoked, my lower body was smoked. I was content with a 3 minute 500. I’m just glad I finished! Time for runs/lunges: 34:30.

7/16/13 WOD

7/16/13 WOD


Warm-up: 50 n 50 GHD, Yoke Push 50ft x 2

Booooo GHD. And didn’t have time Yoke Push… HOORAY!

Strength: DL 5RM

I was excited for Deadlift day. Way better than HELL ON EARTH day. That was until I got warmed up and started putting weight on the bar. I could feel my hamstring on my right leg. It wasn’t a horrible pain but it was enough to tell me to not push myself into injury. So I worked up to a 185lb 5RM. I know I could do more but I didn’t want a bum hammy. So I laid off and took it for what it was.

7/17/13 WOD

7/17/13 WOD

Skill/Metcon: If you are able to do the following movements you will go ME for the minute. If not you will work the skill of the move for 4 minutes straight. EMOM 20 Odd-PU/MU Even-Pistols

Yup it was all skill work for me. I am no bueno on the Pull Ups or the Pistols. WompWomp!

And there ya have it faithful readers. That’s my week! Go forth, get moving, eat clean(er), and BE AWESOME.

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WHOLE30 …. 3,2,1 GO


Let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back to my little world! December was a lazy month in regards to fitness and clean eating. October and November were the two months that kind of snowballed into December’s lazyfest. It’s now January 2 and I’m back on it! And that’s a promise. So I’m going ALL IN with the WHOLE 30 program. I need a restart, reboot, do-over. And like a good majority of folks out there I prolonged my start to today! I was dead set on starting yesterday but we got free tickets to The Heart of Dallas Bowl game and well I didn’t plan for that in regards to food prep. So yesterday was my last day of free for all, eat whatever.

This morning was supposed to be my personal re-dedication to NEW and old CrossFit goals. I was even excited for the 20 minute AMRAP because it was all movements I have confidence doing! But my sinuses were killing me last night. I coughed and sneezed all night and ate cough drops like they were the last edible items on earth. I completely forgot to set an alarm and slept through Ernie’s alarm as well. Needless to say I will save my energies and hit the BOOM Box up on Friday. Sorry Coach… I’m just a little behind but I got this! Until then let the WHOLE 30 journey begin!

Since it’s only the morning of Day 1 I don’t have many details to my “day” as it’s only just begun. So as the days go on, you’ll get a recap from the previous day. For right now I’ll just ramble. 30 days folks that’s all! You can start on any day at any time.


When I started eating Paleo and CrossFitting back in Sept/Oct of 2011 I just jumped in all willy nilly, educating myself as I went. And I did read about Whole30 and all the greatness that comes with it but I wasn’t ready to commit to structure. And guess what it worked for me at that time. I was so gung ho I wasn’t going to let anything bring me down. And that worked pretty well for a whole year. Now I’m a mess! I’m eating DIRTY and not just that, I’m over eating! Eating for comfort, eating for boredom, eating just cause it sounds good. I also reintroduced sugary drinks like SWEET TEA and let go of typical water intake. This is BAD I know but it didn’t stop me.

And today is the reboot. And I chose Whole30.


With Whole30 they are really great about telling you why certain foods are awesome for you and why others that you may think are awesome are NOT so much. For my purposes, I KNOW this stuff. It’s not all shock and awe at this point. I’m the junkie who’s showing up for rehab. So for those of you new to clean eating, paleo, eating REAL food, etc then PLEASE check out Whole30’s site for yourself. Check it out and READ. It’s all very educational and at the very least something for you to really think about even if you think all the rest of us are crazy!

This excerpt below was from “The Whole30 Made Simple Success Guide”

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 10.12.20 AM

This is a good daily affirmation for my well being and success. Hopefully it can be for you as well.

I was a drone for so long about taking care of yourself, eat clean, do it for you, do it for your kids. Then I laid off because I was the one slacking. But I’m back in full force to encourage you and inspire (hopefully) you to get on it. Start something new for YOU, for your health! I’m BEGGING you to change your eating habits for 30 days. Humor me. Humor yourself! It seriously can’t HURT you. I won’t lie you may feel like a bag of shit for a couple of days, maybe longer but the payoff is so worth it! Energy levels will be up, Pain will be gone and you may even shed a few pounds. Cut out the grains, the sugary drinks, the chemical sugar, the processed foods. Cut it all out! Eat real food. Don’t eat out of a box, can, plastic tray or microwave sleeve. Make the effort. Do the work. Add a little bit of movement and you should be amazed at where this journey will take you.

My note: If you are doing Meal Replacements, Weight Watchers, Nutri-System or anything along those lines and it’s working for you then that is truly AWESOME and I’m happy that you have had great success. I too have had success on numerous plans and diets and I always ended up back at square 1. With that said I am almost back at square 1 now so I’m not one to judge, bash or hold my nose up to you or whatever is WORKING for you. But I can tell you that even though I’ve regressed to my old ways at this moment that I KNOW for a fact that my good ways were the way to go. I KNOW that I was practically headache free for a year. I KNOW that my joints didn’t ache. I KNOW that I didn’t get head colds. I KNOW that I had energy. I KNOW my skin was AWESOME. I KNOW that I got the best sleep ever. I KNOW that I was teaching my kids a better way of eating. I KNOW I lost weight and was feeling great. So I challenge you to take the training wheels off of whatever program you are on and just move on to real foods, no grains, no sugars, etc. If you aren’t ready, then you aren’t ready. But take the time to understand that all of these gimmicky “diets” don’t last forever. The “rules” change, the “foods” change, the “prices” change. REAL FOOD stays REAL FOOD. But make sure it’s the good organic, non genetically modified foods. There’s a lot of marketing out there for “health” and “good heart” stuff and it’s really not. I’m not a scientist/doctor/etc. Just a person who writes about her walk in all of this. So take it for what it is. Educate yourself. Please!


I’ve weighed, taken a picture of myself and although I’m truly disappointed with ME, it’s where I am at NOW and I’m HERE and I have to start over! This time around I’m a little better armed with knowledge so hopefully this will be smooth sailing. For those of you NEW to doing this please KNOW you may slip up. Just don’t quit! Don’t hang your head and give up. Just restart the next day. You may have 3 Day 1’s or 5 Day 1’s, it doesn’t matter. At some point though you have to say enough is enough! You have to shake yourself up. Take a good look in the mirror. Know that heart disease, diabetes, etc are knocking on your door if they haven’t already taken up shop in you. Either way it’s not too late to fix it. It’s not too late to find health. I’m not talking about becoming a super model or fit freak. I’m talking about cleaning your body up, cleaning your mind up and just being healthy. Once you’ve made that decision and found that YES you can commit to good food which by the way doesn’t have to be bland boring food then you can find the path of fitness you desire to be at. I for example have never aspired to be a RUNNER. I won’t be a runner, I don’t want to be a runner. I won’t make my goals to be 10Ks and half marathons. I just won’t do it. Some of you will though. And that’s fine. It’s just not for me. I want to be strong, fit and healthy. For me CrossFit is the path. CrossFit isn’t for everyone’s mindset but it can be for everyone! Everything is scalable, modifiable … whatever you want to call it. You do what you can and your skill level but you push that to the limits and beyond until you see progress. Then you push yourself some more. That’s my cup of tea right there! Find what makes you happy activity wise and do it but jump in the deep end of the pool. Dipping your toe in isn’t going to do diddly squat. Jump in and have fun! Our time here isn’t forever! So enjoy the time you do have feeling GREAT!


As for my food intake today:
Whole 30 suggests 3 meals a day. Not 5 or 6. Snack if you must but try not to. If you are active then they suggest pre-workout meals and post workout meals. They have simple, easy to follow guidelines. I feel like I’ve started off weak but I don’t plan to stay on a weak course.

1 slice of pork belly
1 over medium egg cooked in left over pork belly fat
1 slice of avocado
1/4 grapefruit

12 oz hot tea, 24oz of water intake so far

6 oz of steak
2 cups of veggies
handful of blackberries
1 slice of pork belly

Possible snack:
2 hardboiled eggs.


It’s not that hard. Yes you have to buy real food and yes you should ideally cook it. That takes EFFORT (gasp) and TIME (oooohhh) but it’s worth it!

That’s all folks for this now. I plan on taking pictures of my meals, outlining how I feel for the day etc but don’t hold your breath! I’ll still be here posting away, just not sure how ambitious I’ll be. As for the new year I was going to start using a new phrase but I decided against it. It will be another year of AWESOME! At least for now. It could change who knows! So for those of you tuning in as new readers… HAVE AN AWESOME day. Embrace the AWESOME in you and live the AWESOME life. For those of you tired of the AWESOME, I’m sorry. Learn to love it!

Be More Awesome